This page is about the booster. For the special candy, see Colour Bomb (special candy).
Booster color bomb

Colour Bomb is a booster in Candy Crush Saga. It is unlocked in level 13 and can be used in all level types. Activation is done right before entering a level. The booster simply adds a colour bomb somewhere on the board at the start of the level.


Color Bomb booster description

Mouse-over text on Colour Bomb booster

Old description: Start the game with a Colour Bomb!
Current description: Start the level with a Colour Bomb!
Description on mobile devices (during promotion): Start a level with a Colour Bomb in the mix. Combine it with another candy type to clear those candies fast!!
Web description: Combining a Color Bomb with any candy of any color will clear all the candies of that color
Web description 2: Switch a Color Bomb with a Plain Candy to eliminate all other candies of the same color.


  • This booster is winnable from the daily booster wheel, being the most common booster picked on the wheel or in the sugar drop feature.
    • The different wheels on the mobile version even provide two of this booster if you win this.
    • This booster is also the least expensive when you buy it.
  • Before the free switch booster was added to the booster wheel on mobile version, there was a colour bomb at its place, so you had double the chance to get a colour bomb.
  • This booster appears for all level types.
  • This is the same as colorbomb booster of Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.
  • This is one of the five boosters that is possible to appear in the board as a Special Candy.


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