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Not to be confused with the original Candy Crush game.
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga 1.183 icon
Developer King
Publisher King
Platforms Facebook
Windows Phone
Windows 10
Type Match-3
Released Web version - 12 April 2012
Mobile version - 14 November 2012
Current version Windows 10 version - 1.281
Web versionMobile version - 1.281
Length (in levels) Windows 10 version - 17180
Web versionMobile version - 17090
Status Active
Website Official website:
Fanpage: CandyCrushSaga

Candy Crush Saga, often referred to as Candy Crush, is a match-3 video game developed by King (also known as It was publicly released on 12 April 2012 on Facebook and on 14 November 2012 on mobile (iOS and Android) devices.[1] It's the Saga version to the original Candy Crush game (2011).

This game has broken numerous popularity records, and consistently topped in the app leaderboards. In March 2013, Candy Crush Saga surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, with a record-breaking 405.6 million average monthly users.[2][3] The game is available on both iPhone and Android. It has 3 spinoffs, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Friends Saga.

There are two different editions to the game: Flash and HTML5 (aka mobile or app). These editions differed considerably in game mechanics and appearance. The Facebook platform used Adobe Flash from its initial release in 2012 until 2017. The website version consistently used Flash until September 2020, not long before Flash itself reached EOL.

Currently, all platforms of the game use HTML5, based on the mobile version.

Official Description[]

Game Description[]

Play Candy Crush Saga and switch and match your way through hundreds of levels in this divine puzzle adventure. Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee on their epic journey in an online game full of delicious treats! Ain't it the sweetest game ever?

Join Mr. Toffee and Tiffi on an exciting journey through the sweet and colourful world of Candy Crush in this fun candy switcher!

Flash Description (How to Play)[]

Mix and match sweets in a combination of three or more to gain points and other bonuses as you progress! When three or more candies of the same color are switched next to each other they will burst and you will win points. The aim is to gain as many points as possible to achieve 1, 2 or 3 stars!

Flash Description (Story)[]

Candy Crush Saga is set in the magically tasty world of the Candy Kingdom. It is here we meet our quirky yet extremely knowledgeable guide Mr. Toffee who runs the Candy Store in Candy Town.

One magical day in Candy Town, Mr. Toffee opened his delicious store to find a little candy bag had been left on his doorstep. To his delight, inside the bag he found a little bundle of sweetness called Tiffi, so he took her in and brought her up as his daughter.
Tiffi is a humble girl and has lots of friends in Candy Town but is eager to explore more of the mesmerizing kingdom. Under the watchful gaze of Mr. Toffee and alongside her great friend Yeti, she sets out to explore the Candy Kingdom.

Her magical adventures take her to all sorts of wondrous places; the pretty Peppermint Palace, the lickable Lemonade Lake and the gorgeous Gingerbread to name just a few.
Along the way she stops to help some quirky characters and meets some even kookier animals, not to mention the mischievous Bubble-Gum Troll, who is intent on causing havoc in the Candy Kingdom!

Follow Tiffi and her friends through delicious lands in your very own Candy Crush Saga.


Screenshot 2015-11-02-11-34-16

Level 4 of Candy Crush Saga in 2015

The game is a variation of "match-3" games, such as Bejeweled. Each level has a different shaped grid filled with candies of two to six different colours (yellow, red, purple, blue, orange, and green) and often obstacles (better known as blockers). The basic move of the game consists of swapping the positions of two candies to align sets of three of the same colour, whereupon they disappear, causing candies above them to collapse into the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level's objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves.


The game consists of thousands of levels laid on a pathway on the map. The overall goal of the game is linear; players must pass previous levels to get access to later levels on the north end of the map.

Levels are organised into "Episodes" of 15 levels each, except for the first two episodes, Candy Town and Candy Factory, at ten each. Each episode has a background themed to a certain setting.

The episodes are organised into "Worlds" of 5 episodes each on HTML5 (6 episodes for Flash Worlds 1-10 + Worlds 1-7 in Dreamworld; 3 episodes for Flash Worlds 11-53 + World 8 in Dreamworld).

