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Captain Sweet Tooth
Character EP87
Gender Male
First appearance Butter-Rum-Reef
Problem Unknown (shown as feeling upset)
Solution Unknown (shown as smiling a little bit)
Full list of appearances Reality:
Coconut Cape

Captain Sweet Tooth is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a pirate encountered in the 87th episode, Butter Rum Reef. Before introducing level 1281, he is altogether with Tiffi who is smiling. He first appears in Pirate Weekend, one of the events on mobile version.

In the 220th episode, Tasty Tropics, his ship sunk and he's now stranded on a island. Tiffi builds him a ship using the marshmallows from the island.

In the 232nd episode, Booty Bay, he needs to get to his ship, but there are sharks swimming in the waters. Tiffi uses a big lollipop to lure away all the sharks.

In the 250th episode, Pudding Patch, Tiffi finds a key to unlock the treasure that he found on the island with the silver jelly.

In the 276th episode, Bounty Bush, his treasure chest has ended up tangled in the treetops. Tiffi and the Captain blow up balloons with their bubblegum to reach it.

In the 304th episode, Treasure Tropics, he and Tiffi have a party to celebrate them finding the treasure chest.


  • This is one of the few characters in the game whose official appearance is earlier than the release of specific episode where the character is supposed to be officially shown. The other characters include Mr. Yeti (his shop is available in Candy Factory but his official appearance is in Chocolate Mountains) and Mary (she is available on the web version to help players unlock episodes and as such appears at the end of Candy Factory but her official appearance is in Pearly White Plains).
  • This character looks like Capt'n Candycane in Candy Crush Soda Saga.