This page is about the booster. For the special candy, see Coconut Wheel (special candy).
Coconut Wheels roll over candies in a line,
and make the first 3 they roll over striped.

—Splash text

Booster coconut wheel

Coconut Wheel (also known as Coconut Liquorice) is a booster in Candy Crush Saga. It is unlocked after completing level 14. The booster can only be used in ingredients levels and mixed mode levels (Flash only) and is activated right before entering the level. Sometimes it will spawn more than once in a level, thus making this booster even more useful for ingredients levels that have lots of ingredients, but have a straightforward path.


Coconut Wheel booster description

Mouse-over text on Coconut Wheel booster

Old description: Adds powerful Coconut Wheels to the candy mix!
Current description: Add Coconut Wheels to the candy mix!
Description on mobile devices (during promotion): Add Coconut Wheels to the candy mix. Activate to roll over 3 candies and change them into Striped Candies!
Web description: This booster will roll over your candies in one direction to create 3 striped candies
Web description 2: This rolls either horizontally or vertically over your candies to create three Striped Candies.


  • This booster is winnable in the daily booster wheel or in the sugar drop feature.
  • This booster can only be used in ingredient levels and mixed mode levels, despite the wheel itself being able to appear in other level types like jelly levels such as level 876.
    • Due to the interface limit, it can be used in mixed mode levels on Flash, but not on HTML5.
    • However on mobile, if players have this booster in timed form (thus auto-activated when possible) and start a Moves level, the Coconut Wheel will be added to the board, despite that there is no option to toggle it normally.


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