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Alien happy3
Gender Male
First appearance Salty-Canyon
Problem Salty Canyon: His spaceship crashed.
Solution Salty Canyon: Tiffi used a tool to repair it.
Gummy Galaxy: Tiffi takes out a remote control, and another alien, possibly Allen's girlfriend, shows up in another spaceship. She beams Allen into her spaceship, and they ride off together.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Crunchy Cay

Allen is a character in Candy Crush Saga. He is an alien that is encountered in the 8th episode, Salty Canyon. Before introducing level 96, his spaceship has crashed. Afterwards, following the completion of level 110, the spaceship is repaired by Tiffi and he gets back in it and flies back home.

He went back to space with his repaired spaceship in the 8th Dreamworld episode, Nerdy Nebula, the Dreamworld version of Salty Canyon.

He appears again in the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise among with other characters.

He also appears in the 58th episode, Gummy Galaxy. Before introducing level 846, his spaceship crashed again. After completing level 860, Tiffi brings a remote control, and another alien, possibly his girlfriend, named Ellen, shows up in another spaceship. She beams him into her spaceship, and they ride off together.

He appears in the 95th episode, Peppermint Party to celebrate New Year's Eve!

In the 104th episode, Biscuit Bay, his spaceship crashed for the third time.

In the 126th episode, Licorice Luna, he feels sad because he thinks the Licorice Luna is too dark and boring. Tiffi helps him by painting rainbows with her rainbow brush.

In the 177th episode, Crunchy Comet, he and Tiffi land a spaceship on a giant comet filled with donuts.

In the 183rd episode, Popcorn Planet, Tiffi uses dryer to blow popcorn from his body.

In the 217th episode, Munchy Marsh, his spaceship has crashed for the fourth time, this time into the marsh and it is stuck. Tiffi shows up in a protective suit to help get his ship unstuck.

In the 223rd episode, Marzipan Maze, his spaceship crashed for the fifth time, this time on a hill in the middle of a maze. Tiffi uses a walkie-talkie to guide Allen through the maze and get to his spaceship.

In the 234th episode, Luscious Landing, it's his birthday and he has crashed onto a giant cake. Tiffi decides to put a candle on top of the spaceship and Allen's head.

In the 249th episode, Cacao Cliff, he and Tiffi arrive at the chocolatey cliffs via a spaceship that resembles a blue candy.

In the 279th episode, Gelato Glacier, he and Tiffi arrive in the glacier via the blue spaceship previously seen in Cacao Cliff. They both enjoy eating the ice cream the glacier has to offer.

In the 307th episode, Flan Falls, his spaceship has crashed again. Luckily, he and Tiffi landed on a jelly-like substance and bounced to safety.

Allen is not present on the Dreamworld counterpart of Salty Canyon, Nerdy Nebula.


Alien Figurine

The Allen figurine in Eggnog Emporium

  • On the iOS version of the game, the background of the episode looks like it takes place on a different planet.
  • Allen and Ellen also make an appearance in the Universal Love event.
  • He is one of two characters who debuts in a Reality episode which has a regular Dreamworld counterpart without appearing in Dreamworld. It is implied that he already left with his repaired spaceship.
    • The other character is Casey, but it is implied that he is inside the train or out on a break.
    • Little Star does not take any role, let alone make an appearance, since Dozy Dawn is a special dreamworld episode with a storyline completely unrelated to Fizzy Falls.
  • In Eggnog Emporium, there is a happy alien figurine similar to Allen in the background.
  • He is one of the very few characters that had the same problem (his spaceship crashed). The other character with that trait is Mr. Yeti (he is asleep).
    • However, for the three times, his spaceship crashed due to different reasons: The first time it hit a rock, the second time the engine went wrong, and the third time it hit Odus.
      • In real life, aircrafts will crash if they hit birds.
  • Like Cherry Baroness, all episodes with his appearance as a key character are graded at least somewhat hard.
  • In Candy Crush Soda Saga, he appears in 49th episode, Bubblegum Blueshift.