Various events are offered throughout the game, providing side quests and tournaments to enhance replay value and granting boosters to provide players a tactical advantage.

Level Types[]


Level 135 (a candy order level) in 2016

Each level has an associated type, characterized by specific objectives. There are currently four different types of levels playable:

  • Jelly levels: Introduced at level 8, the player is given a set number of moves and must meet the minimum score before running out of moves and destroy all jelly-filled spaces by making a move with the candy above it. If finished with extra moves, jelly fish will appear and eat the candy (1 move = 3 jelly fish), earning the player 1,020 points each for the fish.
  • Ingredients levels: Introduced at level 17, a special unmatchable game piece called gummi dragon (formerly known as the ingredients cherry and hazelnut) appears on the board and the player must clear the pieces beneath them to get them to a delivery point using a set number of moves and get the minimum score before running out of moves. A menu appears on the screen to tell the player how many gummi dragons are needed to win the game. If finished with extra moves, random candies will become either vertical or horizontal striped candy and activates them. [1 move = 1 striped candy (1 striped candy = 3,000 points)]
  • Candy Order levels: Introduced at level 1, the player must collect a specific number of coloured candies, special candies, or special candy combinations using a set number of moves and at least get 1 star. If finished with extra moves, random candies will become either vertical or horizontal striped candy and activates them. [1 move = 1 striped candy (1 striped candy = 3,000 points)]
  • Rainbow Rapids levels: A new level type introduced only at level 7116, the player must lead the rainbow rapids from the rainbow cannons to the mold. If finished with extra moves, random candies will become either vertical or horizontal striped candy and activates them. [1 move = 1 striped candy (1 striped candy = 3,000 points)]

Levels may incorporate objectives from more than one level type.

Two classic level types, where score is the only target, were both removed from the game:

  • Moves levels: The first level, the player is given a set number of moves and must meet the minimum score before running out of moves. The first 5 moves levels are also the first 5 levels in the game. Formerly introduced in level 1. This level type was removed in 2021.
  • Timed levels: The player must reach the 1-star score within a set time limit. Special pieces (+5 candies that give additional 5 seconds) appear on the board to add time to the clock. If there are still +5 candies, they will explode like a wrapped candy but if a special candy hit the +5 candy, they will disappear without exploding. Formerly introduced in level 18 (2017-2018) and level 20 (2012-2017). This level type was removed in 2018.

If the player succeeds in reaching the goal in the jelly, ingredients, candy order or rainbow rapids levels, the game does a "Sugar Crush", starting an automatic bonus round where the player's remaining moves are used to increase the score through creating various special candies on the board (except moves levels). If the player doesn't meet the goal of a level, a life is deducted. The player is given a default number of five lives, with each life restored after half an hour. The player has the option of asking friends for more lives, using gold to restore lives, or buying a special item that expands the number of lives the player has by default.


Special candy new

Types of Special Candy

Special candies are created when combinations of four or more candies of the same colour are made.

  • When four same-coloured candies are matched in a row, a striped candy is created. The orientation of the stripes depends on the way the four candies were aligned. When the striped candy itself is matched, it clears all of the candies in either a horizontal or vertical direction.
  • When five same-coloured candies are matched in either an L, T, or a + shape formation, a wrapped candy is created. When this candy is matched, it explodes twice in a row, clearing a 3 by 3 box around itself each time.
  • When five same-coloured candies are matched in a single line, a colour bomb is created. When this candy is swapped with any other candy, all candies of that colour are removed from the board.
  • When a striped candy and wrapped candy (of any colour) are swapped, a giant 3 by 3 striped candy is created. Upon creation, it moves in a horizontal direction and then in a vertical direction, clearing 3 rows and then 3 columns of candies.
  • When a colour bomb and striped candy are swapped, all candies of the same colour as the striped one are, in turn, converted into striped candies, which detonate all at once.
  • When a colour bomb and a wrapped candy are swapped, all candies of the same colour as the wrapped one are, in turn, converted into wrapped candies, which detonate all at once.
  • When two striped candies are swapped (even if their stripes have the same direction), it clears a column and a row of candies.
  • When two wrapped candies are swapped, the blast radius is doubled to form a 5 by 5 box around it, or a 3 by 3 box per candy if separated before the second blast.
  • When two colour bombs are swapped, any tile that currently has candy on it will be cleared.
  • Jelly Fish can also appear (or be purchased), and if they are matched, they clear 3 candies at random from the board.

