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Bonbon Blitz is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in level 8766.

Bonbon Blitz (colour bomb)


For the list of levels with this element, see here.


  • The bonbon blitz is a blocker that takes between one and four hits to destroy.
  • There are five types of bonbon blitz. Each one corresponds to a different special candy; horizontal striped candy, vertical striped candy, wrapped candy, colour bomb, and jelly fish. Each time you hit the bonbon blitz, it launches the effect of the candy shown on it:
    • Horizontal striped candy: Launches a horizontal blast.
    • Vertical striped candy: Launches a vertical blast.
    • Wrapped candy: Creates a 3×3 explosion around its radius.
    • Colour bomb: Removes one colour from the board.
    • Jelly fish: A jelly fish swims out of the bonbon blitz, then three fish swim onto the board and target candies.
  • The symbols on the bonbon blitz that represent each special candy are identical to those seen on candy cannons.
  • The durability of this blocker is represented by the number of "charges" it has. Each corner represents one charge.
  • A bonbon blitz can only be activated once per move. After it is activated, it is greyed out for the rest of the move and can't be activated again until the next move.
    • If a conveyor belt moves after the bonbon blitz is activated, it is still charged one more time, even if the blocker is greyed out.
  • The bonbon blitz doesn't explode, unlike the magic mixer, but it activates before the blocker disappears.
  • Bonbon blitz can be moved by conveyor belt, as seen in level 8776.
  • Activating a bonbon blitz does not count towards the corresponding candy order. For example, activating a jelly fish bonbon blitz would not count as one jelly fish towards jelly fish order (as opposed to the bobber, where the jelly fish spawned by it do count towards the order).
  • Lucky candies cannot yield bonbon blitz when opened. This can be tested in level 9152 where the level requires ingredients and bonbon blitz by using the lucky candy booster. This may be because there is no "default" bonbon blitz that is required for the order. It's possible this may be changed if orders for specific types of bonbon blitz are introduced.
  • On the move that a bonbon blitz is destroyed, the jelly beneath it will be invincible.

Notable levels[]

  • Level 8766 - First level with bonbon blitz. First level with horizontal striped candy bonbon blitz, and bonbon blitz order. First candy order level with bonbon blitz.
  • Level 8767 - First level with wrapped candy bonbon blitz.
  • Level 8768 - First level with vertical striped candy bonbon blitz. First mixed level with bonbon blitz.
  • Level 8772 - First level with colour bomb bonbon blitz. First jelly level with bonbon blitz.
  • Level 8776 - First level with jelly fish bonbon blitz. First level with bonbon blitz on conveyor belts, and first level with locked bonbon blitz.
  • Level 8784 - First rainbow rapids level with bonbon blitz.
  • Level 8787 - First ingredients level with bonbon blitz. First level with bonbon blitz in sugar chests.
  • Level 8802 - First level with locked bonbon blitz on conveyor belts.
  • Level 8804 - First level with bonbon blitz in marmalade.
  • Level 8812 - First level with bonbon blitz in skull pedestals.
  • Level 8832 - First level with bonbon blitz in order locks.
  • Level 8849 - First level with bonbon blitz in crystals.
  • Level 8874 - First level where bonbon blitz order is required to unlock order locks.
  • Level 8902 - First level where bonbon blitz can be spawned by magic mixers.
  • Level 8994 - First order-ingredients mixed level with bonbon blitz order.
  • Level 9001 - First level with a different colour scheme where bonbon blitz appears.
  • Level 9025 - First jelly-order mixed level with bonbon blitz order.
  • Level 10000 - First five-digit level with bonbon blitz.


  • Bonbon blitz is required for candy orders. It has the order number "35". The order icon is a four-charged bonbon blitz with no special candy inside.
  • This is the first blocker type to take a maximum of four hits to destroy. All other blocker types take one hit, three hits or five hits to destroy. More generally, this is the first blocker type to take a maximum of an even number of hits to destroy as the previous blocker types take a maximum of an odd number of hits to destroy.
  • This blocker uses up more tile map codes than any other blocker. With five types of bonbon blitz and four layers (or "charges") each, there are 20 tile map codes for this blocker:
    • One-charged Colour Bomb: 181, Two-charged Colour Bomb: 183, Three-charged Colour Bomb: 184, Four-charged Colour Bomb: 185
    • One-charged Horizontal Striped Candy: 186, Two-charged Horizontal Striped Candy: 187, Three-charged Horizontal Striped Candy: 188, Four-charged Horizontal Striped Candy: 189
    • One-charged Vertical Striped Candy: 190, Two-charged Vertical Striped Candy: 191, Three-charged Vertical Striped Candy: 192, Four-charged Vertical Striped Candy: 193
    • One-charged Jelly Fish: 194, Two-charged Jelly Fish: 195, Three-charged Jelly Fish: 196, Four-charged Jelly Fish: 197
    • One-charged Wrapped Candy: 198, Two-charged Wrapped Candy: 199, Three-charged Wrapped Candy: 200, Four-charged Wrapped Candy: 201
  • This blocker has the magic mixer codes 35-54 (20 different codes in total), more than any other magic mixer element.
  • Bonbon blitz is the first blocker to be introduced in 2021, and the first order element to be introduced in 2021.
  • This is the only order element to date that can be spawned by magic mixers but can't be spawned by lucky candies.
  • For the first levels that contain a new kind of a bonbon blitz blocker, it doesn't allow starting boosters in the board. Also, the Candy Necklace doesn't affect its win streak. These were:
  • This is currently the last blocker type that can be spawned in any way. The next three blockers can't be spawned due to either taking up more than one space, or the level layout and requirements being set up in such a way that the game would break if they could be spawned.


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