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These are the levels with four candy colours. Hence, special candies and cascades are very easy to be created. This accounts for the reason why some of the levels here are the easiest to pass and players earning hundreds of thousands or even millions of points. Despite this, there are some levels that are hard to pass or earn three stars due to the board layout, blockers, and other restrictions that make the levels harder.

However, they only exist in Reality. In Dreamworld, these levels always have more candy colours, usually five. This makes the level harder because special candies are harder to be created. They are usually harder to earn three stars as well. Some of the hardest levels in Dreamworld are the ones whose Reality counterparts are four coloured levels.

The default colour scheme in four-coloured levels is blue, green, orange, purple. From Level 9000 onwards, some four-coloured levels may use a different colour scheme.


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