[02:40] <LordOtherGuest> wassup primetime
[03:43] <LordOtherGuest> hi edwin
[03:43] <LordOtherGuest> welcome to dead chat
[04:48] <3primetime3> Heyy Courte.
[04:48] <3primetime3> LOL I've been here for two hours and forgot...
[04:54] <Courtemanche437> Wow XD 
[04:54] <3primetime3> XD 
[04:54] <Courtemanche437> And it's just you and me too :P 
[04:54] <Courtemanche437> Well, except for DCG's bot but it's always on and never does anything :/ 
[04:56] <3primetime3> LOL
[04:56] <3primetime3> I've tried PMing it once.
[04:56] <3primetime3> Nothing happened :P 
[04:56] <3primetime3> I don't like the chat logs.
[04:56] <3primetime3> It records EVERYTHING you say.
[04:57] <Courtemanche437> EVERYTHING 
[04:58] <3primetime3> It's a little annoying.
[04:58] <3primetime3> I kinda want to get rid of it.
[04:58] <3primetime3> In general.
[04:58] <Courtemanche437> Start a consensus then, since that's pretty much how everything has been settled for the last year and a half or so 
[04:59] <3primetime3> But everyone agreed on the bot lol.
[04:59] <3primetime3> What makes you think they won't now :P 
[04:59] <Courtemanche437> IDK lol
[05:00] <3primetime3> I think I finished the upcoming episode lol.
[05:00] <3primetime3> Rose can do pretty everything else and it's set.
[05:00] <3primetime3> 
[05:02] <Courtemanche437> I used to not like Rose :/ 
[05:02] <Courtemanche437> But then I got over why I had those feelings towards him and now we're friends.
[05:02] <3primetime3> :) 
[05:02] <3primetime3> Rose has changed for the much better now. XD 
[05:03] <Courtemanche437> Agreed.
[05:03] <3primetime3> I'm glad everything works out.
[05:03] <3primetime3> Everyone changes.
[05:03] <3primetime3> I'm sure I changed a lot too actually XD 
[05:03] <Courtemanche437> Before, I remember he was like, "Oh, I have 50,000 edits. HA!" 
[05:03] <Courtemanche437> Now he's less egoistic I think
[05:04] <3primetime3> LOL - edit counts look cool on a profile. But even if he edits a lot, he did standardize pretty much everything on levels pages. Look at the levels pages before Rose came - they were a mess! :P 
[05:04] <Courtemanche437> True XD 
[05:05] <Courtemanche437> Meanwhile, I'm still in the run for 3,000 and it's already been 51 weeks since I hit 2,000 :/ 
[05:05] <3primetime3> It's a matter of consistency.
[05:06] <3primetime3> Once you learn grammar and how the wiki pages are formatted, you'll notice there are mistakes everywhere lol.
[05:07] <Courtemanche437> True. Between 1,000 and 2,000 I was pretty consistent. And then after 2,000 I REALLY picked up. But at about 2,5~600 I crashburned and wasn't really active anymore :/ 
[05:07] <3primetime3> :/ 
[05:07] <3primetime3> That could always start up again.
[05:07] <3primetime3> You know I had a hiatus somewhere in the middle, but I came back.
[05:07] <3primetime3> That was because I was sick for a long time.
[05:08] <Courtemanche437> That actually kinda did happen to me early this year, where I went on hiatus. At that point I just felt like I was so done with the wiki, but then I came back recently.
[05:09] <3primetime3> Same here. A break is all one needs XD 
[05:09] <3primetime3> You'll notice that there's a lot of stuff that needs editing.
[05:09] <3primetime3> The wiki could use your help too.
[05:10] <Courtemanche437> I wonder where the most issues are present
[05:10] <3primetime3> When the newest episode comes out, Rose and I get around 500 edits each XD 
[05:10] <Courtemanche437> Wow
[05:10] <3primetime3> And they come out today.
[05:10] <3primetime3> I just formatted the levels about to come out.
[05:11] <3primetime3> But a lot of pages then have a lot of missing and wrong stuff.
[05:11] <Courtemanche437> Well, that's what happens when we try to reveal like, leaked content :P 
[05:12] <3primetime3> Actually that eliminates mistakes because it stops the rush.
[05:12] <3primetime3> It's the earlier pages that have the mistakes, not when we leaked them.
[05:12] <Courtemanche437> Hmm...
[05:13] <3primetime3> But edits always come up.
[05:13] <3primetime3> Recently, all evil spawners got changed to magic mixers. That was a lot of edits.
[05:15] <3primetime3> For example here: level 795. Sugar keys go above wrapped candies, if you want to fix that :) 
[05:16] <Courtemanche437> In the strategy?
[05:16] <3primetime3> In the categories.
[05:16] <3primetime3> Level 791, the elements info should say "liquorice swirl spawn" and "liquorice swirl max".
[05:17] <3primetime3> There are a lot of edits out there. You just need to hunt for them XD 
[05:17] <3primetime3> I'll give those first two for you.
[05:17] <Courtemanche437> I'll take these two. Thank you XD 
[05:18] <Courtemanche437> I don't know what the numbers should be though.
[05:18] <3primetime3> The numbers are right.
[05:18] <3primetime3> Take out the extra spaces so there is one space before and after the equal sign with the "largest length" param.
[05:19] <Courtemanche437> There are no numbers in the table though.
[05:19] <3primetime3> That's the problem. The param is wrong.
[05:19] <3primetime3> Edit the page and change the two.
[05:19] <3primetime3> liquorice spawn -> liquorice swirl spawn.
[05:19] <3primetime3> liquorice max -> liquorice swirl max.
