These are the levels that the orders for candy colours that do not spawn on the board. To collect the order, one is required to open lucky candies to find candies of the extra colour.

Most of the time, the amount of lucky candies is equal to the order requirement. However if one manages to make special candy with that extra colour, one is able to save some lucky candies and ease the work.

In later levels, there may not be enough lucky candies upon startup, but they can spawn from dispensers.

Currently, there are some variants of this level type:

  • The more common "5.6 color" level, which requires yellow candies on a 5-color board.
  • The less common "4.5 color" level, which requires red or yellow candies on a 4-color board. Yellow candies tend to be more common in later levels.
  • The rare "4.6 color" level which requires red and yellow candies on a 4-color board.
  • The "3.6 color" level is not seen until Level 2605, a three-coloured level that requires three non-spawning candy colors (purple, red and yellow). This is the last combination on Flash version.
  • The "3.5 color" level is a three colored level that requires two non-spawning candy-colors out of purple, red and yellow. It first occurs in level 2642 due to redesigning.
  • The "2.5 color" level is not seen until Level 2595, a two-colored level that requires three non-spawning candy colors. Currently, the only combination is red, purple, yellow.
  • As of late, 2.3 and 3.4 levels have been introduced. They are (respectively) two and three coloured levels requiring one colour that doesn't spawn. In the case of 2.3, the non-spawning colour is yellow.
  • There are still some non-existing combinations (2.4 coloured levels haven't been officially introduced). Also, 2.3 coloured levels only have non-spawning yellow candies, as opposed to orange, purple, or red candies (which are respectively the 3rd, 4th and 5th candies in chronological order).
  • None of these hypothetical combinations will exist on Flash version because it ended at level 2825, which is also the last level with non-spawning colour orders.

Compare "levels with non-spawning candy colours" (where regular candies or coloured elements are a colour that doesn't spawn but appear on the starting board as part of a fixed layout).

There is a bit of overlap in later levels, where non-spawning colours that are required as part of the order appear on the board and don't respawn, without the need for lucky candies.

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