20140301 advertpapapearsaga

An advertisement example; Papa Pear Saga. They are at the bottom of the game.

Advertisements are an element in Candy Crush Saga. They can appear on numerous areas. On Flash (Facebook only), they appear at the bottom of the game. On HTML5, they appear at numerous occasions. Previously, they appeared at the bottom right-hand corner at the start of a game.

They can sometimes be annoying as they appear as claim-offers. Previously, they wouldn't let you ask your friends for lives if you have none left. As of now, that is no longer the case.
20140301 advertisment2

An advertisement example after you pass or fail or quit a level and press X.

20140301 advertisment

An advertisement example on mobile on the old main screen. Papa Pear Saga. They appear at the bottom right.


In the past, there was an annoying glitch. The game loads, and it had the "Download" button, but without the "Continue" button. Even if you had the advertisement's game, or if there was no internet, it appeared almost every time.

  • This caused players to rage or quit playing the game.
  • Due to this, there were bad reviews of the game in the App Store.

Prizes and OffersEdit

Once in a while, when you run out of lives, King will post an ad on the screen. It usually asks you to play another game made by them. However, there's a condition that you must reach a certain level of that game in order to receive the prize.

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that you should not try other games of King. If you try the other games, this offer may not show up (this usually happens).

The prizes are a full set of lives and 5 lollipop hammers.

Recently, on HTML5, watching advertisements can give you numerous items, depending on where you watch it:

  • A free booster
  • One extra life (limited only)

However, they also appear regardless of your success and failure on a level.


  • On mobile (HTML5), there was an update without levels after Sour Salon was released. Farm Heroes Saga appeared after you pass/fail/quit a level. Papa Pear Saga also appeared at the main menu.
  • On Flash, when you play the game, the ad with the same game you are playing MAY appear.
    Plus advert

    As you can see, the advertisement about the game you are playing appears! (web only)

20140301 advertismentglitch

The annoying advertisement glitch.

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