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If you are a member of CCSW’s staff, please check the policy page for additional staff rules.

CCSW’s staff members are equipped with additional tools to help out the wiki in editing, moderation, and community. There are four positions each with varying levels of responsibility: thread moderators, rollbacks, content moderators, and administrators.

  • Thread moderators help manage the forums and discussions sections of the wiki, as well as the comments section of each level. They have additional tools to help them keep things organized, such as moving, closing, or deleting posts.
  • Rollbacks have the privilege to easily revert edits made by the last user on a given page as opposed to manually undo each revision. In general, this tool is useful to easily combat mass accounts of spam and vandalism or quickly undo pages after a clear and justifiable reason is given.
  • Content moderators are long-time helpers who are comfortable with the wiki’s manual of style and are given privileges to protect, delete, move (without redirect), and restore all mainspace pages/files. Generally, content moderators are grouped with thread moderator privileges.
  • Administrators are experienced users who have proven time and time to be pillars of the community, integrious leaders, and humble guides that the wiki can always count on. Administrators are granted moderator permissions in addition to abilities to edit system pages and block users. A very limited number of long-serving administrators are bureaucrats who are granted authority to promote users, as long as they have undergone the process of being promoted.

Feel free to read more about user privileges here

All staff members serve the community for the greater good and without personal interests or ulterior motives in mind. They are familiar and comfortable with policy guidelines and assist the community to abide by them through neutral moderation. They consistently strive to find the balance between enforcing the rules and allowing the community to thrive on its own. They are generally compatible with all and ensure that everyone is treated with good faith.

On moderation

The way moderation is undertaken can mean the difference between a peaceful outcome or an inflamed predicament. When speaking of moderation, both moderators and administrators have a significant responsibility to see a resolution to conflicts by providing a positive influence that is conducive to users feeling comfortable and supported as much as possible and particularly throughout challenging situations. It should be recognised that it is quite possible for situations to deteriorate as a result of insensitive staff intervention. It is very important to maintain a neutral perspective and an objective approach in order to act fair and justly. With that in mind, site policy should always be enforced in a professional manner and with respect for all individuals and their perspectives. Offenders should be kindly informed when they are acting inappropriately so that they are aware that their actions are objectionable where they may not have been fully aware. Here, only after persistent disobedience should punishments be resorted to. If an explanation is ever requested, one should always be granted. It is important that any moderation involving punishments are clearly explained so not to breed a negative atmosphere by a perceived sense of injustice or antagonism towards particular individuals. This has the potential to generate new issues, which contradicts the purpose of moderation. Staff must not act superior towards others or abuse their tools. Their intentions should lie in improving the wellbeing of the community first and foremost.

Hackey5 from the Geometry Dash Wiki

Who are the wiki’s staff members?


Bots with sysop rights are listed under "bots".

  • Flag of the United States.svg.png 3primetime3 (bureaucrat) (active): Hello, and nice to meet you! If you need any assistance with wiki editing, Discord, or just anything in general, feel free to reach out via my message wall or DM and I will do so as best as I can. My wiki specialization is in mainspace editing along with Cheekian and PowerCrusher04, particularly pages in the levels namespace. Have a great stay!
  • Flag of Vietnam.svg.png CC-8589934592 (semi-active): Elsa is a Snow Queen from Frozen. He likes ice so much, and he wishes to become an ice-skater. He works on this wikia mostly time he is free, and detects spam, vandalism very quick. So, be careful with his icy power! Recently he is always comes along with Pokemon (like Pikachu, Samurott, Glaceon...), and he wants to become a roleplayer, a children of Emily.Samurott.
  • Flag of Malaysia.svg.png Cheekian (active): Cheekian is a player who always play Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga and have upload many walkthrough videos. Sometimes he have leak a bit about CCS and he just leak at chat sometime. But please don't request information from my wall.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Cinnabar The Evil Gem Chemist 55555555555555555550 (bureaucrat) (inactive): First account of Lefty8899
  • Flag of South Korea.svg.jpg DoCheonGong (bureaucrat) (semi-active): Though I quitted playing Candy Crush Saga for a long time ago, but I often visit here for fixing templates or other technical issues on Candy Crush Saga Wiki.
  • Flag of Greece.svg.png HM100 (active): HM100 (Makrus Tsokou in A Network) is a trusted mature person. He likes reverting vandalism and reporting it not only on his wikias but also on other wikis. He plays almost every games and has his very own stuff for every wikia and welcomes them to Ίδρυμα Wiki for discussing various issues on a wikia. Currently, he's the only most active greek user in this english community. My native language is not English.
  • Flag of Romania.svg.png Johnny.crush (active): Johnny.crush is an active administrator on this wiki.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png Lefty8899 (bureaucrat) (inactive): I am the founder of the Candy Crush Saga Wikia! I started playing Candy Crush in August 2012, when there were just 170 levels. This was before Candy Crush became very popular, and was still in beta! I had skipped the tutorial and then found myself wondering how certain mechanics worked, but to my surprise there was not even a Wikia on CCS. I created one.... and then Candy Crush hit the mainstream and all heck broke loose! I was an avid and regular player in 2012-2015, and was similarly active on this Wikia and in the chatroom. However, since 2015 I have been a lot less active and don't play Candy Crush anymore. But I do still check back every now and then! I am still somewhat active on the Discord server. I am very thankful for all those who joined over the years, and have made some amazing friends for life through this Wikia! Still incredibly thankful for this whole experience!
  • Flag of Georgia.svg.png PowerCrusher04 (bureaucrat) (active): PowerCrusher04 is an active editor who tries to keep everything on the wiki up to date and consistent, his main focus being episode articles and everything related.
  • Flag of Ireland.svg.png S256 (semi-active): S256 is an English administrator who currently resides somewhere in County Cavan, Ireland. When not performing administrative tasks at the rate of one every five months, he likes to play Worms Armageddon with Leo​​​, make music in FL Studio and make levels for his fanon in Game Maker. He also has Richard, a four-year-old tabby cat who is worshipped by all and sundry.
  • Flag of Hong Kong.svg.png Timhung005 (active): Timhung005 is an active player on the game and an active user on the wiki. He always provides pictures.
  • Flag of France.svg.png TokihikoH11 (active): TokihikoH11 is a French user who likes moderating, fighting vandals and spammers (across Fandom network) and talking with others. On 13-9-2019, She joined Community Council. Also admin on Candy Crush Soda Wiki and 8 other wikis.

