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Not to be confused with the Witch in the 11th episode, Gingerbread Glade or Stella in the 74th episode, Bubblegum Hut.
Character EP88.png
Gender Female
First appearance Hoax-Hollow.png
Problem She is making potion but she lacks some essentials.
Solution Tiffi collects the essentials, and she completes her task and changes into party outfit.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Witchy Wilderness

Caramella is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. She is a witch and encountered in the 88th episode, Hoax Hollow. Before introducing level 1296, she holds a large spoon and makes potion. She first appears in SpOoktastic Party, one of the events on the mobile version.


  • She is the third witch character in the game with chronological order, along with Witch and Stella.
  • In the event SpOoktastic Party, she requests players to find the following essentials: A spider, a disco ball (which looks like a crystal ball), and a triple-coloured fruit candy (from the Tree).
    • The levels (624, 629 and 620) to find these essentials have frog, which is a common essential in many witch legends.
    • The change of pathway icons may be a reference of this event, since it occurs right before the episode is released.
  • This is one of the few characters in the game whose official appearance is earlier than the release of specific episode where the character is supposed to be officially shown. The other characters include Mr. Yeti (his shop is available in Candy Factory but his official appearance is in Chocolate Mountains), Mary (she is available on Facebook to help players unlock episodes and as such appears at the end of Candy Factory but her official appearance is in Pearly White Plains) and Cap'n Sweet Tooth (he appears in the Pirate Weekend event which existed on mobile before the release of Butter Rum Reef).