[05:19] <Courtemanche437> Done. :D 
[05:20] <3primetime3> [[Level 791?action=edit]]
[05:20] <3primetime3> But see how the equal signs do not line up?
[05:20] <3primetime3> And liquorice max should be liquorice swirl max.
[05:21] <Courtemanche437> There we go.
[05:21] <3primetime3> And now remove two spaces between both params.
[05:21] <3primetime3> Right now, it's:
[05:21] <3primetime3> | liquorice swirl spawn = 3
[05:22] <3primetime3> There are too many spaces there.
[05:22] <Courtemanche437> Is that better? 
[05:23] <3primetime3> LOL - you did too much XD 
[05:23] <3primetime3> Should I fix it?
[05:23] <3primetime3> There is a space between the | and liquorice.
[05:23] <Courtemanche437> Yes, because IDK how you want it XD 
[05:23] <3primetime3> There.
[05:23] <3primetime3> Space between | and liquorice.
[05:24] <3primetime3> The equal signs line up.
[05:24] <3primetime3> One space between spawn, = and 3.
[05:24] <3primetime3> Other params follow the longest one.
[05:24] <3primetime3> If you have questions, feel free to ask me lol.
[05:26] <3primetime3> Courtemanche, another edit. Level 782.
[05:27] <3primetime3> Can you see it?
[05:27] <3primetime3> Another one on 781.
[05:28] <Courtemanche437> Got the 782 one. 
[05:28] <3primetime3> It's still there.
[05:28] <3primetime3> There's more.
[05:29] <3primetime3> I'll do 781.
[05:29] <3primetime3> While you figure out 782 :P 
[05:30] <Courtemanche437> Found a few more errors
[05:31] <3primetime3> You still haven't fixed the error yet.
[05:31] <3primetime3> Hint, it's in the links.
[05:32] <3primetime3> Three things wrong with 778.
[05:32] <3primetime3> Why is this fun lol.
[05:32] <Courtemanche437> I don't see anything wrong with the links...
[05:33] <3primetime3> Remember, no duplicate links per page.
[05:33] <Courtemanche437> I see it now.
[05:34] <3primetime3> There we go :) 
[05:34] <3primetime3> Courte, try level 778 now. There are three problems on the page.
[05:34] <Courtemanche437> I was gonna say, "If I didn't get it then I really don't know what the main problem with this page is" XD 
[05:34] <3primetime3> I've edited these pages for years so I see them instantly XD 
[05:35] <3primetime3> It might take a while.
[05:35] <3primetime3> Rose should me how to figure out the elements info. I was like wtf
[05:36] <Courtemanche437> *showed :P 
[05:36] <3primetime3> Yeah.
[05:36] <3primetime3> Did you find them?
[05:36] <Courtemanche437> I found one. Can't seem to find two more though :/ 
[05:37] <3primetime3> I've already found others. Let me see what you did.
[05:37] <3primetime3> One of them is actually in the infobox.
[05:39] <Courtemanche437> That is escaping me...
[05:39] <3primetime3> [[Level 769?action=edit]]
[05:40] <3primetime3> Compare this with level 778.
[05:40] <3primetime3> One thing should be changed on 778 that is correct on the infobox of 769.
[05:40] <3primetime3> I'll let you figure it out yourself :P 
[05:42] <Courtemanche437> "Portal" vs "Portals" (facepalm) 
[05:42] <Courtemanche437> How that was oblivious to me is just... wow
[05:43] <3primetime3> XD 
[05:43] <3primetime3> Last thing.
[05:43] <3primetime3> Look at elements info and make sure the spacing is correct.
[05:43] <3primetime3> I showed you how they were supposed to be.
[05:45] <Courtemanche437> Working with that is confusing though :s
[05:45] <Courtemanche437> * :S 
[05:46] <3primetime3> There we go XD 
[05:46] <3primetime3> [[Level 767?action=edit]]
[05:46] <3primetime3> Error in infobox.
[05:46] <3primetime3> Can you catch it?
[05:49] <Courtemanche437> Where are the keys?
[05:49] <3primetime3> There are no keys in infobox.
[05:49] <3primetime3> They can be deduced because of chests.
[05:49] <3primetime3> There is a different problem.
[05:51] <Courtemanche437> Hi Bp
[05:51] <3primetime3> Heyy.
[05:51] <Bp101697> Hi Leo.
[05:51] <Bp101697> Hi Prime.
[05:51] <3primetime3> I'm teaching Leo how to find easy edits XD 
[05:51] <Courtemanche437> Yeah, "easy..."
[05:52] <Courtemanche437> I can't spot what's wrong with this infobox :S 
[05:52] <3primetime3> Make sure you compare what the source shows you to the preview.
[05:52] <Bp101697> Ingredients version of level 1334.
[05:52] <Bp101697> *1134
[05:53] <Courtemanche437> Well, thing is primetime, I'm not a source code junkie like you apparently are. So...
[05:53] <3primetime3> @Bp, do yellow candies spawn?
[05:53] <3primetime3> Keep comparing the infobox code to the preview.
[05:53] <3primetime3> Something doesn't line up.
[05:54] <Bp101697> No.
[05:54] <3primetime3> Ooh, that is difficult. I would have waited for yellow candies to spawn so I could get free colour bombs XD 
[05:54] <Bp101697> But definitely no green candies spawn.
[05:55] <3primetime3> Courtemanche, another one is Level 752. I'll have you take a look at that after you figure out 767.
[05:55] <Courtemanche437> The elements are out of order on the infobox as opposed to the source code?
[05:55] <3primetime3> Could you fix that? :P 
[05:56] <Courtemanche437> How did THAT end up happening O_o
[05:56] <3primetime3> There we go!
