Suggestion of dividing categoryEdit

I say this about all level categories; should we divide some of these categories by their realm (Reality vs Dreamworld), and version (Current vs Past). For instance:

  • Very easy levels (Reality)
  • Very easy Dreamworld levels
  • Formerly very easy levels (On versions page only)
  • Formerly very easy dreamworld levels (On versions page only)

The categories now seem to be getting kinda cluttered. BoygeyMario (Talkcontribslogs)

I agree with dividing categories by version. Some past version articles have multiple versions with different difficulties, making somehow confusing.
For dividing by realm, I stance neutral about it. The page name with /Dreamworld suffix means these are the articles with Dreamworld levels. -- DoCheonGong (talk · contributions) 04:08, February 26, 2018 (UTC)
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