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3primetime3 3primetime3 7 July

Realized I haven't written a blog in a while

So yeah, hello o/

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HarukaAmaranth HarukaAmaranth 1 July

My first anniversary



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HarukaAmaranth HarukaAmaranth 7 June

20K mainspace edits




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HarukaAmaranth HarukaAmaranth 28 May

My Possible Retirement





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HarukaAmaranth HarukaAmaranth 29 April

20K EDITS!!!


I am extremely excited!}}


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HM100 HM100 31 March

Part of April fools day - Fourth Wave

For 2021, I decided to make Community header and button colors to red. In addition, Candy Crush Saga Wiki will be in sitename as Covdy Covrush Covga Wiki. This is the new theme of CCSW from now on.

April fools day Actually!!!! It will be reverted in the evening in my country HM100 20:17, 31 March 2021 (UTC)

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Evan0512 Evan0512 15 March

Version 1.182 and 1.197 updates

I was updating the game Candy Crush Saga last week to version 1.182. I was still confused on teleporter updates. For example, in Level 1247.

When I look at these levels in the early 2400s there were blue conveyor belts and toffee swirls being redesigned. I was looking how strange is the new blocker, since I have seen blue conveyor belts since late level 2300s. I was very excited about the redesign of the conveyor belts, but not the toffee swirls.

One of the weird things about Level 2435. Some of the conveyor belts move licorice swirls up, but went down because there is no space on the bottom right space of the conveyor belt. Another image shows an empty conveyor belt being moved. Since it is a redesign, I like these features.

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Roberto27335 Roberto27335 15 March


I'm new

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Overloadxyz Overloadxyz 10 March

New colour schemes

Level 9000 marked the first time ever where the usual colour scheme of blue, green, orange, purple, red, yellow was skewered in favour of a new colour scheme. Yellow candies spawning instead of blue candies? I never thought I'd see the day! Since it looks like custom colour schemes are going to be a mainstay in the game, and not just a one-off to celebrate the milestone, I thought I'd make a checklist of all possible colour schemes the game can offer. Each one will be ticked off when it is used, and the list will be updated as new levels are released. text means that said colour scheme has been used. text means that said colour scheme has not yet been used. text means that a colour scheme was used in a previous version of a level, before…

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LucZha003 LucZha003 9 March

Transfer important past information from versions pages into the Candy Crush Documentary

Hi, all users,

As you have heard, all information from past versions pages are being deleted. I am creating a documentary to preserve the information, just like the Geometry Dash Documentary Youtube series. I have linked it here:

Google Doc for Info

You can comment to suggest a change in the documentary. I am gathering information now. This is only in outline form now, but it will change into an entire story after the outline is done.

Thanks, LucZha003

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GeorgeWasStillNotFound GeorgeWasStillNotFound 1 February


hi everyone. whats your game progress? tell me! im stuck lv. 1467

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Therealharmony01 Therealharmony01 17 January


So we noticed that the new blocker Bonbon Blitz will be released, so we don't know what level it will be on, since 45 levels are released every week, so if we see the video of the first appearance of that blocker, some people will edit the blocker table in Blockers, but we need to find the episode number & the level to see what is the first appearance. Bye.

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HarukaAmaranth HarukaAmaranth 31 December 2020

2020 CCSW Virtual Meeting

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CuteKawaiiSunset CuteKawaiiSunset 20 December 2020



I'm new to the wiki and I love candy crush also my most favorite part of the game is everything

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Mulliganaceous and the future of CCSW

Howdy everyone. is here, to extract extract extract.

I am sorry that I have been much less active than normally in Candy Crush Saga and the wiki. I already told you guys that I have bene involved in other real-world projects; 2019 has been especially hectic since I have transitioned to working full time in developing and quality testing provincial administration applications. I also moved on to developing and improving websites and servers while leading a club. 2020 did not improve much either in terms of CCSW activity, as not only was I away for real-life projects, but I have to face an extenuating personal situation which has eaten much of my space and time to contribute.

I will still be present on Candy Crush Saga and I am very impressed…

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CjayThe2nd CjayThe2nd 26 October 2020

My Last and Final Farewell

It's been a long journey for me. I'm inactive since the middle part of the year for some crazy reasons. As we know, 2020 is the beginning of the end of all great things. The new wave of bad changes started with the removal of free board reset in late December of previous year. Let's sum up what happened this year.

