These levels were impossible at one time or another (without boosters) because of a design or objectives oversight or a glitch.

For example, an early version of level 578 was impossible because it featured a jelly square underneath a chocolate spawner where jelly fish do not appear at all without using the corresponding booster. Additionally, other special candy effects will not remove jelly that is underneath a chocolate spawner.

More recent levels that were impossible were because of an oversight of an order, such as requiring more of an order than what can ever be obtained.

Possible reasons why levels may be impossible Edit

  • Requiring more of an order than what is in the board
  • Ingredient being in a dead zone
  • Jelly under a chocolate spawner
  • Candy cannons do not spawn enough ingredients in a certain number of moves (for example, they only spawn 1 ingredient per 10 moves when there's only 30, and 4 ingredients need to be collected)
  • Move typo (for example, 2 moves when they should be 20)

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