Benny the bunny has 17 siblings!

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Not to be confused with the Rabbit in the 83rd episode, Wonky Wonderland.
Easterbunny happy1.png
Gender Male
First appearance Easter-Bunny-Hills.png
Problem Easter Bunny Hills: He is trapped in a chocolate pit.
Candy Calaboose: His plant is withering.
Flavor Field: He cannot perform a goal safe.
Solution Easter Bunny Hills: Tiffi uses some bubblegum to remove him from the ground.
Candy Calaboose: Tiffi uses a candy bomb to blow up the roof of his prison cell.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Generous Grove
Golden Goals

Benny is a character in Candy Crush Saga. He is an Easter bunny that first appears in the 6th episode, Easter Bunny Hills. Before introducing level 66, he appears to be trapped in chocolate. After completing level 80, Tiffi removes Benny from the ground with some bubblegum, and his hairs stick up with happiness.

He appears again in the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise, among with other characters.

He also appears in the 56th episode, Candy Calaboose. Before introducing level 816, his plant is withering. After completing level 830, Tiffi uses a candy bomb to blow up the roof of the prison cell, causing the sunlight to enter and revive his plant.

In the 97th episode, Flavor Field, he plays soccer with Tiffi and he wears a yellow soccer uniform.

He reappears in the 107th episode, Vanilla Valley. In this episode, he greets Tiffi by popping out of an Easter egg.

In the 136th episode, Soda Surf, Candy Kingdom has been flooded with soda, and has torn his inflatable rubber ducky. Tiffi repairs the rubber ducky so they can surf on together.

In the 156th episode, Frosty Fields, he is worried that the ice cream harvest on the Frosty Fields is in danger of melting. Tiffi turns on the chilly sprinklers so all the ice cream stays cold and delicious.

In the 182nd episode, Fudgy Fort, Tiffi brings a striped candy with a pack of candies for him, who is a knight of Fudgy Fort.

In the 197th episode, Pumpking Patch, he is upset that the snowy frosting is ruining his pumpkin patch. Tiffi spreads crunchy umbrellas to keep the frost away from the delicious pumpkins.

In the 216th episode, Radiant Road, one of his easter eggs has cracked, so Tiffi comes to investigate the situation.

In the 230th episode, Glaze Garden, his watering can broke. Tiffi gives him another one with frosting inside.

In the 240th episode, Gumball Grounds, he and Tiffi find a house that is made from sweets and chocolate. Tiffi gives one of the gumballs from the house to Benny.

He also makes a cameo appearance in Twilight Egg, the Dreamworld counterpart of Easter Bunny Hills. There is no story that involves him but he appears in the background, albeit with a dreamy palette-swap. He is also seen wearing a mask, hat, and cape and swinging by a rope. In Charming Carnival, he pops out from Magic Mort's hat to grab a carrot. In Twilight Tulips, he pops out from a tulip. His appearance in Twilight Tulips is only applicable in web version. He also makes a cameo appearance in Syrupy Circus. He is among the spectators in the circus show.

On web version, Benny also introduces candy order levels on level 126, both Reality and Dreamworld. He is also shown on mixed mode level introduction. On mobile version for both cases, it is Mr. Toffee instead.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is one of the few characters of Candy Crush Saga that have got a link to holidays: the others are Gingerbread Woman, Jean-Luc, and Caramella (He has got a link to Easter, Gingerbread Woman and Jean-Luc to Christmas, and Caramella to Halloween).
  • The way how the Easter Bunny grabs the carrot is a reference to Farm Heroes Saga, as some of the levels, which involves the player having to collect carrots will have Rob the rabbit stealing the carrots to increase the difficulty of the level.
  • He is the mascot that appears the most in Candy Crush Saga.
  • In Candy Calaboose, he replaces Mr. Raccoon, the original minor character of that episode. With that replacement, he becomes the first character to have three different problems in all his appearances.
  • He stole Magic Mort's hat in the "A Magic Trick" event. The clues left are: A carrot from Farm Heroes Saga, a dotted egg, and some brown fur.
  • He is given a name upon the release of Flavor Field, the 97th Reality episode. On the configurations, he is now named Benny. This is 91 episodes and 3 years since his first appearance. The other character whose name is revealed after a lengthy period of time is Misty (name revealed after more than 3 years).

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