• Courtemanche437

    It's already been almost a week since I reached my biggest milestone in the three and a half years I've been using this wiki, and yet I still haven't really celebrated. So, I'm now going to rectify that issue.

    I can't believe my fifth millennium of edits took just a week to finish. I don't think I will ever make 1,000 edits that quickly ever again, unless encouraged to do so like Mullig did by racing me to reach this milestone. As of recently, I have been more active than ever, deciding undetermined level and episode difficulties, writing strategies for levels and adding templates where they weren't present, removing unnecessary Trivia sections, and much more. My milestone 5,000th edit was an application for adminship which everyone support…

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    Another week, another program to program!

    This week, I have created a program that creates a wikitable listing a table of all levels color coded by difficulty. The difficulties are updated live, and allows one to compare each episode and world's overall difficulty, as well as check any undetermined or erroneously rated levels.

    Unfortunately, Dreamworld has been removed before I could get these tables up. I found only one remaining level yet to be determined, which is Level 469/Dreamworld.

    The page linking to a table of levels color coded by difficulty is:

    Beware: These page sizes are large! I could not manage to make these cells clickable while maintaining text color since the editor glitches whenever I attempt to publish it.…

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  • HM100
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  • HM100

    Hello. Happy to see the community growing but we should also prefer the modernization.

    The old ones, used from 2011 until now is the default ones. It provides customization like editing the navbar style etc.

    Note: It will look different when added

    The new ones is in development now. It is used only in some sites as of now.

    This will be enforced too in the future but navbar stylings we use now won't be used anymore :(.

    And this will add actual support for navbar backgrounds

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  • Bp101697

    Good evening! Welcome to "A Few Color Level Design Contest."

    • Only one entry per user. No anon users allowed to join this.
    • All entries must have two colors or three colors.
    • All entries must have 20 moves or higher.
    • Jelly levels are not allowed since in CCS most 2-colored levels and 3-colored levels are jelly levels. Now only ingredients levels, moves levels, and mixed mode levels are allowed.
    • Your entry must be able to create special candies matching. (Levels like 2117 are not allowed because only cascades can create wrapped candies.)
    • You must clearly explain how dispensers and portals work, if neseccary.
    • You can use blockers in Soda Saga (except liquorice links.)
    • No copying levels from original.
    • No boards refering to inauspicious things. You will be…

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    Previous blog (LDC Preview)

    Important Ones Read the previous post. Again, NO PLAGIARISM ALLOWED!


    • All submissions will be rated by me, and other submitters on a 10-point scale (zeroes are possible). An explanation will also be given for every rating.
      • Please don't fret if you receive a lower score such as a 5-6. I usually will submit these scores if your rating is at least a 5.
    • You should explain everything that can be shown on level infoboxes. If there are spawn notes or magic mixers, you should also explain it.
    • You can submit up to three different Reality levels. However, unlike the preview post, submitting Dreamworld counterparts are now optional.
      • A Reality-Dreamworld pair counts as one submission. Dreamworld-only submissions do not count. …

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    Previous blog

    I have finished my blueprints. All designs are made by me on Microsoft Publisher, so levels are easier to create with more organization. The graphics are laid out such that it provides both clarity and detail while preventing ambiguity and making it look as similar to the in-game appearance as possible. It also works well when dealing with element combinations which makes notation awkward. If you want my blueprints, you can email me at

    Most blockers and elements are identical or very similar to their in-game appearances, but are simplified to a minimalist style.

    Please note that an asterisk (*) represents a regular candy. A white candy represents any possible candy color. A colored candy represents a fixed

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  • HM100
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    The last two weeks have been a great time for me, since I am on a temporary break from heavier university obligations and most of my 'unidebt' has been cleared. I am sorry that it is a bit late at the time I created this blog post, I am here to reveal my plans for the near future. They will be exciting, and some content will be revealed that was never seen before!

    I am excited to provide my official blueprints for use in level designing and board analysis in this wiki. Done in "blackboard" style, this blueprint will look just like the real board yet revealing and explaining many less-visible and hidden features in this wiki!

    The blueprints will be provided in the pictures below! Comment to voice your opinions and suggestions to improve!

    I am …

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  • HM100

    Do you know if CCS adds levels up to 4K, then it could be great.....

    But here, I'll introduce the blueprints of Levels 3000 and 4000 in 2 different ways (With M which is 1000 as roman and number 1 with K).

    All proposals with M are four colored and the ones with this style are three ones.

    My proposals for level 3000

    My 1st proposal, I'll use 2 M in the bottom rows and 1 in the center of top rows. You have 300 moves and you need 3K of Blue, Green and Orange

    My 2nd proposal, I'll use 3 and K written with colourbombs You have 75 moves and you need 3 blue, 30 green and 300 orange

    My proposals for level 4000

    My 1st proposal, I'll use 4 small M. You have 400 moves and you need 4K of Blue, Green and Orange

    My 2nd proposal, I'll use 4 and K written with co…

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