[05:57] <Bp101697> [[Level 1134]]
[05:57] <Bp101697> 1134 original version.
[05:57] <Bp101697> I had a hard time on this.
[05:57] <Bp101697> Not enough moves.
[05:57] <Bp101697> They should add 1 move and remove 1 color.
[05:57] <3primetime3> Take a look at 752 now.
[05:58] <3primetime3> 41-move level. Perfect.
[05:58] <Bp101697> Since no levels in CCR reality to have 41 moves.
[05:58] <Courtemanche437> Same with my favorite number :/ 
[05:59] <3primetime3> 437-move level XD 
[05:59] <3primetime3> Another problem with level 752; do you see it?
[05:59] <Courtemanche437> No, 437 is not my favorite number (rofl) 
[05:59] <Courtemanche437> It contains two of the digits in my username though :P 
[06:00] <Courtemanche437> Anyways, let's see what's wrong with this page.
[06:00] <Bp101697> Why 41 is your favorite number?
[06:01] <Courtemanche437> No? 1 isn't in my username (facepalm) 
[06:03] <3primetime3> Found it Leo?
[06:03] <Courtemanche437> Not really, again :/ 
[06:04] <3primetime3> This is a rare edit.
[06:04] <3primetime3> It was done by the bot a few months ago, but it seems to have missed one.
[06:04] <Courtemanche437> Hmm...
[06:04] <3primetime3> Compare that page with every other page. What seems weird about it?
[06:04] <Bp101697> I wonder why they do not add levels with 41 moves in reality.
[06:05] <Bp101697> In Dreamworld there is only 1 and insanely hard. -_- :( 
[06:05] <3primetime3> They will when they buff a level from 50 moves to 41 XD 
[06:05] <Courtemanche437> Is there one with 34 in Reality? 
[06:05] <Bp101697> Ies, it has.
[06:06] <Bp101697> Level 1740.
[06:06] <3primetime3> Leo, after level 752, I have three more formatting errors to have you fix XD 
[06:06] <Bp101697> Buff levels like this?
[06:06] <Bp101697> XD 
[06:06] <3primetime3> ...
[06:07] <Courtemanche437> IDK man. I think I got enough in TBH :/ 
[06:08] <Bp101697> And buff level 327 to be like this without changing number of moves (still 40)
[06:09] <3primetime3> Haha XD 
[06:10] <3primetime3> Did you find it Leo?
[06:10] <Courtemanche437> No...
[06:11] <3primetime3> The mistake is weird. Should I give you a hint?
[06:11] <Courtemanche437> Pls
[06:11] <3primetime3> An entire section of the page shouldn't be there.
[06:11] <Courtemanche437> Trivia?
[06:11] <3primetime3> Trivia is found on a lot of pages though.
[06:11] <3primetime3> That's right.
[06:12] <3primetime3> You're on the right track.
[06:12] <Courtemanche437> Notes?
[06:12] <3primetime3> That's on every page.
[06:12] <Courtemanche437> Strategy?
[06:12] <Courtemanche437> IDK...
[06:13] <3primetime3> That's on every page!!! XD 
[06:13] <3primetime3> There's a section on that page that no other page has.
[06:13] <3primetime3> Therefore it should be deleted.
[06:14] <Courtemanche437> References?
[06:14] <3primetime3> Heyy Michael. I'm giving free editing lessons.
[06:14] <3primetime3> Exactly.
[06:14] <Michael, The Lord Of Wikia> Hello Prime.
[06:14] <3primetime3> I don't even know what References does.
[06:14] <3primetime3> So remove it.
[06:14] <Michael, The Lord Of Wikia> And hi Frenemy.
[06:14] <Michael, The Lord Of Wikia> It means something related to something else.
[06:15] <3primetime3> Michael wanna learn how to edit?
[06:15] <Michael, The Lord Of Wikia> Sherlock Holmes refrence in Liquorice Tower.
[06:15] <Michael, The Lord Of Wikia> (Tiffi dresses up as him)
[06:15] <Michael, The Lord Of Wikia> There's an example
[06:15] <Michael, The Lord Of Wikia> Maybe later, Prime. I'm crushing candies.
[06:15] <3primetime3> Okay lol.
[06:16] <3primetime3> Leo, try level 747.
[06:16] <Bp101697> Hi Michael.
[06:17] <3primetime3> Well, this is helping your edit count XD 
[06:22] <Bp101697> What happened if order level becomes jelly?
[06:24] <Courtemanche437> (Boeing) 747 :P 
[06:25] <3primetime3> I'm assuming you found it?
[06:25] <Bp101697> Maybe. Too hard to clear all jellies in 40 moves?
[06:25] <3primetime3> Perhaps.
[06:26] <Bp101697> A bigger disaster.
[06:27] <3primetime3> BP, make it 40 moves :P 
[06:27] <Courtemanche437> *41 :P 
[06:27] <Bp101697> If more madness, 5 moves and 5 colors with 8-move bombs in lock instead of normal candies.:P
[06:27] <Bp101697> :P 
[06:28] <Bp101697> *35 moves
[06:28] <3primetime3> *33.
[06:28] <Bp101697> And add more bombs spawn.
[06:28] <3primetime3> (becomes a nearly impossible level)
[06:28] <3primetime3> Heyy Edwin.
[06:28] <Edwin91476> o/ 
[06:28] <Bp101697> Hi Edwin.
[06:28] <3primetime3> I'm giving Leo an editing lesson lol.
[06:28] <Courtemanche437> "Is there one with 34 in Reality?"
[06:28] <Courtemanche437> "Ies, it has.