  • 1 Sugar Drops and Candy Pet
  • 2 10-episode loop
  • 3 Booster Bot and its variants
  • 4 Final remarks

In March, we saw that those old events, especially Sugar Drops and Candy Pet, were completely removed to give way for new features/events. Those events found interesting and make hard levels easier to pass. This put us players to dismay.

In May, one of the worst news to see: the removal of episode maps and backgrounds (actually, the episode backgro…

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JMDaGood JMDaGood 21 October 2020

8000 LEVELS!!!

Also, not to be confused with User blog:Pinksheepy/1000 LEVELS!!!

Now I have got to level 8000 and completed it in one try. 1000 levels left to 9000 and 2000 left to 10000. The special things about it are:

  • The locked liquorice swirls form the "8K"
  • Every match gives you 8000 points
  • You get one boosters of each type after successfully completing it.

It came out fast, but now the level releasement became 4 episodes a week for a couple of weeks. Soon there will also be the new redesign of popcorn, and next week I will be facing sour skulls in Level 8031.

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Evan0512 Evan0512 30 September 2020

2000 LEVELS!!!

I was in Level 1990 on September 30, 2020. I was only 10 levels away from Level 2000. I was having difficulty passing level 1990 because of its ingredients. I passed this level within at least 30 tries.

There were some levels on my iPhone 4 (version 1.11x) that were easier than the current version, and I will play this sometimes.

I was having difficulty editing when the wiki got a new update.

Level 2000 is the most fun level. The most fun level is likely levels and in Bubblegum Bazaar. I passed level 2000 in 12-13 moves. It was also the first try, but did not get Sugar Stars.

Levels that are hard in the level 2000s (except Cavity Cave)


With a blue box worth 30 minutes unlimited lives, CB,
S+W, fish, and wheel

With CB and Lollipop Hammer boos…

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YellowMonica YellowMonica 20 September 2020


21 SEP 2020

After a period of absence, resuming play and catching up, level 7865, and completed Diamond Path

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HarukaAmaranth HarukaAmaranth 19 September 2020

4000 LEVELS!!!

Hello! I've completed 4,000 levels on my highest device as of now. My progress is currently level 4013. However, I play on two devices.

Here's what happened when I reached this level:

  • I completed on my first try (certainly as I'm using a Booster Bot)
  • This is recorded as the easiest and most fun level in Doughnut Disco
  • I had 27 moves left over.
  • The date that I completed this level coincides with the anniversary of the Mukden Incident that happened in 1931.
  • I've got a congratulations message stating that I've finished 4,000 levels and got one of each booster type.

I went from level 3000 to level 4000 in about 6 months. The anticipated date of me reaching level 5000 is March to April 2021. The 4000s will be slightly easier than the 2000s and the 300…

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PinksheepyIsLeaving PinksheepyIsLeaving 6 September 2020

1000 LEVELS!!!

Hello, I've seemed to have completed 1,000 levels in Candy Crush. My progress is level 1318, however, I play on multiple devices.

Here's how what happens when I'm in the level:

  • This was recorded to be the most fun level in Caramel Keep.
  • I've reached 1M points on my highscore.
  • I've finished it in one try.
  • I had 15 moves left over.
  • I've got a congratulation message stating I've finished 1,000 levels and got one of each booster types.

I've got this in a few months, however, the estimated time left to finishing level 2000 is 4 months. Levels are going to be gradually harder and harder, as the higher difficulty levels get more common in the later levels. Boosters, however, can reduce the time left to finishing 2,000 levels. I've got loads of them, as I…

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Marisa1980 Marisa1980 23 August 2020

Time to say goodbye Candy Crush Saga classic!

Seem like I am still loyal to this Flash childhood graphic. Though I do not want it to happen, but perhaps that, nothing is forever.

Candy Crush Saga classic theme (pictured below) will be officially removed before December 31th 2020, as soon as Flash stops supporting.

Reality is really disappointing. This is an announcement from a Community Manager in King Community when almost all of King's games were gradually moved to HTML5 interface. And Candy Crush is no exception.

For most people, including me, the first players who had experienced from the early months when Candy Crush was released on Facebook, this is also an improvement, better, newer, smoother, but exclusive Flash features will disappear, too. Although this is really disappointing,…

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HarukaAmaranth HarukaAmaranth 20 August 2020

IMPORTANT: Set schedule of opening times

Hello, everyone. I am about to attend college on 26 August 2020. Here is the schedule for all my classes I have been assigned for from my academic advisor.

