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Cascades occur when you trigger a chain reaction with one match. This can be done very easily when you have 2 to 5 colours on the board or with a colour bomb.

Cascade acknowledgements[]

Liquorice Lock is fractured

An example of cascades

Cascade acknowledgements are announced when a player makes a series of cascades. You can listen to these recordings in the page Voice.

  • Sweet - This can be done by destroying at least 12 candies or making 4 cascades.
  • Tasty - You can achieve this by destroying at least 18 candies or making 6 cascades.
  • Delicious - You'll have to destroy at least 24 candies or make 8 cascades in one move.
  • Divine - You'll have to be very lucky (or seriously skilled) to cause this much mayhem on the board. Getting to hear that most-coveted of voices can be done by destroying more than 30 candies or making at least 10 cascades in one move! This can be more easily achieved in levels with four, three, and two colours. Five colour levels can also create strong cascades in levels with enough space.


  • Cascades are very helpful when the target score is high, especially on moves levels and timed levels, since cascades award you more points as they continue. They give an additional 120 points per cascade (for three-candy matches), so each additional cascade is worth 120, 240, 360, 480, etc. If the cascades occur on squares with jellies, they can cause a significant amount of points to be earned due to the multiplier effect (scores as high as 30,000 points due to clearing of jellies can be done).
  • The total number of points earned is a quadratic function about the number of cascades generated. This means that long streaks of cascades are often vital in earning multiple stars.
  • However, cascades can sometimes be a nightmare, since they can sometimes ruin your plans, especially in candy order levels, because they can prevent you from making some special candies or they can set off the special candies, especially when the level requires a special candy + special candy combination.
  • Cascades could be extremely deadly in Dreamworld. If the cascade removed many candies that were the colour on one side of the moon scale, it could cause Odus to fall, resulting in a level failed. But, cascades were wholly welcome during moon struck.
  • At the 35-second mark of PSY's Gentleman video when level 46 makes an appearance, the word "Sweet!" is visible on the phone screen for a fraction of a second as PSY gets a cascade in the game.