[06:28] <Courtemanche437> Level 1740."
[06:28] <Courtemanche437> Bp, 1740 has TWENTY-four (facepalm) 
[06:28] <Bp101697> o.o 
[06:29] <3primetime3> [[Category%3ALevels with 34 moves|Category:Levels with 34 moves]]
[06:29] <3primetime3> Job done.
[06:29] <Bp101697> I wonder someone say episode is easy, but ends up with insaenly hard. -_- 
[06:29] <Courtemanche437> My god, they DID make some levels with that number O________________O
[06:29] <3primetime3> ^ Fruity Fairground
[06:29] <Bp101697> I don't understand.
[06:30] <Courtemanche437> 1803 is Nearly Impossible. 
[06:30] <Courtemanche437> 
[06:30] <Courtemanche437> NEARLY. IMPOSSIBLE O_____________O
[06:30] <Courtemanche437> WE ADOPTED IT HOLY $#!T
[06:30] <3primetime3> @Leo, do you need a hint for 747?
[06:30] <Courtemanche437> Aye
[06:30] <3primetime3> I actually hate the nearly impossible rating.
[06:30] <Courtemanche437> Ask Fzs about it then :P 
[06:30] <3primetime3> :P 
[06:30] <Bp101697> Thus I remake that to be one in my fanon.
[06:30] <Bp101697>
[06:30] <3primetime3> Check the arrangement of categories on level 747.
[06:31] <Bp101697> 45 moves instead of 45 sec.
[06:31] <3primetime3> There's a mistake there.
[06:31] <Courtemanche437> Sure, since your fanon is all about unoriginality :P 
[06:31] <Courtemanche437> 
[06:31] <Courtemanche437> JK
[06:32] <Courtemanche437> (That was really uncalled for methinks...)
[06:32] <3primetime3> Yeah.
[06:33] <Courtemanche437> Sorry Bp :( 
[06:33] <Bp101697> New episode out now. Why?
[06:33] <Bp101697>
[06:34] <Courtemanche437> Because I said your fanon was about being unoriginal...
[06:34] <Bp101697> Never mind.
[06:36] <3primetime3> Leo, do you want to end the editing lesson? XD
[06:36] <Bp101697> About Wiggly Wheel, I confuse and understand why it is rated very hard since most users say it is easy.
[06:36] <Bp101697> It is contrast!
[06:36] <Courtemanche437> Yeah :/
[06:37] <Bp101697> *not understand
[06:37] <3primetime3> At least find 747 though.  I'll do the other edits I saved up.
[06:37] <Courtemanche437> Alright
[06:37] <Bp101697> Easy episode is hard.
[06:37] <Bp101697> Hard episode is hard.
[06:37] <Bp101697> No one is easy.
[06:37] <Edwin91476> Then who say Fruity Fairground is easy?
[06:38] <3primetime3> It was before all the buffs.
[06:38] <Courtemanche437> So basically, look for anything to the SLIGHTEST detail that's incorrect, is the moral of the story.
[06:38] <3primetime3> Because most pages have inconsistencies, and right now the goal is to make them all the same.
[06:38] <3primetime3> There's a category out of place that's keep that page from being consistent with all the others.
[06:38] <3primetime3> It's actually driving me crazy.
[06:39] <Edwin91476> Edwin91476 But I think Fruity fairground is slightly easier than Pinata park and Fairground is averagely hard.
[06:39] <3primetime3> I thought it was a "hard" episode because most levels were hard, but I guess not.
[06:40] <Bp101697>
[06:40] <Bp101697>
[06:40] <Bp101697> I also say Vanilla Valley slightly easier than Teasprings. Which one is harder?
[06:40] <Courtemanche437> I never really paid attention to the categories, because they always just seem to be jumbled and I see no order to tem
[06:40] <Courtemanche437> *them
[06:40] <3primetime3> There is an order.
[06:40?] <3primetime3> So don't just add them whenever you feel like them XD
[06:40?] <3primetime3> If there's a missing one, make sure you follow the arrangement XD
[06:40?] <3primetime3> Let me link to you the last time I typed out the arrangement.
[06:43] <Courtemanche437> I WISH I could add categories to articles but I always get freakin' beaten to them...
[06:43] <3primetime3> Actually, let me paste it here.
If you see something missing or something wrong fix it:
[06:44] <Courtemanche437> Literally, everyone is SO FAST about these things
[06:44] <3primetime3> Sugar Drop 

Level type 


Miscellaneous categories 

Single/double jelly 

Regular candy/special candy/combinations/blocker orders 


Spaces/empty spaces 

Colours/candies that do not start from rest, other miscellaneous categories that aren't really sorted out 

All special candies in alphabetical order
All elements in alphabetical order

All blockers in alphabetical order - layers of icing then sugar chests plus all others in order (pretty much Dreamworld stuff

Major milestones plus other miscellaneous categories 



A lot of categories - which is why the categories badge is the most competitive.
One other addition, under the level type, for Dreamworld levels only, there can be "levels with a timed Reality counterpart."
[08:17] <Flockky II> I see.
[08:17] <Courtemanche437> Oh yeah?
[08:18] <Flockky II> Yes. Especially the project that I had to make a diorama with 6 houses
[08:18] <Flockky II> And at the same time I've been attacked from asthma again -_- 
[08:19] <Courtemanche437> I'm glad I'm out of school for now :/ 
[08:19] <Courtemanche437> This past year was a nightmare for me...
[08:20] <Flockky II> My school classes had started last month
[08:20] <Flockky II> It's been 1 month already schooling for me...How come it's a nightmare to you? Lot of schoolworks?
