For the indestructible candy cane, see Candy Cane Fence.
Three-layered Candy Cane Curls

Three-layered Candy Cane Curls

Candy Cane Curls are one of the blockers in Candy Crush Saga. It first appears in the 274th episode, Curly Court, with the first level featuring the blocker being level 4086.

They are the same as candy cane fences, as they also are linked together to protect candies and blockers within their radius, but the difference is that the candy cane curls can be destroyed.


First appearance Latest appearance
Level 4086 Level 7595

For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


  • The candy cane curls are a variant of the candy cane fence.
  • The candy cane curls can be destroyed by general and special candy.
  • There are three layers of curls; orange, purple and green.
  • Like as candy cane fence, the candy cane curls also prevent by moving each other.

Liquorice CurlEdit

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Notable levelsEdit


  • Just like dark chocolate, this is a blocker that is a variant of an already existing blocker and can have up to three layers.
  • The three colours that make up this blocker are all secondary colours.
  • The outline of this blocker is purple instead of red (seen on candy cane fences).
  • Candy cane curls make up the numbers 109 to 120 in the tilemap code. There are twelve types of candy cane curls, according to the code.
    • one-layered up: 109, one-layered down: 110, one-layered left: 111, one-layered right: 112
    • two-layered up: 113, two-layered down: 114, two-layered left: 115, two-layered right: 116
    • three-layered up: 117, three-layered down: 118, three-layered left: 119 and three-layered right: 120
  • Candy cane curls have the order number "27". The order icon is a horizontal three-layered candy cane curl.
  • Candy cane curls can block rainbow rapids, as seen in level 7127.


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