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Current gamesEdit




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Introduction of the gamesEdit


Guess the objectEdit

Guess the object is a game that you need to guess the object by asking questions except "What's the object?". There are no question limits in this game. In round 3, the game changes by giving tips for the object and allowing multiple users to guess the object correctly.

Round Host Answer Winner
1 3primetime3 2 Solstice2000
2 Wildoneshelper Calcium carbonate Imamadmad
3 3primetime3 Various answers N/A
4 Asew54321 Level 382 (CCS) 3primetime3
5 EndermanR169 Keys Lefty7788
6 Lefty7788 Sarin Dunlorev44
7 Wildoneshelper ? ?

Guess the numberEdit

Guess the number is a game that you need to guess the number like Mastermind. A green tick indicates the correct position of the number while a yellow tick indicates the correct number, but the wrong position.

Round Host Answer Winner
1 Wildoneshelper 2761 Top Agent PGG jr.
2 Top Agent PGG jr. 7429316 Solstice2000
3 Solstice2000 192646 Wildoneshelper
4 Wildoneshelper ? ?

Guess the songEdit

Round Host Answer Winner
1 Emmaelise401 Rush - YYZ CC-8589934592
2 Emmaelise401 NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (Soundtrack) - The Buzzhorn - Ordinary CC-8589934592
3 CC-8589934592

1. ???
2. Lullaby - Bond

1. ???
2. Wildoneshelper
4 Wildoneshelper See blog post Project 46 ft. Matthew Steeper

Guess the levelEdit

Round Host Answer Winner
1 Solstice2000 202 CC-8589934592
2 CC-8589934592 276, 309, 309 Roseturnip
3 Roseturnip 407 Top Agent PGG jr.
4 Top Agent PGG jr. 488 LucasH181
5 LucasH181 374 Roseturnip
6 Roseturnip 387 LucasH181
7 LucasH181 617 Storm2
8 Storm2 432 Asew54321
9 Asew54321 297 Courtemanche437
10 Courtemanche437 500 MasterL500
11 MasterL500 275 (pre-nerf) Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711
12 Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 169 Asew54321
13 Asew54321 89 Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711
14 Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 361 Blackbird625
15 Blackbird625 149 Solstice2000
16 Solstice2000 104 Blackbird625
17 Blackbird625 460 3litecandycrusher
18 3litecandycrusher 314 LucasH181
19 LucasH181 491 Cheekian
20 Cheekian 618 LucasH181


LucasH181 457 Kingcong95
22 Kingcong95 580 Roseturnip
23 Roseturnip 506 Wildoneshelper
24 Wildoneshelper Wildoneshelper's level 666 Lefty7788
25 Lefty7788 257 Dreamworld N/A

Candy Crush Saga Trivia ContestEdit

Round Out
Round 1

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Solve the codeEdit

Round Host Answer Winner
1 CC-8589934592 LUCKY Supermario3459
2 Supermario3459 The host for this round takes so long for creating that round Wildoneshelper
3 Wildoneshelper But I won't host the next round. Btd456Creeper
4 Btd456Creeper ? ?

Draw my thing!Edit

I question you...Edit

I question you is a game in episodes with open-ended questions. Users can demonstrate their creativity or their seriousness in this episode. This game is hosted by Wildoneshelper

The question-points gameEdit

The questions-points game is a game where we ask you some questions about Candy Crush Saga.

You will win points if you answer right, and the user who wins the highest number of ponts will win.

CCS ContestEdit

You go in various activities to beat opponents!

Round Type Winner(s)


Levels Quiz BF10, Blackbird625, LucasH181, 3litecandycrusher, Storm2
2 Mystery Candy Luck BF10, Blackbird625, LucasH181, 3litecandycrusher
3 Licorice Swirl Code Fixing BF10, Blackbird625, LucasH181
4 Conveyor Belt Clue Finding BF10, Blackbird625


The Three Part Final Quiz BF10

There can only be...Edit

There can only be... one of everything! One answer, one round, one winner, one riddle.This game is over! Hosted by BF10!

Answer: "Does both of the doors lead to reality?"

Winner: Ferrari 66

Runner Up: 3primetime3

Solve the Word: HangmanEdit

Solve the Word: Hangman is a game where users guess a word related to Candy Crush Saga. 

Round Host Answer Winner
1 LucasH181 MintyMarmalade and Icing Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711
2 Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 Gingerbread WomanCandy Frog and Five-layer Icing LucasH181
3 LucasH181 ? ?

CCS QuizEdit

Round Host Answer Winner
1 Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 See the blog post Courtemanche437
2 Courtemanche437 See the blog post ???


CCS and CCS Wiki's Trivia Contest (Season 1)Edit

Description: Season 1 is up to Round 10, When anyone make Round 11 they has to make Season 2 and One season equals Ten rounds. Thank you. Builder of Round 1 and Announcer, The Unlucky Sponge

Round Host Maniest Answer Winner


Spongebob789 3litecandycrusher 3litecandycrusher


3litecandycrusher Not Announced, launched at TBA. Not Announced, launched at TBA.


Guess the LevelEdit

Round Host Answer Winner
1 LucasH181 493/Dreamworld Bp101697
2 Bp101697 1467 LucasH181
3 LucasH181 1119 Thegreattttt
4 Thegreattttt 1235 Jncrushcandies
5 Jncrushcandies 640/Dreamworld Thegreattttt
6 Thegreattttt 1111 Jncrushcandies
7 Jncrushcandies 985 LucasH181
8 LucasH181 1480 Edwin91476
9 Edwin91476 1726 Asew54321

Guess the UserEdit

The game was originally started as a thread.

Round                     Host                                                           User
1 Ukulelelala                                                              Kool Saif Mohammed // KoolAgain // Etc.
2 3
Bumblebee the transformer Spongebob789
Roseturnip Flockky II // Flockky
4                                                  3litecandycrusher                    Stern1318

5,6,7                                            Michael, The Lord Of Wikia (Formerly Chaney for round 7) Courtemanche437,  Bp101697, Storm2, Catinthedark, RoseBoquet

More to come!Edit

In the meantime, enjoy some of our memes! A page called Fan Memes will collect all of our memes in this wiki!

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