Content moderators

  • JMDaGood (active): JMDaGood is an active content moderator on this wiki.
  • Overloadxyz (thread moderator) (active): Hi, I'm Overloadxyz! I have been a fan of Candy Crush since 2014. I enjoy coming up with fun and new predictions for what the game will hold next.
  • Pops8459394 (thread moderator) (active): I revert and fix content across the wiki.
  • SuperSprinter156 (active): Hi! I'm SuperSprinter156, also known as YoshLee44 everywhere else. I've been playing Candy Crush on/off since early 2013 and I have been part of this wiki on/off since early 2015. My main duty here is to manage the difficulty module, which shows how Very Easy - Nearly Impossible every level is. I also do some general edits and image uploads. One more thing, I'm Scottish :)!


  • LucZha003 (active): LucZha003 is an active CCS player who reverts vandalism about false information regarding redesigns and difficulties. He tries to do the task as effectively as possible, and I am currently doing a series of posts about the connections between the difficulty systems of Geometry Dash and this wiki.
  • Tasty Sugar Track (active): I am a big fan of Candy Crush. I have been playing Candy Crush constantly since January 2017. It has great music. I hope the timed levels theme returns in a future level type someday.
  • YellowMonica (semi-active):used to playing the game daily, and posting/updating pics of new levels here; lately just played the 3/4 new episodes released on Wednesdays and log progress in my blog

Thread moderators

Content moderators with thread moderator rights are listed once under “content moderator.”

Wiki manager

CCSW’s wiki manager is Moviesign, who offers support and advice to wiki staff in order to keep things running behind the scenes. They can also serve as a direct line of contact to Fandom staff shall a need arise.


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The timeline

Current administrators

User From Until
Lefty8899 (talkcontribslogs) 22 December 2012
3primetime3 (talkcontribslogs) 1 December 2013
1 December 2019
11 November 2018
S256 (talkcontribslogs) 20 August 2013
CC-8589934592 (talkcontribslogs) 25 August 2014
DoCheonGong (talkcontribslogs) 1 March 2015
Cheekian (talkcontribslogs) 29 February 2016
HM100 (talkcontribslogs) 17 March 2017
Johnny.crush (talkcontribslogs) 9 April 2017
17 March 2020
15 May 2022
10 September 2019
16 April 2021
PowerCrusher04 (talkcontribslogs) 12 September 2018
Timhung005 (talkcontribslogs) 22 April 2019
TokihikoH11 (talkcontribslogs) 29 November 2020

