Not to be confused with the Monkey in the 43rd episode, Taffy Tropics.
Character EP85.png
Gender Male
First appearance Bonbon-Bistro.png
Problem Bonbon Bistro: unknown (he looks sad)
Delicious Dynasty: His rod is broken.
Solution Bonbon Bistro: unknown (he looks happy)
Delicious Dynasty: unknown (his rod is fixed)
Full list of appearances Reality:
Lovely Lot
Cookie Café
Pearly Pagodas

Claude is a minor character in Candy Crush Saga. He is a mimer monkey that first appears in 85th episode, Bonbon Bistro. Before introducing level 1251, he entertains Tiffi.

He reappears in the 100th episode, Delicious Dynasty, costumed with different outfit (as The Monkey King) and skin colour.

In the 266th episode, Sticky Shore, he and Tiffi are at the beach. Tiffi eats a banana while he sets up a hammock that greatly resembles a banana.

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