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Chocolate Spawners create Chocolate out of thin air! Where can I buy one?

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Chocolate Spawner (new)

A Chocolate Fountain (sometimes called Chocolate Maker, or Chocolate Spawner) is one of the blockers in Candy Crush Saga. Chocolate Fountain is first introduced in the 12th episode, Pastille Pyramid, at level 156. However, the level got redesigned to not have them. The first introduction of chocolate fountains is now in the 14th episode, Caramel Cove, at Level 186.

On 10 February 2020, when the Facebook version was upgraded to 1.170, the appearance of the blocker rolled out for Facebook users.[1]


For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


It is a machine that creates chocolate that swallows any candy in its vicinity. When a player makes a certain number of moves (usually 2), the chocolate fountain will generate one piece of chocolate per move. When a player does not break a piece of chocolate, the chocolate fountain may make one piece of chocolate. If a player breaks all chocolate squares, it will stop making chocolate for a while. If it makes chocolate on every move, it can be irritating because if the chocolate fills much of the board, you may lose.

It is one of the most hated blockers in the game as it creates chocolate which will swallow a candy that can block and disrupt their movement. It also cannot be destroyed. Therefore, the player can break every chocolate in his/her way, but he/she cannot prevent the chocolate fountain from generating chocolate (unless you used the bubblegum troll booster, which was available only on Flash but was later removed). When there are two or more chocolate fountains in a level, chocolate can be created on any square adjacent to a chocolate fountain.

Whenever there are chocolate fountains, but no chocolate (at the level start or just after they were all removed), they will cease to generate chocolate for usually one move.

Chocolate fountains cannot be destroyed. As a result, it is impossible to stop the creation of chocolate squares completely.

In the past, on Flash only, it was possible, though highly improbable, to get it from a mystery candy (impossible today since Flash is no longer supported and mystery candies no longer exist in the game). This could make a level nearly impossible to win. However, if it came out over a jelly, it made the level impossible to win, unless a jelly fish reached it. However, chocolate fountains coming from mystery candies was incredibly rare on Flash and never occurred on HTML5. When it happened, it produced chocolate as soon as the move was finished if there was a square adjacent to it available, provided that this did not occur during Sugar Crush.

Ingredient levels can be made harder if an ingredient falls on top of a chocolate fountain. Some levels have them placed at a spot on a platform where an ingredient will start to drop. However, they cannot spawn any chocolate on the conveyor belt. This can be helpful or harmful for some levels such as level 569. In particular, it is a problem in level 1450 because the amount of chocolate that can be present is limited by the conveyor belt, requiring the player to clear some of the chocolate before allowing them to continue spawning.


A chocolate fountain (old) affected by bubblegum (from 5 moves to 1 move left).

On Flash, chocolate fountains can also be stopped for 5 moves with the help of a booster called the Bubblegum Troll, which removes all the chocolate from the board and stops them from making chocolate for a while. Both the chocolate fountains and the Bubblegum Troll booster are introduced when the player reaches level 156.

Locked chocolate fountain

Locked chocolate fountain (old type).

Starting from level 1604, locked chocolate fountains start appearing. These will not produce chocolate unless the lock has been destroyed. Since it is a locked blocker, it can only be released by special candy effects.

Notable levels[]

  • Level 156 - Formerly the first appearance, but now replaced with frostings instead.
  • Level 160 - Used to be the level with the most chocolate fountains, which is 27.
  • Level 165 - 10th level (formerly).
  • Level 186 - The new first appearance.
  • Level 200 - 20th level. Also a milestone level.
  • Level 220 - Currently the level with the most chocolate fountains, which is 25.
  • Level 267 - 30th level.
  • Level 299 - Used to have 18 chocolate fountains, along with 57 chocolate squares before the level got redesigned.
  • Level 325 - 40th level.
  • Level 361 - 50th level.
  • Level 396 - 60th level.
  • Level 422 - 70th level.
  • Level 543 - 100th level.
  • Level 703 - 120th level. Also unofficially the first level with chocolate fountains in marmalade, due to redesigning.
  • Level 750 - 130th level.
  • Level 924 - 150th level.
  • Level 1331 - The first level where chocolate fountains and magic mixers are alongside each other.
  • Level 1447 - Formerly the first level where the player has to rely on chocolate fountains to complete the level, since chocolate is required as part of a candy order.
  • Level 1604 - The first level with locked chocolate fountains.
  • Level 1643 - The first level where locked chocolate fountains and locked magic mixers appear alongside each other.
  • Level 1836 - First mixed level with chocolate fountains.
  • Level 2993 - The first level with chocolate fountains in sugar chests.
  • Level 4809 - Officially the first level with chocolate fountains in marmalade.
  • Level 6909 - The first level with chocolate fountains in crystals.
  • Level 7142 - First rainbow rapids level with chocolate fountains.
  • Level 8418 - The first level with chocolate fountains in skull pedestals.
  • Level 8613 - The first level with chocolate fountains in order locks.
  • Level 9038 - The first level with a different colour scheme where chocolate fountains appear.
  • Level 9410 - First level with both types of chocolate fountain.


  • In Flash, the chocolate bubbles always spin, and the mixing leaf only spins when spawning chocolate. In HTML5, only the leaf spins.
  • In early versions, if you use special candies to hit a chocolate fountain, your score would be added by 1. This was a glitch and it is now fixed.
  • The old version of level 160 had 27 chocolate fountains, the most in any level until it was nerfed by removing a column of chocolate fountains in the middle which left 18.
  • Level 220 has 25 chocolate fountains, presumably more than any other level, but with 2 of them are unable to spawn chocolate.
  • The old version of level 299 used to have 18 chocolate fountains, 8 of which used to be unable to spawn chocolate, along with 57 chocolates.
  • Level 578 and the Dreamworld version of 380 used to have a jelly underneath the chocolate fountain, which made both levels impossible without the jelly fish booster until it was fixed.
    • There never will appear levels with jellies under chocolate fountains, along with jelly fish on the board or inside blockers so that the player must rely on the jelly fish to clear the level, much like how certain candy order levels require the player to rely on lucky candies since the target colour doesn't spawn.
  • There are no chocolate fountains in Taffy Tropics, Fudge Fjord, Caramel Clearing, Nougat Noir, Minty Meadow, Cookie Crossing, Caramel Keep, and Luscious Lagoon.
  • If a chocolate fountain is surrounded by other blockers or spaces with no candy, they will not make chocolate (except candy bombs).
  • This, candy cane fence, bobber, liquorice fence and dark chocolate fountain are the only blockers that are indestructible.
    • Even the magic mixer is destructible, although it, too, can spawn chocolate, as well as various other blockers.
  • Some levels (such as level 205 and level 1447) can even rely on chocolate fountains, similar to that of magic mixers since they require chocolate as part of a candy order.
  • As of version 1.170, the chocolate fountain has a new appearance, the gray metal piece has been replaced with the blue one, and the edges of the chocolate fountain were changed from gray to beige. The blade rotates clockwise instead of counterclockwise.
  • Chocolate fountains have the tilemap code 024.
  • There is also a counterpart of this blocker that spawns dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate.



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