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These are the elements in the game whose appearances have been redesigned at some point:

  • Chocolate Spawner: Used to be predominantly silver, it is now mostly blue.
  • Candy Cannon: The bubble at the top used to be clear-coloured, it is now white. The handle used to be white/silver, it is now gold. Icons for coloured elements are also a dark pink colour, instead of light pink or rainbow coloured (except chameleon candies).
  • Cake Bomb: Now has a sleeker, rounder design.
  • Magic Mixer: Used to be white, then pink, is now mostly blue, similar to a chocolate spawner.
  • Waffle: Used to have a green-coloured third layer, now has a light yellow third layer.
  • Toffee Swirl: Used to be a waffle, now a toffee swirl.
  • Bubblegum Pop: Used to have the precise same design as the Fizz from Candy Crush Friends Saga. Its design has now been changed to be different from the Fizz in said game.
  • Frosting/Multilayered Icing: Used to be with chocolate layers mostly but now has strawberry swirls and a somewhat different design.
  • Sugar Chest: Used to be a chest with layers, but it is now a white lock.
  • Teleporter: Used to be blue for the entrance and pink for the exit, but now it's black in the inner part and white in the outer.
  • Order: Order icons, like candy cannon icons, are now dark pink, as opposed to greyish-purple.
  • Liquorice Shell: Used to be a popcorn surrounded by a brown square;now a liquorice shell encasing a colour bomb that is revealed by the shell as it degrades.
  • Candy Cobra: The beta version on King's website shows the candy cobra with a red and green pattern, with a darker yellow colour for the cobra's body. The final version shows that the cobra's body is a lighter yellow colour, and is dark pink when charged up, as opposed to red.

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