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Candy Quests is one of features in Candy Crush Saga. It was released for the first time on January 2019. It appears in Windows 10 and in Mobile devices.

List of quests Edit

  • Candy Collector: Olivia needs help collecting 200 Candies for her holiday gifts!
  • Top of the Charts: Help Hilda soar by being #1 on a lederboard!
  • A Real Lifesaver: Send 10 Lives to friends! (It's what Mr. Yeti would do.)
  • Booster Explorer: Help Captain Sweet Tooth pillage Candies by using Boosters!
  • A Troll's Quest: Can yo handle whatever the Bubblegum Troll throws at you?

Rewards Edit

You have to choose one quest between two from the five available options and then you must complete it within eight hours. If you complete successfully the quest you'll be rewarded with three free boosters:

Once you get a reward, you'll have to wait a certain lapse of time until you get a new candy quest.

Notes Edit

  • You must use a Jelly Fish and a Free Switch boosters in order to complete the Booster Explorer quest.
  • A Troll's Quest consists in a random choose from the other quests.

Gallery Edit

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