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Not be Confused with Barry in the 61st Episode, Crumbly Coast

Gender Female
First appearance Fudge-Islands
Problem Her spoon is missing.
Solution Denize appears, lights up candles, and Berry finds her spoon.
Full list of appearances Reality:


Berry (full name Berry Baker) is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a baker and encountered in the 25th episode, Fudge Islands. Before introducing level 351, she is sad because her spoon has gone missing. After level 365, with help from Denize, her spoon is recovered, and she is able to continue preparing shortcakes.

In the 25th Dreamworld episode, Bonkers Bakery, Berry dances with Tiffi as it rains candy.


  • The line she says after the spoon is found is a reference to Strawberry Shortcake.
  • She appears in Cake Climb, one of the weekend events.
  • Chronologically, she is the last character to not appear in any HTML5-exclusive episode.
  • In a Facebook post, Berry shares three facts about herself (in which she was previously identified as Miss Baker): she is afraid of the dark, she dyed her hair and she practices pilates.