Chewy Classroom
Episode 415
World (Flash) None
World (HTML5) 83
Levels 6201-6215
Characters Professor
Champion title Logical Lecturer
New features Candy Frog order order
Marmalade (Frog4) on Conveyor (trans)
Release date Windows10 - 8 January 2020
WebSmartphone icon - 22 January 2020
Difficulty Undetermined
Previous Next
Candy Caravan Gooey Galleon

Chewy Classroom is the 415th episode of Candy Crush Saga and the fifth and final episode of World 83 (HTML5). This episode was released on 8 January 2020. The champion title for this episode is Logical Lecturer.


Tiffi helps the Professor with his lecture.

New thingsEdit

  • Candy frog order is introduced in level 6206. Said level is the first order drop down level with that order.
    • Candy frog in marmalade appears on conveyor belts for the first time in the same level.


This episode contains levels 6201-6215.

Target score new Jelly new Ingredient drop new Objective new Mixed new
1 3 1 2 8
The easiest :
The hardest :
Orange Green Blue
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Green Blue Purple
3 7 5
Sugar Drop icon Sugar Drop levels
Mixed new Level 6207 Objective new Level 6208 Jelly new Level 6210
Lockedhard Hexagon levels

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardExtremely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?



  • This episode shares its first word with Chewy Citadel.
  • This is the first episode to introduce a new candy order that isn't a blocker since Brume Beach.
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