The Chocolate Box is a feature of Candy Crush Saga added in late December 2019.


The player can choose some of the given small tasks to complete, in order to win some boosters.

There will be a large box with 16 tasks. Each task has one of the following colours: red, yellow, blue, and green. To complete each box, the player is required to complete one task of each colour.

The player must choose one of the tasks and accept it, so that it is active and can be completed. There are many task contents to choose, but only the active one can be completed in a successful game. Tasks can be completed in latest progress or past levels.

The player can switch to another task at any time, however, any progress of the previous incomplete task will be lost.

When a task of any colour is completed, all other tasks of same colour will disappear from the box. The player can choose any task of another colour.

After completing all four colours, the player can claim rewards, and a new chocolate box will appear. Each day, each player can complete three boxes.

Possible Tasks

  • Win 3-4 levels
  • Win a hard level
  • Win a super hard level
  • Win a level for the first time (with golden crown)
  • Collect 300-350 purple, green, blue or orange candies
  • Collect 110-150 red candies
  • Collect 5 colour bombs
  • Collect 20-25 wrapped candies
  • Collect 40-45 striped candies
  • Collect 15 jelly fish
    • Fish from Bobber do not count
  • Use a booster (UFO (booster), Free Switch, Lollipop Hammer and so on)


  • Each colour of the tasks has a character representng:
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