These are the elements in the game whose appearances have been redesigned at some point:

  • Chocolate Spawner: Used to be predominantly silver, it is now mostly blue.
  • Candy Cannon: The bubble at the top used to be clear-coloured, it is now white. The handle used to be white/silver, it is now gold.
  • Magic Mixer: Used to be white, then pink, is now mostly blue, Similar to Chocolate Spawner.
  • Waffle: Used to have a green-coloured third layer, now has a light yellow third layer.
  • Bubblegum Pop. Used to have the exact same design as the Fizz from Candy Crush Friends Saga. Its design has now been changed to be different from the Fizz in said game.
  • Frosting/Multilayered Icing: Used to be with chocolate layers mostly but now has strawberry swirls and somewhat different design.

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