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Candy Necklace is one of the events in Candy Crush Saga.

It has similar features to the Booster Bot. It was introduced on October 6, 2020, to replace the Booster Bot. Its introduction was announced by managers of the King Community.

Click here to view the announcement.


It appears as a colorful string of candies. There are five goodie bags of different colors. When the first level is done, the first bag appears to inflate. When you win the second level on the first try, the second bag appears to inflate, and the first bag is replaced by a checkmark, and so on. When you lose a level, the necklace appears to stretch as if it's about to break. The fifth bag appears to have some leaves on it. When you click on each of the bags, it shows you the rewards. Every level with the win streak, the correct bag is broken, and you get the rewards.


If you win a level, you start a win streak and will get a reward for the next one.

If you fail or quit a level, you lose the streak, and all of the rewards are gone. On the starting board, a bag is seen, and it breaks into special candies and put it on the board. Sometimes empty spaces were used.

If you win, you get:

  1. 1 Striped Candy
  2. 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Striped Candy, and 1 Wrapped Candy
  3. 3 Extra Moves, 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Striped Candy, and 1 Wrapped Candy
  4. Same as 3: 3 Extra Moves, 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Striped Candy, and 1 Wrapped Candy
  5. 3 Extra Moves, 2 Striped Candies, 2 Wrapped Candies, and 1 Colour Bomb


  • Unlike the Booster Bot, the Candy Necklace is more animated.