Former administrators

User Since Until Cause of Demotion
Liquoritz (talkcontribslogs) 20 October 2013
31 December 2013
22 October 2013
8 May 2014
Winner of a contest
Emmaelise401 (talkcontribslogs) 26 March 2014
1 August 2014
1 August 2014
18 October 2014
Rank abuse
Asew54321 (talkcontribslogs) 15 February 2015 16 February 2015 Winner of a contest
Jianhui67 (talkcontribslogs) 13 July 2013
27 March 2014
23 March 2014
11 May 2015
EeveeLover1988 (talkcontribslogs) 3 October 2014 20 June 2015 Inactivity
DaRKMaRoWaK (talkcontribslogs) 24 December 2014 12 September 2015 Resigned
LucasH181 (talkcontribslogs) 24 December 2014 30 January 2016 Inactivity
JoyIF (talkcontribslogs) 17 July 2014 17 May 2016 Inactivity
Supermario3459 (talkcontribslogs) 1 December 2013 10 September 2016 Inactivity
ChaneyTheSamurott (talkcontribslogs) 19 April 2015 5 December 2016 Retired
Imamadmad (talkcontribslogs) 21 February 2014
27 December 2014
25 August 2014
12 December 2016
Akumaxx ws (talkcontribslogs) 6 January 2016
3 October 2016
23 January 2016
28 January 2017
Beta Admin
Blueeighthnote (talkcontribslogs) 31 December 2013 7 April 2017 On hold
Blackbird625 (talkcontribslogs) 21 October 2014 26 May 2017 Inactivity
Cjay1997 (talkcontribslogs) 29 February 2016 6 October 2017 Opposed HTML5
Iceice33 (talkcontribslogs) 17 October 2017
3 December 2017
20 November 2017
13 January 2018
JoannaTheGal9395 (talkcontribslogs)

(Former Bureaucrat)

25 June 2014
25 October 2014
18 October 2014
24 June 2018
Temporary demotion
Mossy Mos (talkcontribslogs) 17 March 2017 10 October 2018 Inactivity
Flockky II (talkcontribslogs) 24 December 2014
20 June 2015
5 August 2018
27 December 2014
8 May 2017
31 January 2019
3litecandycrusher (talkcontribslogs) 16 August 2015 31 January 2019 Inactivity
Overloadxyz (talkcontribslogs) 10 November 2019 17 December 2019 Lack of consensus
Bp101697 (talkcontribslogs) 17 March 2017 22 March 2020 Inactivity
Not real name (talkcontribslogs) 16 September 2016
5 April 2018
6 April 2020
11 June 2017
16 June 2018
21 November 2020
Temporary Return
Temporary Return
Dong Carl X (talkcontribslogs) 24 December 2019 20 December 2020 Retired
Courtemanche437 (talkcontribslogs) 30 May 2017
31 December 2018
27 August 2018
16 April 2021
Marisa1980 (talkcontribslogs) 29 February 2016 16 April 2021 Inactivity
--MULLIGANACEOUS-- (talkcontribslogs) 17 March 2017 16 April 2021 Inactivity
Wildoneshelper (talkcontribslogs)

(Former Bureaucrat)

3 December 2013 21 April 2021 Inactivity
Catinthedark (talkcontribslogs)

(Former Bureaucrat)

16 August 2015
1 June 2019
31 January 2019
21 April 2021

Inactivity policy

An inactive user is one who has made no contributions or user rights actions in approximately 1-3 months (based on the last contribution date or last date the last action is processed according to the user log) and has not been seen in Discord for the same amount of time. In addition, if a user’s activity has significantly declined for a long period of time (approximately 3 months to a year) compared to when they were promoted, this is also subject to the grounds of being considered inactive at a bureaucrat’s discretion.

However, if a user has announced either on Discord, Discussions, or their message wall stating that they will be away for a while and has given a reasonable intended return date, then action should not be taken over inactivity until that date has long since passed.

If the user has not been seen for a while at all, then a bureaucrat can demote the account and then place a message on their wall stating why their rights have been removed. Similarly, if the user’s activity has dropped significantly, then a bureaucrat should attempt to reach out to the user first and wait for their response before deciding what to do. If the user ignores the message for over a week or states that the bureaucrat can demote them, then they can do so. If the user wants to hold on to the rights, then they have the privilege to do so. However, shall the bureaucrat still believe that a demotion is the best idea, they should receive support from at least three to five (if not more) other administrators to remove ranks before doing so. In such a case, the inactive user should agree that the wiki needs to move on and can get their rights back when their activity comes back to a more reasonable state.

  • A user who has been demoted due to inactivity (and does so peaceably) will be given the status of a former user holding the rank (such as former administrator, etc.). Depending on the conditions, they can easily re-request for the same or lesser privileges by contacting a bureaucrat, provided that they have decided to come back to this wiki and have recovered to a reasonable activity level.

Users that no longer want their rights can demote themselves at any time to be given the status of a former user holding the rank. They can also re-request for the same or lesser privileges by contacting a bureaucrat, provided that they have always still acted with the same mannerisms before, during, and after the last promotion.

  • The inactivity policy does not protect those who have abused their privileges and rights, demoted themselves to spite someone, or have done so as an act of self-sabotage. Shall a ranked user do this, they were unfit for the position in the first place and shall not be promoted again unless they go through another request for user rights.

The following pages need to be updated whenever a user is demoted or repromoted: