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Episode 29 character before.png|Character on map (before episode)
Episode 29 character before.png|Character on map (before episode)

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Episode 29 character after
Gender Unknown
First appearance Unknown
Problem His swamp lost all of its fizz.
Solution Tiffi blows through the straw to bring the fizz back into the swamp.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Gator (also known as Mr. Snappy) is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a crocodile encountered in the 29th episode, Soda Swamp. Before introducing level 411, his swamp has no more fizz and he's very upset, so he asks Tiffi for her help. Tiffi agrees, and after completing level 425, she blows through the straw and brings fizz back into the swamp, much to Gator's delight.

In the 66th episode, Soda Swamp, he is bathing with Unicorn into the swamp filled with soda.

In the 29th Dreamworld episode, Bubbly Bog, he and Tiffi appearing to be jumped for joy as the swamp bubbles.


  • He is the only character who appears in two Reality episodes of identical names.


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