• HM100

    As of now, most pages don't have proper grammar. is proven to be the ones with improper grammar. So now I'll try to help the wiki have proper grammar again. Any user is able to help me through I'll try to do my best. Thank you all!!! MarTsok 19:37, March 23, 2018 (UTC)

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  • HM100
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  • Iceice33

    Leaving this Wiki

    January 13, 2018 by Iceice33

    Hi everyone, I'm now leaving Candy Crush Saga Wiki because I'm now having new experiences in my other life and focusing my studies after my family's event by January 10, 2018.

    I want to be involve with my family (because our situations are tough and we'll normal in our life) and my other stuffs permanently. But I was the first day in this Wiki since November 11, 2015 and became administrator since October 17, 2017 and once again on December 3, 2017. I have over 6,000 plus edits. This Wiki, I'm always contributing on my laptop but on my tablet. But in my laptop, last late August 2017, it was malfunctioned to activate in the Wi-Fi but later, it return to normal Wi-Fi connection.

    I was started playing Candy Crush Saga on my Facebook last April …

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  • Courtemanche437

    Welcome to my 2018 level design contest! This is a theme I've had in mind for a while, but since my last contest only just recently ended, I wanted to give this one some time to stew. Regardless though, this contest will be centered around small boards, because sometimes, less is more. Alright, enough morals and let's get on with it. 

    1. Your board cannot have more than 49 spaces. 

    2. There must be at least one type of blocker.

    3. Between two and five candy colors can be present. 

    4. Candy Crush Soda Saga and fan elements can be used.

    5. All level types are permitted.

    The contest is over.

    Rank/User Comments

    1.  Timhung005


    Out of all the entries on this list, I think Tim's level achieves the most while following the rules. What an interesting…

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  • Courtemanche437

    My first official fan element is here, the Coal blocker.



    It has a few properties that make this blocker unique. It can be switched around like a licorice swirl but can only be removed by special candies. When cleared, coal awards 3,000 points, but unlike candy bombs, it does not end the game. 

    I've made a few casual levels with this element and I felt that it would be fun to see how other creators could interweave this blocker into their style of levels, so here is my next level design contest! Here is everything you need to know about crafting your entries for this one: 

    1. At least three Coal blockers must be present! 

    2. Your level can have between three and seven colors.

    3. CCSS elements are allowed, and any element listed on my fanon's pl…

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    Hullo Candy Crushers! A Mulligan here!

    As some people might be aware, the time for me to become ß-crat is very near, even though the nomination time usually hovers at Halloween. But you must also know that for me to even consider this possibility, there is one more goal to go for this wiki. Until the time has come (I won't reveal the date, but at most a week), I am making a blog miniseries about wiki improvement, ideas, and games, that will keep us active in this wiki.

    Ever since the day I made a comeback (late FEB) and my first day of adminship (MAR 17), I am excited that I am able to provide more accurate information and activities in this wiki. I have already provided information extracting and analysis for scores, difficulties, and level…

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  • Courtemanche437


    October 15, 2017 by Courtemanche437

    It took me four years and two days to get this... and now it's finally mine!!! :D 

    I have finally managed to do something on the wiki at least once a day, every day, for 60 days on the wiki!!! I couldn't be more proud of this achievement ^_^ 

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  • Cjay1997

    Hi, everyone! It's been three years since I joined the wiki. Usually, I'm active to keep the wiki up-to-date by providing information from game files, usually every Wednesdays and the days when any updates are released. The bad news is, I have a disappointing remark for all of you fellow users on this wiki.

    I have reached my journey's end for now. There are some points that lead to my retirement.

    My real-life works and situations are getting intense, which overcome my activity in this wiki. I'm not free lately because of my family's involvement. This is most likely when the weather in my hometown is unfavorable, particularly heavy rains that constitutes flood to prevent me from going home from school or any outing, which is the place where I…

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    Current status:Fully implemented for both HTML5 and non-HTML5 mobile versions. This blog has been archived.

    Update: Cezdiamond stated that the revamped map is in the early testing phases, and the lost features (Play with Friends, tickets, scrolling) are therefore unintended side effects.

    Errata: The roadblock and tickets are now functional for almost all players. If you completed the finale for both the regular and the revamped map, you will go directly to the next episode. There may be occasional complaints regarding roadblock, especially regarding players who have version 1.107.

    Errata: This is my mistake: Play With Friends is not lost in the revamped map, and you can still see your progress by clicking on the large avatar representing your XP …

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