Milestones are levels or episodes whose number or sequence falls on an easily recognizable number (e.g. 100, 1000, or 5000).
Levels that are milestones include:

  • Levels or episodes that are a multiple of 100, or more powerfully, 1000.
  • Every hundredth level for each of the level types.
  • Levels which are a multiple of 1000 based on release date.
  • Episodes which are a multiple of 100 based on release date.
  • A feature, episode, or aspect which is released to celebrate a level.

Repeated instances are in Italics.

Multiple of 100Edit

The first few hundreds are celebrated, but all levels which are multiples of a thousand are celebrated, along with all episode openers of episodes that are multiples of a hundred.

Hundredth episode by releaseEdit

Hundredth level by level typesEdit



Multiple of 1000 (Thousandth level by release)Edit

Special celebrationsEdit

  • Level 200 - Sweet Surprise, which follows this level, is dedicated to this level (also episode finale). Also celebrates the first anniversary of the game.
  • Level 500 - Inspiration for Dreamworld (also episode finale, and one of the former hardest levels in the game).
  • Happy New Year (2014) - Not playable, but present on a special Candy Crush video. This is the first 2-colored level in the entire game.
  • Level 200 (Dreamworld) - Sweet Dreams, which was the Dreamworld counterpart of Sweet Surprise. It was the second anniversary of the game.
  • Level 666 - Inspiration for its level design. Much later since its release, an inspiration for ending Dreamworld.
  • Level 500 (Dreamworld) - All levels prior to the release of Dreamworld now had a Dreamworld counterpart.
  • Level 1000 - Being the first 4-digit level, it is specifically designed for a large candy order and used to be an arrangement based on the Roman number, M. When the level got redesigned, the Sugar Chests are arranged into a giant '1K'.
  • Level 1476 - First level in the 100th episode. Also the Reality level which requires the greatest number of wrapped candies and has the lowest one star target score at 100 points.
  • Level 1641 - First level in the 111th episode. The board has fixed candy layout with three 1 with different colour and three different colour of regular candy orders that require 111 candies each.
  • Level 2000 - The 2K level. It is also an episode finale. The color bombs are arranged into a giant '2K', 200 purple candies are required, and the one-star target is 2000 points.
  • Level 2976 - First level in the 200th episode. Locked blue and orange candies arrange into a '200' with the middle '0' above the left '2' and the right '0', and 200 blue candies needs to be matched.
  • Happy New Year (2015) - Celebrating new year, only available on one day (2015.12.31).
  • Level 3000 - The 3K level. This is the first level released to require Jelly Fish orders. 333 Jelly Fish are required, which can be obtained from Bobbers (which are released in the 2000s) arranged in a giant '3K'.
  • Level 4000 - The 4K level. The Candy Cane Fence, released in the 3000s, are arranged into a giant '4K' with '4' on the top left and 'K' on the bottom right.
  • Level 4476 - The E300 level. The Candy Canes form a '300' with digits cascading downwards. The elements inside the digits are Waffles which are required to be cleared, and the Candy Canes separate the main board from the digits.
  • Level 5000 - The 5K level. The Crystal Candies, released in the 4000s, surrounded by Candy Cane Curl are arranged into a giant '5K' with '5' on the bottom left and 'K' on the bottom right.

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