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Please join the Candy Crush Saga Community Discord via this invite link (never expires):

Since 19 September 2017, the Candy Crush Saga Community Discord server has replaced the live chat function of the wiki and now is considered an extension of the site (the main difference in rules between the website and Discord is that profanity is allowed). No user is required to have a Discord account to contribute. Users may request for others to join in order for an easier line of communication but shall not force anyone to if they decline or if they feel uncomfortable with such a request.


Please abide by all the guidelines found on the #rules channel of the Discord server in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for everyone.

Wiki protection

To repeat what has been stated on the policy page, all other fan-created servers including the ones found in #invites are not considered a part of the wiki and so are not protected by the wiki’s guidelines.

  • Therefore, if an action violates one of the rules outside of this website and server (with the exception of DMs) has taken place, administrators can but are not responsible in any way to discipline a user.

Wiki actions

While the official Discord server is treated as a separate entity with other staff members in place, there are a few instances where disciplinary actions can be made on the site:

  • Harassing or threatening other users on Discord: an administrator is well within rights to block the problematic user on the wiki as well. In general, while you are generally given separate chances on Discord and the wiki, it does not grant you the right to violate rules twice instead of once.
  • Staff members sending warnings: an administrator is allowed to send warning messages to users in lieu of posting on a message wall, provided that:
    • The user’s Discord account is on the server, and the message pings the user.
    • The user is generally active on the server (active is defined as having spoken or reacted to a message at least one time in the last two days).
    • The message is made on #wiki-discussion or a related channel that is visible to everyone (warnings through DMs can be made out of good faith but are kept off the record, although they can be brought up in the future if a block is appealed).
  • If major projects (such as redesigns) are under way and specific guidelines are in place in order to ensure a smooth transition, all edits not meeting these guidelines may be undone or reverted with at least one of the undo reasons citing the mini-Discord announcement. If one does not understand the reversion reason because they do not have a Discord account, they may feel free to contact an administrator (preferably one that is active in mainspace) and receive elaboration.
  • Major wiki updates may be made on the server, although usually a transcript of the message will also be found on the discussions forum.
  • Voting rounds pertaining to the wiki should still be performed solely on the wiki to give everyone not on Discord a fair chance. Similarly, voting rounds pertaining to the Discord server should still be performed solely on Discord.