• HM100

    As you seen recently, my bot has started doing activity again. This time under the name of Botex Botssentials. This bot is the same I used years before but I did an account rename for this change to happen. For now, I will run it to move-protect episode and possibly level pages.

    This is a new start for my bot as I use AutoWikiBrowser once again. What I did is to fix all Motorola G2 references to the new name. Thanks for your patience. HM100 00:27, June 4, 2020 (UTC)

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  • HM100

    For 2019, I decided to make almost everything in ThemeDesigner to black. In addition, Candy Crush Saga Wiki will be in sitename as Blandy Crush Saga Wiki. Things will be unknown when will be reverted

    April fools day Actually!!!! It will be reverted in the evening in my country HM100 11:23, April 1, 2019 (UTC)

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  • HM100

    and bot tried to do a semi-protection of all Level pages in order to maximize security. What's more, via my bot, I have done protection of all Episode pages. Protection of World pages and Champion titles are going to be protected as well in order to minimize vandalism in those common pages. Other pages such as element pages won't be semi-protected.

    Following the enforcement of the above action, we also have disabled article comments for a while. The reason was because of lot of spam. This includes black screen creation using fixed positioned element, scheduled to be protected as well in use except for media wiki and user namespaces. Article comments were re-enabled again by , the user who disabled it for a while but then I found the same t…

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    I have completed all the extractions for Soda, and the GUI program is almost fully functional!

    But - today isn't halloween... so we wait another day for the real post to come... Sadly, I don't think I will be ß-crat in the future - four is more than good here.

    Reply below to review and post any further suggestions for my extractions and blueprints that will help keep this wiki up to date! - to see all my extractions check out my Github and download these three files - one will be the preliminary Soda blueprints and the other the Saga blueprints.

    Also, reply below to discuss about any plans to make Candy Crush Soda Saga Wiki great again!Should the Soda Discord be merged to the main Candy Crush Discord? I have completed almost all of my extract…

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  • HM100

    Hello. Whats up. I'm now in the 1000s if you hadn't noticed it. Thanks.

    Actually, I was one of the users who failed to go to the 1000s early

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  • HM100

    Sorry for not writing a blog at 3k edits

    Now I have 4k edits as opposed to 10K in CCSFW. Hope I get 5K edits somewhere in the future. At first I thought one blog post for my 3k edits would be made but unfortunately failed to do it so. MarTsok 22:32, April 27, 2018 (UTC)

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  • HM100

    Bronzie Samus - Letter LDC

    April 24, 2018 by HM100
    • All levels should be shaped or having a part to be like an English capital letter
    • You can use any CCS, CCSS level type as well as Pipeline and Blocker levels
    • No timed levels as this type is being eliminated from the game
    • Only 3, 4 or 5 colored levels
    • No more than 35 moves in your entry and no less than 25 moves in your entry
    • You can use Dark purple candy from CCSS but only in 5-colored levels
    • Board must not include more than 50% of the board with blockers
    • No empty spaces.
    • No more than 3 dispensers are allowed
    • Allowed Fan elements:
      • Multilayered Swirls
      • 6-layered icing
      • CCSS blockers (Except Ice Cubes and Comb Honey)
      • Double locks (Only the ones with cages allowed, entry will be disqualified if it uses white lock)
      • Large Toffee Tornado (Only if your entry is…
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    The overview

    You can see this as my first anniversary of me being a Candy Crush admin.

    Man, but this semester has been a rather mixed-big experience for me. As again, I repeatedly stated that I will be focusing on other projects for a while, as they are more relevant to my real-life computer programming goals. As a result, delays and stuff should be expected by that time because my real-life situations regarding other projects are getting considerably intense nowadays.

    Fortunately, don't fret! Even though I did a considerable amount of "other stuff" the last couple of months in place of the Candy Crush extractions which is already almost 100% functional, I will soon be able to show part of my "other stuff" in the next few months.

    The 12 other …

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  • HM100

    Hi Everybody. My name is HM100 aka Bronze Samus. In this day I plan to intend this:

    • The Wiki will use black page color instead of white
    • Header color will be darker than usual
    • The will also contain new colors for dropdowns and buttons preferably for secondary. Note that I don't use CSS variables in order to support older browsers as well (Such us Internet Explorer 11, Edge 14- and Chrome 48- or 47- if you have the Experimental Platform Features flag enabled.

    Thank you for the attention. All will revert at Ten o'clock in my country. 09:39, April 1, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Wildoneshelper

    Very special news

    March 31, 2018 by Wildoneshelper

    I have received a very special news from Wikia which caused me to be temporarily out of hiatus (sorry!) that in order to keep this wiki alive, our wiki must not contain any subjective wording. In light of this matter, our difficulty rating is clearly a subjective rating which has to be taken down. However, taking down this thing takes lots of time as it is entangled with many Lua stuff and it would break the whole wiki if we delete it all at once. As a result, difficulty ratings of separate levels have been changed temporarily and they will be deleted in the end.

    Thanks for your attention and sorry for any inconvenience caused and...

    Happy April Fool's!

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