Cosmic Climb is a special edition of Denize's Star Dust started in Nov. 28th 2019.


A player is required to have passed level 20 with a minimum app version of 1.152 to participate in this event.

This event is held in three rounds: The qualifier, the semi-final, and the big final. Each player needs to get top places in each round to advance. All times below are in Eastern Time.

  • The qualifier round lasts from Nov. 28th 08:00 to Dec. 3rd 08:00.
  • The semi-final round lasts from Dec. 6th 08:00 to Dec. 9th 08:00.
  • The big final round lasts from Dec. 13th 08:00 to Dec. 16th 08:00.

In order to get in top place, the player is required to collect stars. Only stars from new levels or uncollected from past levels will count.

  • For example, you have completed level 623 with two stars before this event starts, then finishing level 623 during event with three stars will add your score by one.

In each round, players will be placed into groups of 30 players. The top 10 players of each group in the first two rounds can win some boosters and advance to next round. The player must return to the game at the end of each round, to confirm the result.

In the big final round, the first place of each group will be the winner and gain the chance to customize Tiffi. Each winner can submit their work until Dec. 23rd midnight. After that, all players can see the works and vote on their favourites, such that the work with most votes will appear in the game.


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