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This article is about the candy frog that first appeared in Sticky Savannah. If you are looking for the character that first appeared in Glazed Grove, see Freddie.

Pick my landing square. I'm about to smash some candy!

—Splash text, using candy frog on mobile


The candy frog is one of the special candies and secondary elements in Candy Crush Saga. The first level with the candy frog is level 531.


One of the unique things about the candy frog is that it does not disappear when matched, nor is it affected by gravity (i.e. if a space below it is empty, it will remain in place and candies from either side will drop into the gap. Candies above the candy frog will rest above it unless they fall into gaps on either side). The candy frog is movable, however, and can be moved to make normal matches with other candies of its own colour, or to combine with other special candies as noted below. If it is placed on a conveyor belt, it will also be moved along the direction at the end of a move (787, 1295 and 1750 are examples).

The candy frog consumes any candies it is matched with, destroyed via its special candy powers as noted below, or all candies destroyed by another special candy or combination when the frog is caught in the blast radius. When the candy frog consumes 6 candies , it will reach a state where a "Frogtastic!" voice is heard; that state is created when the frog is totally stuffed, making a belch, and rings are surrounding it. Then if you click it and select a part of the board, it will jump off the board and land directly on the part you selected, making an explosion and taking the surrounding 9 candies (3*3 area) on the place he lands (similar to a wrapped candy); after that it changes colour.

Any special candy created or combined with the candy frog will be consumed, and in the next match, it will fire that special candy's effect. It will also change its appearance on the next special candies:

  • Striped Candy: White stripes will appear on it; on the next match he will shoot the striped candy and clear either the row (if horizontal striped candy) or column (if vertical striped candy) he is on.
  • Wrapped Candy: A wrapper will appear on it; on the next match he will shoot the wrapped candy effect, exploding and the 8 surrounded candies (3×3 area) are cleared.
  • Colour Bomb: It will turn brown and sprinkles of the candy colour appears on; when swapped with another candy, the colour bomb's effect is triggered.

Even in frogtastic state, the frog can still match with other candies, however it will not consume any special effect. If one move is going to give a special candy effect to the frog and feed him into frogtastic state at the same time, the special candy effect will be released immediately.

It is also possible to swap a normal frog with a special candy. In most cases, the special candy will be activated and the frog will copy the special effect (including the direction of stripes, in case of a striped candy). Jelly fish is an exception, however.

If a specialised frog is combined with another special candy, the same effect will occur as if the frog were a regular special candy (i.e. a striped frog combined with a wrapped candy will have the normal striped & wrapped candy combination effect).

During Sugar Crush, a candy frog will not gain special candy effects from cascades. Effects already possessed will not activate automatically. If it is already at frogtastic state, it will make a 3×3 explosion once and cancel the state.

In Dreamworld, if either colour on the moon scale matches the colour of the candy or in the case of a 5-colour level, the colour on the left side of the moon scale, the candies removed will feed the candy frog. See the below section for differences.

A candy frog can be covered by chocolate. In this case, it does not disappear, but keep his eyes visible. While breaking the piece of chocolate can free the frog, it is not possible to feed a frog under chocolate. There is also a variant where the frog is under a piece of locked chocolate. 758 is the first level with both chocolate and candy frog, meaning that it's the first level where the frog can be covered by chocolate.

It can also appear in sugar chests, starting from 1017. It is not possible to feed a frog encased in a chest.

Candy frogs and magic mixers appear in the same level for the first time in 2204. The former is unaffected by blockers spawned by the magic mixer, much like ingredients.

Candy frog is required as part of the order (first seen in 1055). To collect one of its orders, you need to feed the frog to frogtastic phase, then activate it.

Former level types[]

Before the removal of timed levels, their first appearance in one was in level 1004. The time was not affected, even if it was being activated. Hence, a few seconds could be wasted in this process.

In Dreamworld, if either colour on the moon scale matched the colour of the candy, or in the case of a 5-colour level, the colour on the left side of the moon scale, the candies removed fed the candy frog. See the below section for differences.

Platform differences[]


  • When using a frog, it does a barrel roll each time it jumps, then it simply smashes the landing site.
  • Using a frog causes ingredients to delay their spawning timing.
  • If a matching of special candies involves a frog in frogtastic state, the scoring of special matching will occur, but the special candy does not appear.
  • During Sugar Crush, a frog is ignored by a colour bomb explosion.
  • Using the frog when it is activated does not cost a move unless it's a moves level.
  • The frog can land on regular chocolate to destroy it. This does not apply to any other immovable blocker.
  • Before its removal, in Dreamworld, if Moon Struck hits the frog, it is fed normally. If there are not enough candies during the process, it is almost impossible to use the frog before the moon struck ends, since the target colour does not spawn.


