Hi all Crushers. This is the final round of CCS Characters 2014.

At 02 Oct 2014, 16:33 UTC, Emmaelise401 was eliminated Mr. Rockstar from this survivor. This is the tenth character was eliminated, so, under the rules, we reset all the score of each character to 10, from now.

I know most of you understand the rules, but I still post it on here.

Rules. 10 alive characters will start with 10 points. Members will smite (--) or worship (++) the characters they want to see killed off, or rise to the top. One may be cast per day. That means every calendar day, not necessarily 24 hours. You can vote at 11:59 PM (UTC), then again at 12:01 AM (UTC), but that would be your vote for the day. If after your vote someone reaches 0, they are eliminated. You then get the honors of killing them off in the grosses, meanest, funniest way you see fit.

Voting. Each daily vote consists three actual votes. That means you can smite two characters, worship one, or maybe you want to smite one character, and worship two. But you can only smite or worship three at the same time. It's all up to you. Still, you can cast your vote for one, two or three different characters. Your choice completely.

After you vote, I'll check and update this thread as soon as possible. Please refresh it to update the score(s). If you see this thread don't update the score, please understand that I'm so busy at that time.

For example: In comment, you type: Blueberry Whale (++) Dinosaur (++) Cat (--)

Some types of comment below are unacceptable:

  1. Blueberry Whale (or Whale): +++ or ---; + or -; +|+ or -|-; etc...
  2. Blueberry Whale (++) Dinosaur (++) Cat (--) Octopus (++). If you comment that, it won't count.
  3. Swearing, spam comment, or vote more than once a day.

Medal. The character who wins this survivor will have a medal at the end of it. This medal will be shown in the comment of the corresponding page. After the deadline, I won't give medal to any characters.


Congratulations Dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!


Polar Bear
Mrs. Baker
Blueberry Whale
Easter Bunny
Bubblegum Troll
Mr. Toffee

(Last updated was 24 Oct 2014, 15:44 UTC)

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