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Bubblegum Pop 5

The Bubblegum Pop is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in the 437th episode, Apple Abode.


First appearance Latest appearance
Level 6531 Level 6545


  • The bubblegum pop can have up to five layers, like multilayered icing, waffle, and rainbow twist.
  • It can be broken by making matches adjacent to it, or through any special candy's effects reaching the blocker.
  • When all of the layers are removed, it will give a 3x3 blast, equivalent to a wrapped candy explosion.

Notable levels

  • Level 6531 - First appearance in jelly level. One-layered bubblegum pop, three-layered bubblegum pop and five-layered bubblegum pop are introduced.
  • Level 6532 - First appearance in candy order level. Two-layered bubblegum pop are introduced. Also the first level with bubblegum pop on conveyor belts.
  • Level 6534 - First appearance in ingredient level. Four-layered bubblegum pop are introduced.
  • Level 6535 - First appearance in jelly order mixed level.
  • Level 6536 - First level where bubblegum pop is required for the order. Also its first appearance order drop down mixed level, and the first level magic mixers can spawn bubblegum pops.
  • TBA - First appearance in moves level.
  • TBA - First appearance in jelly drop down mixed level.


  • A bubblegum pop with a wrapper means that it has full 5/5 durability. At 4/5 durability it shows a full piece of bubblegum, and as it takes more damage it will crack more, until it reaches 0/5 durability and explodes.
  • Bubblegum pops make up the numbers 159 to 163 in the tile map code.
    • One-layered Bubblegum Pop: 159
    • Two-layered Bubblegum Pop: 160
    • Three-layered Bubblegum Pop: 161
    • Four-layered Bubblegum Pop: 162
    • Five-layered Bubblegum Pop: 163
  • It also appears in Candy Crush Friends Saga. In that game, this is called Fizz. That blocker has exactly the same properties and designs (unreleased version) with bubblegum pop. However in that game, there's a blue variant, which gives an X-shaped blast, whose range is 5x5.
  • Bubblegum Pop layers have the order number '32'.
  • The order icon is the appearance of four-layered bubblegum pop.
  • This is one of the beneficial blockers, since it explodes and damages other blockers when destroyed. Other ones include Popcorn (gives colour bomb when eliminated), Bobber (emits jelly fish when hit by a special candy effect) and Magic Mixer (makes a 5x5 explosion when destroyed and spawns blockers that are part of an order).
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