  • When using a frog, it simply jumps, but upon landing, it regurgitates all the candies consumed.
  • Using a frog does not affect the timing of ingredients spawning.
  • When the frog is in frogtastic state, using it in special candy formations will cause the special candy to be made as usual.
  • During Sugar Crush, a frog counts in colour bomb explosion and is worth 60 basic points.
  • If Moon Struck hits the frog, it will always become frogtastic, regardless of how many candies being removed.
  • Currently, if all of the only available moves involve the frog, shuffle will occur. This is a glitch.
  • Using the frog when it is activated costs one move.
  • The frog can't land on chocolate.

Notable levels[]

  • Level 531 - First official appearance on the game, as well as in a 4-coloured, and a jelly level.
  • Level 610 - First appearance in an ingredients level.
  • Level 612 - First appearance in a 5-coloured, and a moves level.
  • Level 615 - First appearance in a candy order level.
  • Level 621 - First appearance in a 3-coloured level.
  • Level 738 - Unofficially the first appearance in chocolate.
  • Level 749 - Formerly the first appearance in a 6-coloured level (before being redesigned).
  • Level 865 - Officially the first appearance in chocolate.
  • Level 1017 - First appearance in sugar chests.
  • Level 1030 - First time when they can open lucky candies.
  • Level 1055 - First level with candy frog order.
  • Level 1071 - First appearance in locked chocolate.
  • Level 1418 - First appearance in marmalade.
  • Level 1421 - First appearance in liquorice locks.
  • Level 1746 - First appearance in mixed levels.
  • Level 1750 - First appearance on a conveyor belt at the start of the level.
  • Level 2660 - First time when the frog has a fixed colour.
  • Level 3423 - First time when it can be locked by magic mixers.
  • Level 3849 - First appearance of a non-spawning colour candy frog. First time when a yellow candy frog appears in a level where said colour doesn't spawn.
  • Level 4053 - First appearance in jelly-order mixed levels.
  • Level 4334 - First appearance of a candy frog that can't be fed.
  • Level 4566 - First appearance in marmalade-covered chocolate (formerly, before the level was redesigned).
  • Level 4614 - First time when it can be encased in marmalade by magic mixers.
  • Level 4680 - First appearance in a 2 coloured level.
  • Level 4781 - First appearance in crystals.
  • Level 5274 - First appearance of a chocolate-covered candy frog in sugar chests.
  • Level 5293 - First appearance in marmalade-covered chocolate.
  • Level 6691 - First appearance in sugar coats.
  • Level 7293 - First appearance in rainbow rapids levels.
  • Level 7917 - First level where candy frog order is required to unlock order locks.
  • Level 8523 - First rapids-order mixed level with candy frog order.
  • Level 8613 - First time when a red candy frog appears in a level where said colour doesn't spawn.
  • Level 8695 - First appearance in skull pedestals.
  • Level 9005 - First level with a different colour scheme where the candy frog appears.
  • Level 9084 - Currently the first 6-coloured level with candy frog.
  • Level 10003 - First five-digit level with candy frog.
  • Level 15560 - First level where candy frog landing on a tile can activate gumball machines.


