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Candy Pet was one of the events in Candy Crush Saga.

In this event, the player was required to collect certain candy color to feed the dragon named Didi, or the ram named Rami.

Before starting to play this event officially, the player was instructed how to play it: first, investigate the egg; second, bake the food; and last, get the gift.

The feeding was divided into a few steps.

  • In each step, the player is required to collect a given number of certain colour of candies in any stage.
  • Once enough candies have been collected, the player can start the baking process to transform candies into food for the pet. The process will take a while, varing from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • After baking has ended, the player can feed the pet and start next step. It is impossible to collect any more candy before feeding.
  • For every step completed, the player can earn some reward. Each minor step may provide small boosters like an hour of Colour Bomb, while the final step gives one of each common boosters.


  • Didi's appearance is very similar to Denize. It is later confirmed that Didi is Denize's daughter.
  • After fully feeding Rami, Ramsay will appear and mention that Rami is his nephew.
  • The Didi version of the event starts on Thursdays at 1000 UTC and ended on Mondays at 1000 UTC.
  • The Rami version of the event starts on Mondays at 1000 UTC and ended on Thursdays at 1000 UTC.
  • In the early releases, the first baking phase would only take 5 seconds to finish.


  • The player can collect boosters if they enter and exit the level.


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