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Episode 42
World (Flash) 7
World (HTML5) 9
Levels 606-620
Characters Dexter
Champion title Milky Marine
New features Frog4
Release date Web - 4 July 2014
Smartphone icon - ?
Difficulty Medium
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Cereal Sea is the 42nd episode in Candy Crush Saga and the sixth and final episode of World Seven. This episode was released on 4 July 2014. The champion title for this episode is Milky Marine.

This is a famous episode due to the return of moves levels and timed levels. It also breaks most of the running trends up until this episode.


Before episode:
Tiffi sees a giant purple whale named Dexter who can't move and swim, because the sea is clogged up with trash (cereal).
After episode:
Tiffi scoops away the cereal using her rowboat spoon (oar).

New things

  • A new element, the candy frog (Frog4) is introduced. (Brief Description: Can store candies and special candy abilities. Explodes at a desired area when filled.)


Reality 42 Background
This episode contains levels 606-620.

Cereal Sea breaks just about every trend that has been running up until this point. Moves levels return for the first time in thirty-one episodes, and timed levels return for the first time in ten episodes. Another broken trend is the trend of a jelly level being the last level in the world. Level 620, the episode finale and world finale, is an ingredients level. And another broken trend is number of Jelly levels. It has only six levels in this episode. This episode was also released on a Friday, which is almost unseen. It was also released later in the day than usual. In this episode there are chameleon candies (level 620) which have been absent since level 528. There are also no conveyor belts.

The only trends continued in this episode is the trend of a low number of Candy Order levels, with only one being present, similar to Wafer Windmill, and the absence of cake bombs. Level 617 also continues a trend where every 39th level starting at level 422 is at least hard. Lastly, like Wafer Windmill, none of the jelly levels end with 0.

Cereal Sea is a medium episode. It has five somewhat hard-hard levels: 611, 614, 616, 619, and 620 and one very hard level: 617. Overall, this episode is slightly easier than the previous episode, Wafer Windmill. It is also considered the easiest episode in World Seven.

Target score new Jelly new Ingredient drop new Objective new Mixed new
3 6 4 1 -
The easiest :
Level 606
The hardest :
Level 617
The most fun :
Level 615
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
6 4 5
Sugar Drop icon Sugar Drop levels
Jelly new Level 606 Target score new Level 613 Jelly new Level 617
Lockedhard Hexagon levels

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

0 1 4 2 2 3 2 1 0 0 0



42 Cereal Sea

Cereal Sea background on mobile devices (old)

42 Cereal Sea HD (new)

Cereal Sea background on mobile devices (new)

  • The theme of this episode seems to be based on pollution and environment protection.
  • Old background contains Dexter only. Tiffi does not appear in this background.
  • This is the first episode since Gingerbread Glade to have a moves level.
  • This is the first episode since Sugary Shire to have a Timed level.
  • This is the second episode to have all five level types (the first being Gingerbread Glade and the third being Soda Swamp).
  • This episode has 6 four-coloured levels, breaking the record of Wafer Windmill, which has 5. It used to be a record. Later episodes tend to have a lot of 4-coloured levels, even up to 10 (Kooky Kingdom).
  • This episode continues the trend of having no cake bombs as they are absent again.
  • When Tiffi goes to unclog the sea, the text should say, "Don't fret; I will. . .".
  • This is the third episode where the episode colour is red. The first was Holiday Hut and the second was Sour Salon.
  • This episode contains a trend in which every third level starting at level 608 is rated medium or higher.
  • If you look closely, there is a hazelnut [found in ingredient levels] in the background.
  • This episode is the fifth episode to take place in the water (the others are Wafer Wharf, Delicious Drifts, Savory Shores, and Soda Swamp).
  • 5 of the 15 levels have been buffed since they were released, a new record. This is an indication of how easy this episode is, compared to the rest of the world.
  • This episode starts the trend of no jelly levels to be an episode finale.
  • This episode continues the trend of levels that end in 0 are not jelly levels.
  • The background on mobile devices does not show about Tiffi wearing the sailor hat.
  • This episode used to have a quintuplet hexagon level from 616 to 620 - currently being the longest string of hexagon levels in the game. Now Pudding Pagoda has it levels 374 to 378.
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