My class schedule
Class section
Meeting date and time
ANTH 101-13 LEC (65847)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:45 - 12:00
ARTH 256-01 LEC (45203)
Art History
Wednesdays, 13:40 - 16:30
ENGL 110-37 LEC (66275)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 13:40 - 15:30
ENSCI 112-1 LEC (34213)
Environmental Science - Our Changing Climate
Time-flexible; may create conflicts with other classes
MATH 120-02 LEC (43586)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 09:15 - 10:30

The classes are effective between 26 August 2020 and 20 December 2020. During those times, my activity and level of contribut…

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Evan0512 Evan0512 14 August 2020

Why are there more placeholder levels?

I was really shocked about placeholder's levels in the level 6000s and 7000s.

The earliest case of having placeholder levels were levels , , and . There is a single jelly in the center, it is very easy.

In 2019, placeholder levels happen once again on the level 5000s. It shows that there were placeholder levels that also appear in the level 50s. I don't why, and no one see this version of the later levels look like Level 51. There were several levels in the 6000s that look like Level 51, like .

Here are some levels that placehold it, and it is all unreleased before the design is officially released:

  • Level 5802: Level 65
  • Level 6454: Level 58
  • Level 6188: Level 61
  • Level 5797: Level 60
  • Level 6014: Level 53
  • Level 6011: Level 64
  • Level 4003: Level 52 (firs…
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EndreUjvari EndreUjvari 13 August 2020

Wrapped candy cannon level design contest

  1. You must make a level which have wrapped candy cannons.
  2. Blockers need to be present (White chocolate and dark purple candy from CCSS can be present).
  3. No popcorn, magic mixers, UFO and candy frogs.
  4. Should be between 50 - 100 moves!
  5. 2 to 6 colored levels are allowed.
  6. No quadrant boards, and make a board which all special candies are possible to create.
  7. Striped candy need to apear, at least in dispensers.
  8. If it is a milestone, must refer to the level number in something
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Courtemanche437 Courtemanche437 8 August 2020

I am back

I have ended my temporary hiatus and I am ready to be an active participant on this wiki again :)

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Aris Van De Moortel Aris Van De Moortel 18 July 2020

Hi Eve

I hope you have a wonderful day!😃

P.S. I meant hi everyone Sorry about that😢

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CandyCrusher42 CandyCrusher42 16 July 2020

Do we really need this?

There are 180 blank level pages last time I checked from level 7416 (7415 levels were out at that time) all the way to level 7595. Do we really need that many?

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3litecandycrusher 3litecandycrusher 15 July 2020

My Official Retirement.

I posted this in the discussions board as well, but I don't know which is more used nowadays. Just figured I'd let you all know where I've been lately, and that I'm sadly not returning.

Hello everyone, old or new, it's me again. Some of you probably don't know me, but I was a larger figure on this wiki many years ago. Now I'm back from the dead. Well... not really, actually. In fact, this may be the last time I'm on here. Yes, if you didn't read the title, I'm officially retiring from Candy Crush Saga Wiki.

I meant to make this a while back but just recently got around to it. I haven't been consistently active in over 3 years. The last time I was on was December, and before that, May. It didn't feel right for me to leave this place without a…

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Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone, contributors, commentors, and readers alike had the best of your summer even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. To be honest with you, the past year haven't been a very good year for me as a contributor.

In particular, I am already having trouble keeping up with real-life situations besides my internship, and social stress is draining much of my energy away from all interests. I am still keeping a keen eye on Candy Crush, and I will still have to invest my time to improve the wiki and rebuild CCSS which have fell into inactivity. You should also notice that my past blogs have all been quite long; I will help shorten up the remaining blogs so to make it more digestible for readers.

Recently, King has made more changes to the game …

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CjayThe2nd CjayThe2nd 29 June 2020

It's been as far as I go

Back in 2017, we witnessed the transition from Flash to HTML5. With the release of Peppermint Portal (episode 189), the first of bad changes happened. It's like they took player's old memories away. This is how the game started becoming bad.

Two years later, in December 2019, another wave of bad changes started with the removal of reset options. The players tried bring back the option but to no avail. The developers refused by just rejecting players' request, pretending it was the "fix". Without the option, the higher levels are now like trying to crack a tough nut.

Into the new decade, something far more than just terrible happened. We saw the removal of interesting features, to name a few: Sugar Drops, Candy Pet and map textures. In Sugar …

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Thegreattttt Thegreattttt 21 June 2020

Is Jelly Colour level type scrapped and won't be officially released?