[08:21] <Courtemanche437> Oh yeah
[08:27] <Roseturnip> test
[08:37] <Flockky II> o/ 
[09:15] <Bp101697> Hi.
[09:16] <Bp101697> Anyone here?
[09:24] <Bp101697> test
[09:51] <Bp101697> Dead chat.
[09:54] <Bp101697> WB Edwin.
[09:54] <Bp101697> Please talk with me.
[09:54] <Bp101697> Chat is dead.
[09:55] <Edwin91476> Busying at summer homeworks -_- 
[09:55] <Edwin91476>
[09:55] <Edwin91476> 30 moves
[09:56] <Edwin91476> 6colours
[09:56] <Bp101697> Licorice spawn?
[09:57] <Bp101697> What is licorice spawn density?
[09:57] <Edwin91476> maximum4 and 1 per 3 moves
[09:58] <Bp101697> Okay.
[09:58] <Bp101697> I think it can be very hard.
[09:58] <Bp101697> Chocolate can be annoying.
[09:58] <Bp101697> It's hard to clear isolated jelly.
[09:58] <Edwin91476> but UFO is there
[09:58] <Bp101697> Still.
[09:58] <Edwin91476> then M to SH?
[09:59] <Bp101697> Isolated jelly is hard to clear unless UFo shoot the middle or surround candies.
[09:59] <Bp101697> Medium.
[09:59] <Edwin91476>
[10:00] <Edwin91476> 20 moves and 20 striped, 10 wrapped, bombs 1per 1 move
[10:01] <Edwin91476> bombs 12 moves*
[10:01] <Bp101697> I think it is not too hard to collect.
[10:01] <Bp101697> Use UFO ASAP.
[10:02] <Edwin91476> but really small board...
[10:02] <Edwin91476> smaller than 1247
[10:02] <Bp101697> But cake bombs in that level greately reduce spaces.
[10:03] <Bp101697> And four holes at the main part make the level much harder.
[10:03] <Edwin91476> ah, and I have nerfed this:
[10:03] <Edwin91476>
[10:04] <Edwin91476> Then overall Sundae Shores seems easy :D 
[10:05] <Bp101697> Much better than normal, but seems still quite difficult. I say no higher than hard.
[10:06] <Bp101697>
[10:06] <Bp101697> Could you rate?
[10:06] <Edwin91476> Tonight. Doing homework now.
[10:07] <Edwin91476> now I am using mobile.
[10:11] <Bp101697> Alright.
[10:11] <Bp101697> Making level 1140.
[10:11] <Bp101697> Similar to original level 1723.
[10:11] <Bp101697> But moves level instead.
[10:12] <Bp101697> All target score is same as original.
[10:12] <Bp101697> *ae
[10:12] <Bp101697> are
[10:14] <Edwin91476> I wonder why Lucas is less active than before in chat.
[10:15] <Bp101697> idk
[10:15] <Bp101697>
[10:15] <Bp101697> 50 moves
[10:15] <Bp101697> Get 95k
[10:15] <Bp101697> I do not make this level 100 moves because it is too many.
[10:17] <Bp101697> How do you think?
[10:17] <Bp101697> Oh. Bomb moves=35
[10:21] <Not real name> Hi flokky
[10:24] <Flockky II> o/ 
[10:24] <Flockky II> I can come this chat for a while, I had to work on with a lot of schoolworks
[10:24] <Not real name> Ok cheekian unreleaaed version
[10:24] <Bp101697> Hi Flockky.
[10:25] <Bp101697> Waiting for you for an hour.
[10:26] <Not real name> Unreleased soda 866 reappeared in soda 946
[10:26] <Flockky II> I was doing schoolworks that time, Bp
[10:30] <Not real name> Pm flockky
[10:36] <Not real name> Flokky???
[10:36] <Flockky II> I got to go
[10:37] <Flockky II> My sister's screamed me to use the wifi
[10:37] <Flockky II> and anyways I had a lot of things to do o/ 
[10:37] <Flockky II> I haven't played Peanut Pass yet. Maybe on Friday.
[10:37] <Not real name> And your ccs,
[10:37] <Flockky II> My ccs = 1851
[10:37] <Flockky II> Haven't progressed yet lately.
[10:37] <Edwin91476> How is your wifi speed 
[10:37] <Not real name> Pm firstl
[10:38] <Edwin91476> @Flockky
[10:38] <Not real name> Flokky
[10:38] <Not real name> Very slow
[10:38] <Flockky II> Yes, Edwin. as slow as a turtle.
[10:38] <Flockky II> or snail
[10:38] <Edwin91476> 15 Mbps XD 
[10:38] <Edwin91476> is it?
[10:38] <Not real name> Turtle
[10:38] <Edwin91476> Then 1.5 Mbps.
[10:38] <Not real name> My CCS will not connect grrrrrrr
[10:39] <Flockky II> I hope yours will connect now :) 
[10:39] <Flockky II> Just keep on reloading
[10:39] <Edwin91476> Then Flockky o/ 
[10:41] <Not real name> Ok he just left
[10:41] <Edwin91476> Mmm is your internet speed too slow...
[10:42] <Not real name> Yes
[10:42] <Not real name> Internet in this country is slow
[10:43] <Not real name> I know hk internet is fast
[10:43] <Cheekian> back
[10:43] <Edwin91476> 100 Mbps is the standard speed here XD 
[10:43] <Cheekian> you want what episode in unreleased version
[10:44] <Edwin91476> Level 2000!