Other various "boosters" can be purchased, such as the lollipop hammer, which can clear one candy from the board, or the increased moves boosters.

Blockers also appear in levels and act as obstacles. These include the unmatchable and resistant-to-special candies liquorice swirls, the expanding chocolate, the candy bombs that end the game if they are not cleared before their move count runs out, and the frosting that require multiple matches to eliminate. The board may also contain liquorice locks and marmalade, which hold candies in "cages" that cannot be moved; said candies cannot be moved until they are matched.


Date Nature Notes
12 April 2012 Lifecycle The game is officially released.
12 July 2012 Feature Candy Order levels are introduced.
27 September 2012 Lifecycle Candy Crush Saga is softlaunched with the 1.01 version in iOS devices with 4 episodes: Candy Town, Candy Factory, Lemonade Lake and Chocolate Mountains.
19 October 2012 Lifecycle Candy Crush Saga arrives in Romania, Spain and Sweden on iOS devices with the 1.02 version, adding 2 new episodes: Lollipop Forest and Easter Bunny Hills.
14 November 2012 Lifecycle The game is released globally on mobile devices. (iOS and Android)
19 September 2013 Feature The game now supports its premium currency, Gold. This replaced Facebook Credits and real-life purchases in the Shop.
27 November 2013 Event The Booster Wheel is released. This is the first renewable method of obtaining Boosters.
27 November 2013 Feature Dreamworld version is released (for Flash players).
10 December 2013 Feature Dreamworld version is released for mobile players.
26 March 2014 Lifecycle King has completed its IPO, listed as KING on the New York Stock Exchange.
30 July 2014 Milestone The 1000th level in the whole game is released.
11 March 2015 Milestone The 100th episode in the whole game is released.
6 May 2015 -
3 June 2015
Unfavorable The 45th and final episode of Dreamworld version, Dozy Dawn is released.
10 June 2015 Milestone The 1000th level in Reality, which is the fifth level in Caramel Keep, is released.
15 August 2015 Event The first recurring event, Tasty Treasure, provided a limited-time offer of boosters. More events followed at ever-higher frequencies, amounts, and potential rewards over the years.
20 January 2016 Milestone The 100th episode, Delicious Dynasty, is released. Level 1476 specifically commemorates this episode.
27 April 2016 Feature Mixed levels are introduced.
14 September 2016 Milestone, Event The 2000th level in Reality, which is the fifteenth and last level in Bubblegum Bazaar, is released.
8 February 2017 Milestone The 200th episode in the whole game is released.
3 March 2017 Transition It is announced on King Care that the web version (Flash) will be converted into HTML5.[4]
17 May 2017 Unfavorable Total removal of Dreamworld shortly before the release of Watermelon Waves that day.
28 June 2017 Transition The HTML5 version of the game rolls out for all Facebook users.[5] A few days later, some Facebook users reverted to Flash, likely due to mostly negative responses.
c. August 2017 Map App versions of the game, later designated as the HTML5 version, received a map revamp. The map is now in 3D perspective.
3 October 2017 Transition In an article posted on King Care, the developers announce that there will be no further levels after episode 189 for Flash users.[6]
4 October 2017 Transition The 189th and final episode on Flash version, Peppermint Portal, is released.
11 October 2017 Transition The first HTML5-exclusive episode, Delectable Dominion, is released.
11 October 2017 -
2 May 2018
Redesign Level 18 becames an almost exact replica of Level 20, the first Timed level. Few other timed levels became converted into other types, mostly Moves levels. This is the first sign of the eventual extinction of this level type.
6 December 2017 Milestone Festive Fiesta, the 200th episode, is released.
13 December 2017 Transition The 3000th level, which is the tenth level in Bonbon Bash, is released.
2 February 2018 Backward Support It is announced that devices with software versions older than iOS 8 or Android 4.1 will not receive any more updates after version 1.117.[7]
7 March 2018 Redesign Level 252, the most famous timed level, becomes a moves level. Jelly Time levels were converted into pure Jelly levels. Timed levels are endangered at that point, though Flash is spared from most of its effects from this wave and onwards.
2 May 2018 Redesign Timed levels are extinct HTML5 upon the release of Syrup Sea. They can only be played on Flash, which already ceased receiving updates.
7 November 2018 Milestone The 4000th level, which is the fifth level in Donut Disco, is released.
21 November 2018 Lifecycle The beginning of 2 new episodes being released every week.
27 February 2019 Milestone The 300th episode, Lucky Lawn, is released.
12 June 2019 -
31 August 2021
Redesign Moves levels now activate Sugar Crush immediately when the player reaches a target score for the first time, effectively nerfing all of them. They are gradually relegated in importance, starting with sudden cessation of new Moves levels after Level 6822, endangerment, and eventually extinction.
26 June 2019 Milestone, Event The 5000th level, which is the fifteenth and last level in Fancy Festival, is released.
2 October 2019 Lifecycle The beginning of 3 new episodes being released every week.
4 December 2019 Milestones The 6000th level, which is the tenth level in Soda Soiree, is released, along with the 400th episode, Wintry Workshop.
5 December 2019 Unfavorable The option to reset a level without losing a life is removed.
12 February 2020 Map

