Character EP31
Gender Male
First appearance Butterscotch-Boulders
Problem Butterscotch Boulders: Bubblegum Troll blocks the railroad with chocolate.
Solution Butterscotch Boulders: The sun melts the chocolate.
Full list of appearances Reality:

Dreamworld (mobile):

Casey is a character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a train driver first encountered in the 31st episode, Butterscotch Boulders. Before introducing level 441, the Bubblegum Troll blocks the train's path with chocolate. After completing level 455, the sun melts the chocolate, and both Tiffi and Casey celebrate.

In the 115th episode, Sweet Skies, he reached across the canyon by using his flying train, together with Tiffi.

In the 138th episode, Tricky Tracks, his pumpkin cart had broken down. So, Tiffi replaces the pumpkin's wiggly wheel with a gumdrop square.


  • He could be responsible for taking Tiffi to the new episodes, as the train is the most common method of traveling in the game.
  • He might also be the one saying "Tickets please" and "All aboard!" before and after getting tickets to the next episode.
  • He is one of three characters who debuts in a Reality episode which has a Dreamworld counterpart without appearing in Dreamworld, and one of the two which might have formerly been present. It is implied that he might be inside the train, or out on a break.
    • The other character in the latter category is Allen (they do not appear in Nerdy Nebula; he most likely left in his spaceship).
    • Little Star does not take any role or indirect mention at all, let alone make an appearance, since Dozy Dawn's storyline is completely unrelated to Fizzy Falls.
    • This is only applicable on web version because he appears in Starlight Station on mobile devices.


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