[10:44] <Cheekian> level 2000 might be on next week
[10:44] <CC-8589934592> hey
[10:45] <Cheekian> today don't have other updates except new episode unreleased version
[10:46] <Edwin91476> o/ 
[10:46] <Not real name> Check fb CC
[10:59] <Cheekian> brb
[11:01] <Edwin91476> Bp Crazy Course has been rated.
[11:05] <Edwin91476> Dinner brb
[11:18] <FOPFan21> is anyone here
[11:22] <FOPFan21> bp edwin aidcg
[11:22] <FOPFan21> anyone?
[11:57] <Bp101697> Hi Carl.
[12:09] <Edwin91476> o/ 
[12:10] <Edwin91476> Hey Bp Crazy Course has been rated.
[12:19] <Edwin91476> WB NRN
[12:23] <Not real name> I hate mossy mos keep on being impatient
[12:24] <Edwin91476> I know. So may you be more patient of different people?
[12:25] <Edwin91476> I need to spam before Mossy enter the chat then seeing this sentences.
[12:26] <Edwin91476> So being admin is to take care of different people, it's a hard job to do.
[12:30] <Mossy Mos> My Ipad now it become latest update now... so some unreleased levels was to be become current versions now...
[12:30] <Mossy Mos> so sorry about inconvenient... about this I cannot get photos
[12:31] <Mossy Mos> and I'm not complete all levels because I'm still stuck Level 1826.
[12:45] <HM100> I'm back now. Level 22 of my fanon in Dream Style is added who will rate it [[w:c:candy-crush-saga-fanon:Level 22 (Super Saga)/Dream|Link]] for rating it. It is much harder now
[12:45] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name hi...
[12:46] <HM100> Hello Moss Mossy
[12:46] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name I'm so disappointed 
[12:46] <Mossy Mos> about my bot
[12:46] <HM100> Why?
[12:46] <HM100> Your bot was demoted. Do you want your bot again?
[12:47] <Mossy Mos> HM100 due my bot's removed bot flag... [[User:X Naut Bot]]
[12:47] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I use him only weekend
[12:47] <Mossy Mos> I will busy if not weekends...
[12:47] <HM100> It got rejected and now you can't
[12:47] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 only one way I have wait for admin...
[12:48] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I seem the Admin mostly accept for bot if they want...
[12:48] <HM100> Ever if you have sysop rights and or crat rights, only staff can promote bot rights
[12:48] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 Then bot is only use for Admin only?
[12:49] <Mossy Mos> reason of removed because to earlier?
[12:49] <Mossy Mos> before i'm admin
[12:49] <Mossy Mos> i'm rollback
[12:49] <Edwin91476> NRN PM
[12:49] <HM100> Don't ask for rights. You can also be a ContentMod which has some admin actions like protect, delete etc.
[12:50] <HM100> I will became a ContentMod soon in Candy Crush Fanon Wiki if I continue to edit regularly and not adding false info.
[12:50] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 can you link this to be ADMIN?
[12:51] <HM100> I have 1192 edits now
[12:51] <HM100> Not on this wiki, on Fanon Wiki
[12:51] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I'm over 2,300 edits now on this wiki
[12:51] <HM100> On this I have less edits than on Soda Saga and Jelly Saga Wiki
[12:51] <Edwin91476> o/ 
[12:51] <Edwin91476> NRN PM
[12:51] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I'm still planning for become ADMIN.
[12:51] <HM100> And I may go to 1200 edits on Fanon Wiki
[12:52] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name Hi...
[12:52] <Mossy Mos> I'm so disappointed
[12:52] <Mossy Mos> to my bot
[12:52] <Mossy Mos> was removed
[12:52] <HM100> Yes but are you joined the wiki for over 3 months
[12:52] <HM100> I have but I still not planned here for admin due to less edits. On soda I have rollback now
[12:52] <HM100> But I still edit to get 1000 edits in that wiki
[12:52] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I'm not play on Soda Saga
[12:53] <Mossy Mos> because busy enough for this wikia.
[12:53] <Mossy Mos> Candy Crush normal is better
[12:53] <Mossy Mos> and additional i don't like to play soda and jelly saga
[12:53] <HM100> But I still and ever I don't play often CCSS I still edit the wiki because I played it in past and I still playing that
[12:53] <Mossy Mos> due to busier.
[12:53] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I'm play Candy Crush Saga Everyday.
[12:54] <HM100> Ok but in near future will (2020)
[12:54] <Mossy Mos> HM100 I'm still stuck level 1826
[12:54] <HM100> Try again
[12:54] <HM100> I still try again when I lose a level
[12:55] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 where are you on level?
[12:55] <HM100> At 100s
[12:55] <FOPFan21> back
[12:55] <HM100> But IDK which level but 14x
[12:55] <Not real name> PM? I dont have pm from edwin
[12:55] <HM100> But now you have a PM
[12:55] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name I'm disappointed 
[12:55] <FOPFan21> Hi I like both thefairlyoddparents and ccs
[12:55] <Mossy Mos> about my bot
[12:55] <Mossy Mos> was removed bot flag
[12:56] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name I'm really want for Admin.
[12:56] <HM100> @FOPFan21 Try to do some edits here as I did in other days
[12:56] <Not real name> Soda 937 is nearly impossible
[12:56] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name I want to be ADMIN in this wikia.
[12:56] <Mossy Mos> not Soda and Jelly!
[12:57] <Not real name> Yes I know
[12:57] <HM100> Insanely Hard for soda saga 937
[12:57] <FOPFan21> Maybe later
[12:57] <FOPFan21> BTW Man, can you be my friend HM
[12:57] <HM100> Yes but only on Wikia and not else
[12:57] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name because reasoned why my bot was removed bot flag so it is reason why I want to be ADMIN here.
