Conveyor (trans)

The conveyor belt, also known as the travelator, is a secondary element and another type of teleporter. Conveyor belts are officially seen in the 37th episode, Sticky Savannah, and the first official level is level 531.

There was a glitch which causes levels 126 and 127 to be registered as two different versions of level 1277. They were unofficially introduced in level 126 on mobile, but the glitch is fixed and they are introduced at level 531 normally on mobile version.


Conveyor Belt

A row of linked conveyor belts

The conveyor belt can be seen as another type of teleporter (vertical or horizontal). It can be seen as a row or column of arrows pointing in the same direction with portals (red, green, or blue) at either end. The portals are linked to each other so when a candy exits through one portal, it will appear through the other portal on the start of another conveyor belt, to form a conveyor belt system. After every move, the candies on the conveyor belt will move one space in the direction of the arrows. This can set off new cascades, especially on levels with fewer colours, and may generate extra sugar drops. Chocolate cannot cover candies on a conveyor belt. The only negative outcomes that can come out of Mystery Candy opened on a belt are swirls and bombs, and any possible outcome will not be in marmalade.

Conveyor portal red
Conveyor portal blue
Conveyor portal green

In the old version of levels 583 and 584, the conveyor belts don't have teleporters at each end. When a candy reaches the end of the belt, it just sits there and any candy pushed onto it afterwards disappears. In level 583 especially, this causes some pretty strange occurrences, where 2 belts without teleporters moving towards each other meet and push 2 candies simultaneously onto the same square, in which case the disappearing candy is random.

It first appears in timed levels since level 1387. In this case, each movement will take out a few seconds off the clock.

Conveyor Belt with Teleporter


Rapid Conveyor Belt

Rapid conveyor belt speed.

Sugar Drops! - win boosters making cascades! goal reached

Conveyor belt in Sugar Drop Feature (web, 1st version)

1st reward for collecting sugar drops in progress

Conveyor belt in Sugar Drop Feature (Mobile devices, 1st version)

  • The conveyor belt used to be the first new element to be introduced since the much hated toffee tornado in the 29th episode, Soda Swamp. With the removal of toffee tornado, other elements such as popcorn and UFO make an unofficial appearance in the same episode.
  • This is also the first officially new element in eight episodes (120 levels). It is introduced through a glitch in the 10th episode on mobile.
  • The conveyor belt is very different to the normal teleporter introduced in Easter Bunny Hills.
  • Level 126 on mobile not only unofficially introduced the conveyor belt, was the first level that allows candies to move against gravity, as the rightmost column has a conveyor belt that moves upward. It is also the first level whose conveyor belts are able to turn corners for the first time. The first official level in which conveyor belts have corners is level 561. However, after this glitch was fixed on mobile, it is now introduced level 561, same as web version.
  • It appears in the first 60 and 73 of the first 75 levels since its introduction, but not at all in Cereal Sea, the last episode of World Seven.
  • The conveyor belt, although it may harbour some of these characteristics, is not a blocker since it does not significantly hinder the player's progress. It may even be helpful.
  • The conveyor belt is possibly made out of liquorice. If so, this is the fifth item in the game to contain liquorice, the others being the liquorice lock, liquorice swirl, coconut wheel, and the episode Licorice Tower.
  • It is possible that the colors of the portals can be the same color. A case for this is Level 580.
  • It is possible that an update allows otherwise immovable blockers to be movable by conveyor belts.
    • This means mystery candies behave normally when opened over a conveyor belt.
    • The only immovable blocker which could occupy a space in a conveyor belt is chocolate; this occurs if chocolate covers the candy frog while on the conveyor belt. If this happens, you will fail the level as the game will glitch.
    • It is also possible that there will be an advanced version of the conveyor belt which can move blockers, while the first conveyor belt will still be unable to move such blockers.
    • This behaviour can be seen in some similar games, where their icing equivalent can move along conveyor belts.
  • In the past on web version, if a candy bomb's count reached 0, the level will be failed before the conveyor belt could move. So even when the conveyor belt's move would destroy the bomb or fulfil the requirement, it would be a failure.
    • On mobile, the bombs can only explode after the conveyor belt moved and all cascades have been settled. By the release of Wacky Waterhole on web, this behavior is also applied to web version.
  • The conveyor belt appears in the first version of sugar drop feature.
  • The conveyor belt moves after chameleon candies change colour. This is first seen in level 628.
  • The conveyor belt moves after chocolate multiplies. This is first seen in level 537.
  • The conveyor belt does not move if a frog is used.
  • The shortest conveyor belt covers 2 squares (level 726). The longest belt covers all 81 squares (level 590).
    • No conveyor belt covers 1 square.
  • Levels 906, 1267, and 1427 contain 12 conveyor belt segments, the most of any level.