So, it's been years since I used to edit, play Candy Crush, and active in this wiki. Is Jelly Colour level type scrapped? I remember back in 2017 when this level type is leaked. But they only used this level type in an event where they test this level type. Now it's 2020, this level type is still not officially released and I'm curious why they scrapped it. It's because it's similar to Candy Crush Jelly? I dont know... Any thoughts? Update (6/22/20): After some digging leaked stuff years ago, there are supposedly 9 level types in Candy Crush. The 2 level types which is Jelly Colour and Frogger levels is not officially released but accessible through codes and the other 7 level types (Moves, Jelly, Ingredients, Timed, Order, Mixed Mode, Rai…

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CandyCrusher42 CandyCrusher42 6 June 2020

We're really underrating levels.

So, level 844 is marked Very Hard. That means it should take 25 tries, right?

Wrong. It took me 85.

The ratings of the levels don't line up with the actual difficulty. For starters, back when level 14 was on its 2nd version, it was rated easy but it took me 5 years and somewhere between 2000 and 3000 attempts to beat. Level 900 is rated somewhat hard but after 8 attempts I couldn't get past one color bomb and 6 striped candies.

Edit: Come on, how do I get horrible luck with boosters or not at the beginning, but then beat the level without boosters and really easily? Anyway, beaten on 9th try, 30 moves left, made two color bombs right from the start, did a CB+Striped which fired both color bombs, made three more striped candies, got three colo…

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HM100 HM100 4 June 2020

Say a good day to restart my bot

As you seen recently, my bot has started doing activity again. This time under the name of Botex Botssentials. This bot is the same I used years before but I did an account rename for this change to happen. For now, I will run it to move-protect episode and possibly level pages.

This is a new start for my bot as I use AutoWikiBrowser once again. What I did is to fix all Motorola G2 references to the new name. Thanks for your patience. HM100 00:27, June 4, 2020 (UTC)

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3primetime3 3primetime3 31 May 2020

On George Floyd

Words can't describe how frustrated I was after seeing that video a couple days ago. I had so much trouble getting through it the first time around and cringe every time it comes up on television. I side with the ones hurting and the peaceful protestors, because no one ever deserves that type of treatment, and the fact that this was only noticed because a bystander videoed it makes it ever so worse. If it weren't for the current pandemic, I would have been moved to head down to Los Angeles and protest for a couple hours because all lives matter. I can't believe that this was something that happened in 2020 sixty years later, after what happened with MLK in '68, Rodney King in '92, and more recently, Reed and Arbery. This could've easi…

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Survivofficial Survivofficial 29 May 2020


You can play my game (I created) search ( in safari (best in Chorme)

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Clarch mel Clarch mel 28 May 2020

Episode Release And Confirmations

Wafer Wharf

Previews :

6/28/2012-Candy Order Levels Are Confirmed

7/04/2012-How To Play Candy Order Levels

7/11/2012-Wafer Wharf Releases Tommorow!

7/12/2012-Wafer Wharf Was Released!

Gingerbread Glade

7/18/2012-New Story!

7/26/2012-Three Layered Icing

7/31/2012-Out Now Next Thursday!

8/02/2012-Wafer Wharf Is Released 

Pastille Pyramid

8/06/2012-New Story!

8/09/2012-Chocolate Spawners!

8/14/2012-How Chocolate Spawners Work

8/15/2012-Pastille Pyramid Confirmed

8/16/2012-Pastille Pyramid Is Released 

Cupcake Circus

8/22/2012-Meet The Circus Clown

8/23/2012-Four Layered Icing!

8/28/2012-August 30th!

8/30/2012-Cupcake Circus Is Out!

Caramel Cove

9/06/2012-New Episode!


9/12/2012-The Story!

9/13/2012-The Name Is Revealed!

9/17/2012-Caramel Cove Is Rel…

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CandyCrusher42 CandyCrusher42 21 May 2020

Any tips for Level 844?

So far I've spent 82 attempts on level 844 with a CB, sometimes a Jelly Fish or Striped and Wrapped, and the random video booster. My best attempt was 1 single jelly left and my next best was 3 popcorn hits and 5 jelly layers cleared. I've spent 2 months on the episode and grinding Sugar Drops first the first bit.

Edit: I beat it on my 85th try without any boosters.

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CandyCrusher42 CandyCrusher42 19 May 2020


I just got an event where each day you aren't on Candy Crush, you get 1 more move on any level. It's basically a +5 moves booster only it grows the longer you aren't active. Once you play a level, the number of extra moves goes down by 1. Did anyone else notice this?