[12:57] <Mossy Mos> and also Theme Designer too.
[12:58] <HM100> No. No changing the theme now
[12:58] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I really want to be ADMIN here.
[12:58] <Mossy Mos> due i planned for a long time ago.
[12:58] <Mossy Mos> 2 - 3 months now i was planned for this.
[12:59] <HM100> Yes but you won't because you to be ON THIS WIKI for 3 months
[12:59] <HM100> EXACT 3 Months
[12:59] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I'm done 86 days now.
[01:00] <HM100> You need 90 days to get it
[01:00] <HM100> In 17 July 2016, you can start a thread for becoming an Admin/a Sysop
[01:00] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 then I need 90th days instead of 120th days.
[01:00] <Mossy Mos> so 4 more days...
[01:00] <Mossy Mos> just few.
[01:00] <Mossy Mos> I dont have to wait for 4 MONTHS.
[01:01] <Not real name> Actually I think its 4 months
[01:01] <HM100> Did you read it NRN?
[01:01] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name 17th july 2016 i will start thread of becoming admin or sysop.
[01:01] <HM100> You will? Or not?
[01:02] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 Yes!
[01:02] <Mossy Mos> I will
[01:02] <HM100> 4 months if NRN said no
[01:02] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 but i worries you lies of not 3 months...
[01:03] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name then I will post thread at 17th july 2016. about becoming admin.
[01:03] <Not real name> Ah it might be easy for me to become admin if I want
[01:03] <HM100> Yes but when you got admin, you'll forced to remove it NRN. Allright?
[01:04] <Edwin91476> I said one more time, becoming admin have a very long road, Mossy.
[01:04] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name I'm completely want to be ADMIN.
[01:04] <Megaphantaze> Kufc you, Stella
[01:04] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze remind me about Core Membership from DeviantArt.
[01:04] <Mossy Mos> same difficulty as of this.
[01:04] <Megaphantaze> Why?
[01:05] <Megaphantaze> Although more core isn't bad idea for me
[01:05] <Megaphantaze> I am always ready to receive some
[01:05] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze Admin and Core Membership are same
[01:06] <Mossy Mos> because remind me premium users.
[01:06] <Megaphantaze> No they aren't
[01:06] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze then ADMIN and Core Membership is different?
[01:06] <Mossy Mos> 
[01:06] <Not real name> Hows your jelly HM
[01:06] <Megaphantaze> Core members cannot ban people
[01:06] <Megaphantaze> Or edit web page
[01:06] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze Understand.
[01:07] <Mossy Mos> but Core Membership in 1 year cost 4,000 points IMPOSSIBLE.
[01:08] <Megaphantaze> Make a journal you wish to have core membership then brother santa will notice it and give it to you
[01:08] <Megaphantaze> A.K.A Anonymous generous people
[01:08] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze I'm still not join DeviantArt yet until I'm become ADMIN for here.
[01:11] <Megaphantaze> Stella is now witching on me
[01:11] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze who is Stella?
[01:11] <Mossy Mos> from Bubble Witch Saga?
[01:11] <Megaphantaze> I gave a hint
[01:11] <Megaphantaze> Yeah
[01:12] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze link me please but I'm not join on DA yet.
[01:12] <Megaphantaze> Just go
[01:12] <Megaphantaze>
[01:13] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze I don't have idea username yet...
[01:13] <Mossy Mos> because it once and then ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to rename account...
[01:13] <Mossy Mos> wait only Core member...
[01:13] <Mossy Mos> insanely hard to do
[01:14] <Not real name> I also want to be admin here mossy
[01:14] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name same as me!!!!
[01:14] <Mossy Mos> NRN
[01:14] <Mossy Mos> I'm completely want!!!
[01:15] <HM100> MOssy not but NRN yes but only for a little
[01:15] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 but i want to be ADMIN so for me YES!
[01:15] <HM100> One more month and then admin. ContentMod if you need additional rights
[01:16] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 so you lies if you say about 3 months...
[01:17] <HM100> Yes but NRN said 4 months so I agree with him now
[01:17] <Edwin91476> OKOKOKOK, please stop talking about admins.
[01:17] <HM100> My mind is changed for now
[01:17] <Bp101697> ะำหะ
[01:17] <Bp101697> test
[01:17] <Edwin91476> WB
[01:17] <Bp101697> Forgot to change color.
[01:17] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 oh HI!
[01:18] <Bp101697> Hi Mossy.
[01:18] <HM100> Mossy, can you stop talking about admins
[01:18] <HM100> And BP, what language did you use in a previous post
[01:18] <Edwin91476> There is a glitch before in Apple that using those langauge will crash the devices.
[01:18] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 I'm not use Mobile
[01:18] <Mossy Mos> 
[01:18] <Mossy Mos> I use Computer
[01:18] <HM100> OK
[01:18] <Edwin91476> Thailandlingh.
[01:18] <Bp101697> Me, too.
[01:18] <Bp101697> ?
[01:19] <HM100> Did BP know Thai language? I never know that
[01:19] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I'm same country as BP.
[01:19] <Edwin91476> Pzzzz, what's the English of Thai langause? 
[01:19] <Edwin91476> langauge*
[01:19] <HM100> And I live in Greece, still know en language
[01:20] <HM100> And I still have interest here for rollback
[01:20] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 ask BP.
[01:20] <HM100> If needed
[01:20] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 can you answer to HM100?
[01:20] <HM100> I don't need now since I have the script rollback.
[01:20] <HM100> Goodbye
[01:20] <HM100> Goodbye to everyone. Edits to fanon Wiki now
[01:20] <Bp101697> Alright.
