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◾You may only count 1 positive integer at a time using counting numbers [1, 2, 3...NOT 4.5, e, sin(18rad)+7, i^4, log(100)].

◾Math problems and Roman Numerals are also not allowed. Although, they are allowed as long as the correct positive integer is visible. This rule was created to prevent confusion among the users.

◾No skipping numbers.

◾No multi-posting and typing more than one positive integer on a post.

◾If a post doesn't contribute to the countings (e.g. A post of just "hello"), it doesn't count.

◾Checkpoint every 50th number (e.g. 1850, 2100). If an admin/bureaucrat posts, the count resets to the checkpoint.

◾Only an admin/bureaucrat can reset the count once before another admin/bureaucrat resets it.


Next user count 2682.

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