First denormal episode released. From here on all subsequent episodes reuse the story and textures of previous episodes, all in exact relative order. More specifically, the denormal episode uses the story and texture of the episode 382 steps prior.

This trend eventually culminated into the hoax of April Fools 2020.

30 March 2020 Removal Sugar drops are discontinued and removed from HTML5.
01 Apr 2020 Event, Unfavorable

April Fools 2020 events are applied to players. Players were granted a very long Live Forever to raise awareness of the coronavirus.

However, some players noticed their map has been altered and assumed that is the hoax. Almost all episode maps are removed from the game and replaced by a 10-episode loop map which was intended for April Fool's Day 2020.

6 May 2020 Milestone The 7000th level, which is the fifth level in Creator's Crib, is released. It commemorates Seb, a level designer who passed away some time in April.
27 May 2020 Feature Rainbow Rapids levels, a new level type, are introduced.
8 July 2020 Unfavorable The altered maps were progressively applied to more players between the 1 April 2020 to this time, until altered maps were officially applied for all players. The texture files for normal episodes have been removed, confirming definitively that this hoax is in fact real, and is likely to last for the remainder of the game.

The impact of altered maps resulted in updates of game-wide and wiki-wide magnitude.

22 July 2020 Milestone The 500th episode, Soda Sea, is released. Due to the April Fool's Day (2020) loop, all subsequent episode milestones are to share said name.
14 September 2020 Transition The classic version of Candy Crush Saga is removed completely from the King website and replaced with the HTML5 version. Timed levels, which were playable on Flash, are now strictly gone.
September 24, 2020 Redesign A major and mostly negative change to the scoring formula reduced the point values of Colour Bombs and Candy Bombs. This greatly increased the difficulty of Moves levels until they all received a reduction in target score. Moves levels were already endangered at that point, with many existing moves levels being converted to other types in waves.
7 October 2020 Milestone The 8000th level, which is the fifteenth and last level in Episode 534, is released.
7 December 2020 -
Redesign, Ongoing A mass redesign was applied to entire ranges of levels, completely changing the design of the levels in the now-altered episodes. The first wave affected the first 200 levels in the first 14 episodes save those in the trivial two. More waves were eventually established, resulting in a new tutorial, more episodes completely remade, and the earlier official introduction of secondary elements.

As of now, the mass redesign has affected the first 590 levels in the first 40 episodes. The next wave, affecting the next 14 episodes, means that some players will see the mass redesign reach out to the first 800 levels in the first 54 episodes.

31 December 2020 Transition The Flash version of the game is removed (since Flash is no longer supported from that date on).
10 March 2021 Milestone The 9000th level, which is the tenth level in Episode 601, is released.
11 August 2021 Major Milestone The 10000th level, which the fifth level in the 668th episode, is released!

