Booster Bot (also known as Build-a-Bot) is one of the events in Candy Crush Saga.

It has the same properties as Space Dash event, the only difference being the design. Like Space Dash, the player can complete levels in succession without losing a life to start each level with boosters. However, the Booster Bot will power up only if the player's current level is completed. It will be COMPLETELY REMOVED if the player loses a life.

  • Sometimes, if the Booster Bot is already at the maximum level, every two more consecutive wins will earn a starting booster (colour bomb, striped and wrapped, or jelly fish) with a duration of 10 minutes.


  • This event usually starts on Fridays at GMT 8:00 am and usually ends on Mondays at GMT 8:00 am. Previously, this event was alternatively available with Space Dash.
    • From mid-June to 7 October 2019, this event started on Mondays at GMT 7:30 am and it ended on the following Monday at GMT 7:30 am. This event was alternatively available with Space Dash.
    • Starting 4 November 2019, this event appears much of the year and it appears almost every day unless the seasonal variant is active.

Appearances by yearEdit

  • 2019: 15 February - 10 June
    ?? June - 7 October
    4 November - 2 December
    30 December 2019 - present

*Before 2019, it appeared only on weekends. Throughout 2019, it has always been in effect for several weeks and months.


  • This event was released in mid-October 2018, initially as a replacement for Magic Dash.
  • The event originally had a duration of 72 hours, but now it lasts indefinitely.
  • On Mondays, players are given a fully charged Booster Bot for free.
  • Starting in March 2020, Booster Bot is limited to the player's current level and completely ignores older levels.
    • Technically, this change isn't entirely new, as it was in effect for four months (early February to early June) in 2019, possibly as a trial period.


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