Kingdom's History Scroll

Candy Chronicles is a feature in Candy Crush Saga.

The player needs to collect eight kingdom's history scrolls to earn a sweet discount. In order to get the sweet discount, the player must pay $3.99. More kingdom's history scrolls can be added whenever the player completes hexagon levels and earns stars. This event is repeatable.

Before 1.151 or 1.152, player only need to collect four kingdom's history scrolls instead of eight.

Don't suggust for wasting money to buy Sweet Discount. By the way, it is better than piggy bank.

Sweet DiscountEdit

When the player finished collecting kingdom's history scrolls, it will give a sweet discount package for buying gold bars and boosters.

Sweet Discount Picture Transparency

Gold Bars

  • Goldbar x20 (Before 1.1xx is 30.)


  • Booster free switch x2
  • Booster jelly fish x2
  • Booster lollipop hammer x2
  • Booster coconut wheel x2
  • Booster lucky candy x2
  • Booster striped and wrapped 1h infinite
  • Booster color bomb 1h infinite

How it works!Edit

Level Type Kingdom's History Scrolls
Hard levels Kingdom's History Scroll: ×1
Super Hard levels Kingdom's History Scroll: ×2
Nightmarishly Hard levels Kingdom's History Scroll: ×3



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