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This page is about the character. For the booster, see Bubblegum Troll (booster).
The Bubblegum Troll knows everything
about the Candy Kingdom.

—Splash text

Bubblegum Troll
Gender Male
First appearance Bubblegum-Bridge.png
Problem N/A
Solution N/A
Full list of appearances Major appearances (Reality):
Lollipop Land
Colorful Celebration Minor appearances (Reality):
Butterscotch Boulders

Bubblegum Troll is one of the more prevalent characters in Candy Crush Saga. His first and main appearance is on level 81 in the 7th episode called Bubblegum Bridge. He makes several appearances in 12 other episodes, too.

He also appears in the Up for a challenge event and an April Fool's Day (2020) episode, Bubblegum Hill.


He has a light pinkish-coloured body with a gold or grey pin for his arms. He resembles a stretched piece of bubblegum as he has a stretched rear area.

Web description[]

No Candy Kingdom would be complete without a cheeky troublesome troll. Over the Easter Bunny Hills, lurking under the Bubblegum Bridge, you will find the naughty Bubblegum Troll!
He’s a cheeky little guy and always looking to try and sabotage Tiffi’s helpful deeds for her friends.
Though he’s mischievous, he’s quite kind really, so the people of Candy Kingdom love him. Sometimes he can be useful in tricky situations.


Bubblegum Bridge[]

The Bubblegum Troll appears for the first time in the 7th episode. He hides under the Bubblegum Bridge. When Tiffi approaches, he jumps out and threatens to take her candy. Tiffi must complete his challenges - which she does. After completing level 95, however, the Bubblegum Troll takes her bag of candy anyway. Fortunately, Tiffi is able to escape and continue over the bridge, while the Bubblegum Troll goes back into hiding.

Peppermint Palace[]

By the time Tiffi visits the 9th episode, Peppermint Palace, starting at level 111, the Bubblegum Troll has already wrecked the palace and left it in ruins, rendering Genie Jellybeanie completely upset. The Troll is never seen in person in this episode, but Genie Jellybeanie, while frowning, has a thought bubble that contains the Troll's image. Genie Jellybeanie even alludes to him in his lament, "I wish that terrible troll never showed up." Tiffi eventually fixes the Palace and foils the Bubblegum Troll's plans.

Sweet Surprise[]

The Bubblegum Troll is seen at the end of the 15th episode, Sweet Surprise episode after completing level 215. He is the last one to appear and makes his grand entry by popping out of the top of the cake. It is odd that he would take part in the celebration since he is considered an antagonist, albeit obviously having a friendlier side. But what is on the evil side, is the appearance of him. He appears above the cake, therefore destroying a part of the cake. Olivia shouts "Get him!" and he goes to hiding again.

Pudding Pagoda[]

In the 26th episode, Pudding Pagoda, Tiffi encounters Gumzilla (aka Bubblegum Troll) terrorizing Neko and the pagoda itself. After completing level 380, Gumzilla reverts to his original Troll form and has a pretzel katana fight with Tiffi, who wins. He swears his revenge and disappears, once again evading permanent defeat.

Butterscotch Boulders[]

In the 31st episode, the Bubblegum Troll strikes again in the 31st episode, Butterscotch Boulders, blocking the railroad tracks of the Casey, the train driver with a bunch of chocolate and leaving. Tiffi licks a lollipop and leaves the train driver to sleep a whole day. The next day, the train driver discovers that the sun has melted the chocolate, but the Bubblegum Troll had already escaped before Tiffi got there.

Biscuit Bungalow[]

The Bubblegum Troll strikes once more in the 39th episode, Biscuit Bungalow. He encases Pete's bungalow with a huge bubble of pink bubblegum, whilst Pete is out of the house. Tiffi is able to undo his work with the help of Misty who with her horn pops the bubblegum bubble. However, the Bubblegum Troll has already escaped before she gets there.

Marshmallow Mountains[]

The Bubblegum Troll strikes again in the 50th episode, Marshmallow Mountains. He sticks Jimmy, the goat, on a bridge with some Bubblegum. Tiffi puts on a Viking hat, and rams the goat with it, freeing him from the bubblegum. However, the Bubblegum Troll goes back into hiding.

Nougat Noir[]

In the 57th episode, Doxen Cooper and Tiffi investigate a robbery in a bank. Above the Bubblegum Troll is a bag full of gold. Tiffi shines a flashlight on him, causing him to escape and drop the bag in a state of panic.

Plays of World Twelve and World Thirteen (Flash)[]

He makes a cameo appearance in the story arcs representing Worlds Twelve and Thirteen. He is one of the 4 characters to appear in the audience. The three other characters are Denize, Mr. Yeti, and Mr. Toffee, from left to right.

Diamond District[]

In the 86th episode, the Bubblegum Troll has probably stolen candy somewhere in this district and is escaping while dropping pieces of candy. Dozen Cooper and Tiffi are investigating the dropped candy pieces.

Peppermint Party[]

In the 95th episode, instead of doing something bad, he is among the people counting for New Year.

Toffee Teasprings[]

In the 108th episode, he had been dirty during his travel, and Tiffi gives him a good scrubbing at the Toffee Teasprings.

Bubblegum Bazaar[]

In the 134th episode, he saw the bead with a level design along with Tiffi and Mr. Yeti. He tells them the real truth of what's happening after level 2000, which is nothing much!

Delectable Dominion[]

In the 190th episode, he is sad because he's running out of bubblegum. Tiffi brings more and is allowed to enter his kingdom.


Crazy Crossing[]

In the 7th Dreamworld episode, Crazy Crossing, the Bubblegum Troll makes a cameo in Crazy Crossing. This time, it is Tiffi who is stealing the candies from him.

Sweet Dreams[]

In the 15th Dreamworld episode, Sweet Dreams, the Bubblegum Troll makes another cameo in Sweet Dreams. This time, it is Odus who appears on top of the cake.

Candy Kaiju[]

In the 26th Dreamworld episode, Candy Kaiju, the Bubblegum Troll makes his third cameo in Candy Kaiju. This time, instead of him invading the Pagoda, it is Tiffi in the "Gumzilla" costume.

Starlight Station[]

In the 31st Dreamworld episode, Starlight Station, the Bubblegum Troll makes his fourth cameo in Starlight Station. This time, Tiffi throws chocolate at him, and he wears the Train Driver's hat.


  • After the release of the Peppermint Party but before Scrumptious Studio, he appeared on the "Hard Level" screen. He laughed whenever a player was going to challenge or fail a hard level, but became surprised if the player beat the level. However, on HTML5, when a player fails, Tiffi just cries with her armour on.


  • He loves playing pranks on everyone. However, he is still a well-loved character in the Kingdom, as he is only intending to cause amusement.
  • He hates being out in the rain.
  • He knows everything about the Candy Kingdom.
  • In his first three appearances in Dreamworld, he is never seen without a sailor hat on his head. However, he wears Casey's hat in Starlight Station.
  • As for the Peppermint Palace cutscene he is seen without his "gray/gold hand holders".
  • He is not found anywhere between Nougat Noir and Diamond District.
  • He is one of the characters to have appeared in Candy Crush Soda Saga.
  • He is also a playable character in Candy Crush Friends Saga.
  • He is the first character in an episode who does not have a problem.
  • He became the character of the year in 2016.
  • He also appeared collecting candies, similar to Dexter's Delight.
  • He is the first character which is only exclusive on the HTML5 version in Delectable Dominion.


MAC = Mascot Award Ceremony (See more about the ceremony here)