[01:20] <Edwin91476> Me also is editing there.
[01:20] <HM100> Please note that I will be inactive from chat now
[01:21] <Bp101697> Episode 77 will have been finished by tomorrow.
[01:21] <HM100> By today, my level 24 and 25 will be finished today if I have enough time
[01:21] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 Episode 77 means Teapot Tower?
[01:21] <Bp101697> My fanon.
[01:22] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 what levels? Level 1131 - 1145?
[01:22] <Bp101697> Yep.
[01:22] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 hardest: 1142? easiest: 1137?
[01:22] <HM100> My fanon still has Teaport Tower, the last episode with 5 levels in Super Saga
[01:22] <HM100> Sexy Roads will be the first with 10 levels and Coconut Cream Mirrage the last
[01:22] <HM100> And Mirrage Carnival the first with 20 levels and Endgame off the last
[01:23] <Bp101697> My fanon, not real level!.
[01:23] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 so do you have Paper Mario themed Episode?
[01:23] <Mossy Mos> like X Naut Fortress etc.
[01:23] <Megaphantaze> I have decided to have original Saga
[01:23] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 I have same question as HM100
[01:23] <Bp101697> I pave passed Teapot Tower.
[01:23] <Megaphantaze> This one is based on Puzzle Station called game
[01:24] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze do you like Paper Mario Themed Episode? like X Naut Fortress etc.
[01:24] <HM100> Teaport Tower will use 5 paper Mario themed levels. And Sexy roads will have 10 fresh new levels. Some still based on the ones from the Sexy City Episode
[01:24] <Megaphantaze> No
[01:24] <Megaphantaze> Don't care
[01:24] <Mossy Mos> @Megaphantaze you don't like Mario Games?
[01:24] <Megaphantaze> Did I said that?
[01:24] <HM100> X Naut Fortress will be level 399
[01:25] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 level 399 from Polkapalooza?
[01:25] <HM100> In my fanon, 399 will be X Naut Fortress in Ingredient Level Style and it is Hard level from Teaport Tower. Teaport Tower is a Hard episode
[01:26] <Edwin91476> Mossy, please understand what people says before you type here.
[01:26] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 same design?
[01:26] <HM100> And the last with 5 levels and level 400 in X1 will be a boss level
[01:26] <Megaphantaze> I had idea of a booster like in Diamond Digger Sg
[01:26] <Megaphantaze> *Saga
[01:26] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 different design from Level 400 real CCS?
[01:26] <Megaphantaze> But it's different this time
[01:26] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 what means difficulty at least Insanely Hard.
[01:26] <Megaphantaze> You will have six boosters, which all activates with certain color
[01:27] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 Level 1128 is good idea for Boss Level.
[01:27] <Mossy Mos> but six colours versions before nerfed.
[01:27] <HM100> Level 400 is a Jam level so it is based on Level 12 of Jelly Saga but Jam and normal squares are reversed and has 25 moves with 7 colors
[01:28] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 I dont need Soda and Jelly saga Based.
[01:28] <Mossy Mos> it must original candy crush only
[01:29] <HM100> No, some levels in my fanon are still based from normal saga but some also from soda and jelly so my DreamWorld will have 91 episodes. E.g. Level 21 in Super Saga is based on Level 10 from Normal Saga. X1 will end at level 400 having 78 episodes
[01:29] <HM100> I still make own designs
[01:30] <HM100> Super Saga is a mix of all 3 candy crushers so designs can be from any Candy Crush that King has including this, soda and jelly saga and also Paper Mario and others
[01:31] <HM100> Satisfied
[01:31] <HM100> I'm? Are you?
[01:33] <HM100> This [[Level 10|level]] with [[w:c:candy-crush-saga-fanon:Level 21 (Super Saga)|this]] are the same levels. Can you follow these links and spot the differences Mossmossy?
[01:33] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 X Naut Fortress levels idea : Level 1375(first versions) , Level 1406 , Level 1476 , Level 1328(unreleased versions aka level 1424 first versions ) , Level 1449 (first versions) , Level 1506 , Level 1561 , Level 1634 ( first versions ) , Level 1637 ( first versions ) , Level 1653 , Level 1154 (second versions ) , Level 1054 , Level 1061 (first mobile versions) , Level 1304 ( first versions ) then boss is Level 1,351.
[01:34] <HM100> Good. But X Naut Fortess level will be added soon in my fanon (Level 399)
[01:35] <Not real name> Im dowmgrading my CCS
[01:35] <Not real name> Mossy, Im now finding unrekeased versions
[01:36] <HM100> For mobile>
[01:36] <Not real name> Yes
[01:36] <Mossy Mos> @Not real name Hi again!
[01:36] <Mossy Mos> 
[01:38] <Mossy Mos> @HM100 hi!
[01:38] <Mossy Mos> answer me please.
[01:39] <Mossy Mos> I dont want let chat dead.
[01:40] <Bp101697> test
[01:40] <Mossy Mos> @Bp101697 HI AGAIN!
[01:42] <Bp101697> Hi Olaf.
[01:42] <Edwin91476> Bp, rate my levels?!
[01:43] <Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711> Hi \o 
[01:44] <Edwin91476> also many IH levels.
[01:48] <Bp101697> Rating your levels, Edwin.
[01:49] <Edwin91476> Ok, but Wrapped candies of 2463 is 9 instead of 11.
[01:52] <Bp101697> Okay.Now I rate H instead.
[01:56] <Bp101697> brb
[01:59] <Edwin91476> Ok thanks Bp
[02:00] <HM100> Hello again
[02:01] <HM100> I should leave now. Goodbye
[02:20] <Not real name> Test
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