The said episode, Milestone Meadow, is exempt from alteration.

31 August 2021 Redesign Moves levels are now extinct.
5 January 2022 Milestone The 11000th level, which is the fifteenth and last level in Episode 734, is released.
31 March 2022 Lifecycle The website version of Candy Crush Saga is discontinued, along with all other games of said website. This was preceded by official statements regarding the removal two months prior.[8][9]
16 May 2022 Backward Support Candy Crush Saga no longer supports software versions older than iOS 9 and Android 4, following an announcement on April 26.[10]
8 June 2022 Milestone The 800th episode is released, along with the 12000th level, which is the tenth level in Episode 801.
29 September 2022 Redesign All levels with hazelnuts were redesigned to only have cherries, thereby making the ingredient extinct, as well as confirming a theory that had been circulating for nearly two years: hazelnuts would be removed due to their redundancy with cherries.
Nov 2022 Major Milestone Candy Crush Saga celebrates the 10th anniversary, via a competition named Candy Cup.
16 Nov 2022 Milestone The 13000th level which is the fifth level in Episode 868 is released
25 January 2023 Milestone Episode 900 is released
12 April 2023 Milestone The 14000th level, which is the fifteenth and last level of Episode 934, is released
13 September 2023 Milestone Episode 1000 is released, along with the 15000th level, which is the tenth level in Episode 1001
17 January 2024 Milestone The 16000th level, which is the fifth of Episode 1068, is released
19 June 2024 Milestone The 17000th level, which is the fifteenth and last level of Episode 1134, is released


  • The game had over ten million downloads in December 2012.
  • Candy Crush Saga is popular on Facebook having more than 70 million likes on the application page. It is the most popular app on Facebook and one of the highest-grossing apps in the Apple and Google app stores.[11]
  • The game makes a cameo in Psy's music video "Gentleman".[12]
  • Candy Crush Saga has received particular attention in the Hong Kong media, with reports that one in

    It appears at 0:34.

    seven Hong Kongers played the game in 2013,[13] that a city bus driver was spotted playing the game while working,[14] that it may improve or hinder interpersonal relationships,[15] cause neck strain due to improper posture while playing the game,[16] or even cause anxiety in those who cannot pass a certain level.[17]


Year Award Result
2013 Google Play Editor's Choice Won
2013 Google Play Player's Choice Award Nominated
2013 International Mobile Gaming Award (for Best Social Game) Won
2015 Kids' Choice Award (for Most Addicting Game) Nominated
2016 People's Choice Award (for Favorite Mobile Game) Won


Candy Crush gameshow CBS

"With over 1 trillion levels played, Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Now it's the largest television experience ever! Where teams will climb, swing and match candies as fast as they can, swiping away the competition! Throughout the night, teams will compete in qualifying rounds, the winner of each round will have the advantage of choosing which of the four king sized challenges they'd like to play! And in the end, the 2 teams with the most matches will face off for a chance to win $100,000! Hold on for the ride of your life!" ANNOUNCER: "Now here's your host, Mario Lopez!" DEEP MALE VOICE: "Sweet!"

CBS produced a live-action Candy Crush game show in partnership with King that aired from July 9 to September 2, 2017.[18] It is an hour-long competition among several two-person teams using interactive games that are based on Candy Crush. The show was produced by Lionsgate with executive producer Matt Kunitz, and with collaboration by Sebastian Knutsson, the creative developer of the first Candy Crush game.[19] Mario Lopez hosts the show.[20]

Four teams play in each episode doing various challenges based on the Candy Crush game, with the winning team earning a guaranteed $100,000.

This show received negative reception, and was cancelled after the first season.


Tiffi videorecord
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  • The map on Candy Crush Saga is meant to resemble the classic board game Candy Land.
  • In the Flash version, all characters were made of cardboard and were controlled.
  • In the Nickelodeon television series, Sam & Cat, the episode Brain Crush could be a reference to Candy Crush Saga.
  • Candy Crush Saga was seen in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.
  • On handheld mobile devices, the game could be played in portrait or landscape mode. However, on March 29, 2024, it is no longer possible to play in landscape mode.[21]