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This page, similar to to this corresponding page on Wikipedia, will attempt to set boundaries to what CCSW can and cannot be used for.

CCSW is not Wikipedia

CCSW is an encyclopedia only based on content found around the game ‘’Candy Crush Saga’’ and consists of a selective amount of fans interested in contributing to the community, and thus is not Wikipedia.

CCSW is created by Candy Crush fans, and thus trivial information about the game (such as Level 252 previously being a famous timed level) is allowed, while it is not on Wikipedia. Any content found in the game may have a corresponding page, provided that there is not an existing article that can cover the content. In such cases, it suffices simply to add a section.

In addition, CCSW may have rules that differ from Wikipedia. Please check the other policy pages for more information.

CCSW is not affiliated with King

Information found here is not official, as CCSW is not the original source for the game. In addition, wiki administrators and bureaucrats that keep the website going are not affiliated with King and are volunteers that take their free time to contribute. For questions about game-related or purchasing issues, please contact King directly or visit their forums.

Articles may be out of date, incomplete, or inaccurate with what is currently found in the game. CCSW will strive to be as accurate as possible, but not every article is guaranteed to be correct and cannot be taken as the final word for game information. If something is incorrectly factually stated, please try your best to fix it by using the editing feature.

CCSW is not another unofficial site

If interesting information is found on another unaffiliated fan site such as this one, it should be left there or placed here with appropriate citations. If the unofficial site (along with proper credentials) requests for the information to be taken down, it must be removed as soon as possible.

Users should not copy text from another location without citing appropriate sources - failing to do so is considered plagiarism. Just as a user here would not want others copying their hard work without attribution, the same respect must be made the other way.

CCSW is for Candy Crush Saga only

This wiki is currently dedicated solely for content found in ‘’Candy Crush Saga’’. Other Candy Crush games, such Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, and Candy Crush Friends Saga have their own respective wikis linked on the main page.

CCSW will only be open to hosting other Candy Crush games once there is a capability to handle more content.

CCSW is not a fanon

There is a wiki for this, found on the main page.

  • Keep in mind that all other wikis have a different set of guidelines and policies that must be adhered to.

Any information that is not objectively found in the game will be deleted in order to hold the encyclopedic value of the website.

CCSW is not a free storage provider

Even though a user has a userpage, this website is not a free place to store files, especially if it is not related to Candy Crush. A user page should only contain information relevant to yourself as a user or wiki experiences, not for advertising or propaganda.

CCSW is not owned by anyone

CCSW is not owned by any one founder, bureaucrat, or administrator. Each staff member helps facilitates to keep the place running as smoothly as possible, but the website itself, along with its trademarks, are owned by Fandom and all Candy Crush content is owned by Limited.

Note however, that the copyright of a specific edit is owned by the person that made the edit (unless a source is listed) according to the licencing policy linked on the main policy page.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask any administrator or bureaucrat for advice.