These are the mixed levels that are designed in such a way that one requirement cannot be fulfilled until after the other is fulfilled, or both requirements are always fulfilled at the same time. This means the gameplay would be exactly the same if the level type was changed to the one that corresponds to the requirement that is always fulfilled last.

The only difference would be the score, since the redundant requirement would increase the score up to the one-star target score. However, this is also redundant, since your score is automatically boosted up to the one-star target score if you don't reach it.

For example, Level 3925 requires both jelly and icing but it's impossible to clear all the jelly until after the icing is destroyed, since it's underneath the jelly. If this level were changed to a jelly level the gameplay would be exactly the same.

Examples of redundant mixed level layoutsEdit

  • A jelly-ingredient mixed level where the requirement is one single jelly and one ingredient and both the jelly and the ingredient are locked in a sugar chest in the middle of the board. Unlocking the sugar chest would bring down the ingredient, and an ingredient being collected on a tile destroys the jelly on the relevant tile. If this hypothetical mixed level was changed to an ingredients level the gameplay would not change at all.
  • A jelly-order mixed level with all single jelly underneath cake bombs and the objective is to clear the jelly and collect all of the cake bombs. Since single jelly beneath cake bombs is destroyed along with the cake bombs the gameplay would be exactly the same if this was a regular jelly level (or a regular candy order level requiring all cake bomb on the board as part of the order).
  • An ingredient-order mixed level where the blockers required for the order are in the path of the ingredients in such a way that it is impossible to bring the ingredients down without clearing the blockers first.

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