  • There have never been two or more candy frogs present in a single level.
  • Since it is the most complicated element, level 531 has became a tutorial level designed so that players can get used to it.
  • This is the only advanced element which requires a dedicated tutorial. All other blockers and special elements need not have tutorials at the time of its official introduction.
  • It can land on any candy, on liquorice swirls, on candy bombs, and on toffee swirls. If it is set off near frosting, a layer is taken off. If it is set off near a cake bomb, a slice of each quadrant affected is taken off.
    • It can even land on a tile with no candy on it.
  • The frog's explosion will override any object in his landing spot. For example, if he lands on a liquorice swirl with jelly below, the jelly will take one hit. As such, he cannot land on an ingredient since it cannot be destroyed. In the current version, when placed on an ingredient, the ingredient will disappear and the normal effects of the frog take place. This is most likely a bug.
  • It will make a sound every time it is interacted with.
  • The direction where the candy frog stares varies between platforms.
    • Flash: Every few seconds, the frog stares on the left and right then to the centre.
    • HTML5: He stares at you (centre), then to the bottom right and back to the left.
  • It is the first new element since conveyor belts, which were introduced in episode 37, Sticky Savannah.
  • In past versions, it was not activated during Sugar Crush even if it is in the Frogtastic phase.
    • In older versions, it can be fed during sugar crush, which is meaningless. Later, it will not consume candies during sugar crush.
  • A "wrapped" candy frog will only explode once instead of twice. This includes wrapped candy + wrapped candy combinations with the candy frog.
  • The candy frog appears in Glazed Grove as a character.
  • Candies blown away by a cake bomb do not feed the candy frog.
  • If the candy frog is combined with a special candy, this frog does not count toward the required order. For example, if you combine candy frog and striped candy, the frog becomes striped. But this frog does not count towards the striped candy order, even though it has the same effect as a normal striped candy.
    • However, using a frog does not cause conveyor belts to move, or (Flash only) bombs to tick.
  • By making a striped + wrapped combination, if one of them is a candy frog, the giant "candy" will look like a giant frog. Though how the wrapper on the frog disappears varies between platforms.
    • Flash: It will disappear quickly.
    • HTML5: It will not disappear before the combination ends.
  • This is the last element to be introduced officially in Dreamworld, before it was removed.
  • By real life timeline, after the release of Hoax Hollow, popcorns and UFOs appears in some Dreamworld levels as replacement of toffee tornadoes.
  • The position of the candy frog when it is encased in locked chocolate vary between platforms.
    • Flash: His eyes are above the lock, which is supposed to be above the chocolate.
    • HTML5: It places the eyes at the correct layer.
  • This is a rare occurrence: if the frog has a valid match, but after moving the frog and before matching, if candies slide down due to the frog being moved, and it causes the supposed matching become invalid, the frog will return to his previous location and this does not count as a move.
  • Level 1421 (originally, level 1330) is the first level to feature a candy frog in a Liquorice Lock. When the frog is in the liquorice lock it can be freed like a normal candy but the first match you make that frees the frog will not charge the frog up at all. Also, combining a colour bomb with a candy that has the same colour as the frog will not free it.
  • It was originally supposed to appear in level 1330.
  • On Candy Crush Soda Saga, it's counterpart is Sprinkleshell. Both elements exhibit personification and anthropomorphism.
  • They are also introduced at later levels. Similar to a candy frog, you can also feed candies and activate his power. He can eliminate a colour without spending a move, like a colour bomb. Unlike the candy frog, which can be any one of the six candy colours, appears on the board, and required 6 candies, the Sprinkleshell always requires cyan candies, does not appear on the board and requires different quantities of candies to activate, based on the level.
  • From the redesign of level 1418, the candy frog has appeared in more forms/ways than almost any other element (see Notable Levels for more information).
  • While it's possible to put the frog on a conveyor belt, there never used to be a level that was designed in such a way that the frog appeared on the conveyor belt at the start, until level 1750.
  • Non-encasing blockers spawned by magic mixers don't affect the candy frog. Marmalade, liquorice locks, crystal candies and sugar coats spawned by magic mixers can still encase the candy frog.
  • A candy frog landing next to a bobber activates it and produces one jelly fish, since it is the equivalent of being hit by a special candy.
  • While the candy frog can be covered by regular chocolate, it cannot be covered by dark chocolate.
  • Candy frog order is introduced in level 6206, which is an order drop down mixed level. It officially appears in a regular candy order level, from 6320.
  • The candy frog's tilemap code is 036. Chocolate-covered candy frog has a different tilemap code 053.
  • Candy frog has the order number '30'.
  • The candy frog cannot block the rainbow rapids path. This can be seen in level 8583 as the candy frog appears on the rainbow rapids path at the start of the level.
  • Level 7917 is the first level where candy frog order is required to unlock order locks.
  • Candy frog order is the first order to be introduced in 2020.
  • Level 4334 is the first (and currently, only) level where the candy frog cannot be fed. This is because it appears as a non-spawning colour, and no other candies or elements of that colour appear on the board.
  • Since the introduction of HTML5 exclusive blocker orders, candy frog is the only order element introduced that is not a blocker. All other orders (i.e. dark chocolate, crystal candies, bubblegum pops) are HTML5 exclusive blockers.
  • Candy frog is the first (and only) indestructible element that is required for orders. Since it's indestructible, each "use" of it is counted as one order.
  • According the the Community Manager, the frog's official name is Samantha. It is thus confirmed the Candy Frog is a female.
  • If a candy frog is in the path of a candy cobra and the cobra charges through or into it, the candy frog will be fully charged. This can be seen in Level 14207.
  • Candy frogs which are covered in chocolate at the start have not been seen for a long time, possibly due to the rise of dark chocolate (which cannot encase candy frogs).



How to use the Frog in Candy Crush Saga


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