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Mizuka Tsukiii Mizuka Tsukiii 15 May 2020

Youtube link:

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CandyCrusher42 CandyCrusher42 26 April 2020

What's going on?

For some reason, for me Fudge Fjord shows up as "Lemonade Lake" (episode 3). There's even Denize there. Also, Caramel Clearing shows up as "Minty Meadow" (episode 5) (no characters this time) and Candy Calaboose shows up as "Lollipop Land" (episode 233 or 446.)

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Courtemanche437 Courtemanche437 22 April 2020

Belated 10,000 Edits Blog Post

Trinket9 is my favorite user on this wiki because he actually votes on my Stance comments. That is all. Here's to another 10K edits on this wiki. 

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Atp820 Atp820 3 April 2020

Transferring Boosters from old phone


When I played candy crush on my iPhone 6S, i had many boosters. When I logged in to my facebook account with my new phone, (iPhone XR), it saved the levels I beat, but none of my boosters transferred over!!

How do I fix this? What can I do??

Thank you for your help

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Atp820 Atp820 3 April 2020

Boosters didn't transfer!


When I played candy crush on my iPhone 6S, i had many boosters. When I logged in to my facebook account with my new phone, (iPhone XR), it saved the levels I beat, but none of my boosters transferred over!!

How do I fix this? What can I do??

Thank you for your help

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HM100 HM100 1 April 2020

Part of April fools day - Third Wave

For 2020, I decided to make almost everything in ThemeDesigner to inverted scheme. In addition, Candy Crush Saga Wiki will be in sitename as Inverty Crush Saga Wiki. This is the new theme of CCSW from now on.

April fools day Actually!!!! It will be reverted in the evening in my country HM100 11:23, April 1, 2019 (UTC)

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Havish123 Havish123 27 March 2020

It's nearly April Fools day to all of candy crush Wiki!

It is nearly April Fools Day! I am trying to reach level 466 from candy crush saga but level 465 is impossible, and i wanna reach level 500 and Ice Cream Caves but it is impossible. Please help me to pass this level, and do not block me.

Here is a little photo on the impossible level:

Try level 976 from Candy Crush Soda Saga! Now!

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Color Lover Color Lover 11 March 2020

Candy Crush Saga Blockers Randomized Vesion S1 E1B


Rainbow Twist
Sugar Coat
Crystal Candy
Candy Cane Curls
Cake Bomb
Licorice Swirl
Chocolate Spawner
Dark Chocolate
Candy Cane Fence
Licorice Lock
Magic Mixer
Candy Bomb
Regular Icing
Multilayered Icing
Sugar Chest


Sorry if the point distribution is different :(

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Color Lover Color Lover 11 March 2020

Candy Crush Saga Blockers Randomized Version S1 E1A

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 1A of This Randomized Version


1st 100

2nd 90

3rd 80

4th 70

5th 60

6th 45

7th 40

8th 35

9th 30

10th 25

11th 20

12th 15

13th 10

14th 8

15th 6

16th 5

17th 4

18th 3

19th 2

20th 1

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Color Lover Color Lover 11 March 2020

Candy Crush Saga Blockers Randomized Version S1 E0

So this is the randomized version.

There will be 20 blockers.

Here they are:

  1. Regular Icing
  2. Multilayered Icing
  3. Licorice Lock
  4. Chocolate
  5. Licorice Swirl
  6. Candy Bomb
  7. Chocolate Spawner
  8. Maarmalade
  9. Cake Bomb
  10. Sugar Chest
  11. Popcorn
  12. Magic Mixer
  13. Bobber
  14. Candy Cane Fence
  15. Waffle
  16. Dark Chocolate
  17. Candy Cane Curls
  18. Crystal Candy
  19. Rainbow Twist
  20. Sugar Coat

First Contest in S1 E1A

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I need some help from you …

Hey Candy Crushers!

This is Mulliganaceous, and you might've remembered me a few months ago while I was extracting level configs. Recently, especially the last few months, you've noticed that I have been unusually inactive in chat and this wiki. This is both due to me having to make transitions (which may be quite difficult) to reinstate my social media, in which I have abstained for years for personal reasons, and me having to prioritize my work into internship (I am currently working for a transportation ministry). I also have stumbled into a writer's block causing me to overthink before writing this blog post as well as a social media reinstatement post, which in turn stalled my overall productivity.

I thank every single user, ranging fro…

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