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This article is about the booster. For the character, see Bubblegum Troll (character).
Booster bubblegum troll

Bubblegum Troll is a booster in Candy Crush Saga, exclusive to the Flash version, that debuts in level 156. When used, all the chocolate and locked chocolate is blown away, and it covers the chocolate spawners in bubblegum, preventing the chocolate from spawning for 5 moves. This is only usable in levels with chocolate spawners. Its appearance is a bubblegum monster, hence the name. It is also named after the character.


Bubblegum Troll booster description

Mouse-over text on Bubblegum Troll booster

Old description: Unleash the Bubblegum Troll to remove all the chocolate and put a stop to the evil chocolate spawners!
Current description: Removes all chocolate and stop the chocolate spawners for 5 moves. Use now!


  • This is a booster that you can not get from the daily booster wheel.
  • This booster is also a reference to a character that be first seen in Bubblegum Bridge, the Bubblegum Troll.
  • Sometimes, the game will offer this booster to you, even if you are stuck on a level where there's no way to get a chocolate spawner.
  • This is the last booster you can unlock.
  • This booster only appears if there is the chocolate spawner.
  • For some reason, this booster, along with Sweet Teeth, appear in the background of Candy Column, even though they are not available on mobile version.
  • In Candy Crush Soda Saga, this booster appears as a level type in which the player has to clear all the bubblegum to pass the level.
  • Although the Bubblegum Troll character is an antagonist, the booster based on him helps you complete levels.
  • Currently, this booster isn't available on HTML5 version. However, its splash texts can appear in the loading screen when opening on mobile device.


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