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Character EP99
Gender Male
First appearance Dessert-Desert
Problem He cannot travel when his unicycle wheel got deflated.
Solution Tiffi helped him by pumping a wheel using a pump to continue the trip.
Full list of appearances Reality:
Cocoa Crags

Count is a character in Candy Crush Saga. He first appears in the 99th episode, Dessert Desert. Before introducing level 1461, he and Tiffi are on a trip along the road.


  • He was the last episode character to be introduced, at the 99th episode, though a few other characters was created later (though present temporarily). He was also the last static character if The Monkey King is the same character as Claude. There is an ongoing trend where episodes are reusing characters from previous episodes.
    • This is likely due to the naming of remaining characters.
    • The trend has maintained for 120 episodes until the new character was introduced in Episode 219.
    • The trend of a lack of new characters was temporarily broken with the appearance of Minty's Cake Quest characters and the Hen.
    • For a long time, it was unknown if animated cutscenes will be introduced afterwards. No further Flash cutscenes were animated, including Peppermint Portal. With Episode 218's release, this trend was broken, for HTML5's case though.