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OCT 27 2020: Wikia/Fandom's new software for wikis have rolled out to this wiki. There may be technical difficulties in the first few months of this migration...

JAN 22 2019: The URL domain migration has been applied to this wiki. The URL is now

05 NOV 2017: Live Chat and its Chat Moderator position were abolished, completing the transition to Discord Chat.

03 JUL 2015: The link to our Wikia/Fandom was changed from to

26 OCT 2014: After over a year of discussion and decisions, the Wikia got its second bureaucrat! Say a big congratulations to 3primetime3 for earning this insanely-difficult-to-earn rank!

13 JUL 2013: This day marked the first time a user was promoted to Admin on this wiki. Congrats to Jianhui67!

22 DEC 2012: Birth of this wiki.